Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever— An acute infectious disease characterized by fever, intoxication, sore throat and rash abundant spot. Get sick more often than children 2-10 years.

The causative agent of scarlet fever is streptococcus A group which can also cause kidney disease (glomerulunofrit), angina, chronic tonsillitis, rheumatic fever and other diseases. Scarlet fever occurs, if at the time of infection by streptococcus no immunity to it.

The source of infection— Sick with scarlet fever, sore throat, or "healthy" carrier stereptokokkov. The incubation period usually lasts from 1 to 10 days. A child is considered to be contagious one day

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How much can you drink, not to become an alcoholic?

"I know its the norm." How often can I hear this phrase during feasts. However, often it turns out that the rate at this guest — a loose concept. Is it possible to compare the two men drinking together and say — this one is drinking a lot, but this one — in the normal range? It appears possible. In drug treatment there is a classification of domestic consumption of alcohol, depending on thequantitative and qualitative the relationship between humans and spirits.

Crafted of all 5 groups: abstinent, casual drinkers, moderate drinkers, drinkers systematically and habitually drinking.

Abstinent, as

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How much to raise a child?

"If I'm really so expensive, that if I could give a little cash?" — Said in the unforgettable cartoon kid on Kid and Carlson. Indeed, those who think about the new addition to the family, as well as those who already got the completion, no first-hand knowledge that the children — it's a pretty serious part of the family budget. How much are our children?

Infants (birth to one year)

We shall not dwell on the cost of pregnancy and childbirth. Suppose this step has already been taken, and in your house settled screaming little treasure.


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How much does a healthy digestion, or the truth about germs

Intestinal health, as it seems to many — not the primary issue. This goes exactly as long as it will come on the first serious alarms: bloating, nausea, abdominal pain, stool and appetite disturbance.

What affects the state mikrofolory intestine? Of course, the food. However, this — not all. Experts say that the composition of the microflora exert their action and emotional overload and stress, and irregular meals and snacks on the run, and obesity, and chronic disease, and uncontrolled use of drugs, and, in the end, pollution of air, food and water various chemical and biological agents.

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First aid drinking-

Far not every gatherings, poelki, popilki and potantsevalki necessarily accompanied by a call to "fast", most of them end peacefully, with minimal disruption to the parties involved. However, some things can seriously damage not only the holiday, but also our health.

Dangers at the holiday table — substandard products or meals are prepared, the reaction of the organism to the amount and composition of food, the problems associated with alcohol and the consequences of those "and in the morning they woke up" (hangover).

Food poisoning

Reports of various poisonings during the feasts come with enviable regularity. The cause of

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Coming soon to a garden!

Your baby has grown up, and you're already thinking about when it's time to go to work. Summer — time for holiday vacation, when there is an opportunity to take the help of grandmothers, but the fall — or should think about finding a nanny, or define a child in kindergarten.

When to give?

Opinions about the age at which you can give a child in kindergarten, are very different in different countries. In Israel, for example, maternity leave lasts only three months, after which the mother determines the child in the crib, and she returns to work.

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Hidden alcoholism

No such thing as a "hidden alcoholism", in medicine there. But often, non-medical workers, psychologists and ordinary people use this expression in relation to people who are prone to alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and for various reasons, do their best to hide their addiction to alcohol.

Who are the "hidden" alcoholics?

These people tend to use alcohol or not strong in diluted form, such as coffee and brandy. Alcohol intake is low doses and more frequently throughout the day. In my defense, the patient can often hear — "I drink a little bit, to be on our toes

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The weak point of this man

What helps a man to take the first step in solving their intimate problems

It's no secret that men do not like to discuss their intimate problems. Neither my wife nor a doctor, nor with anyone else. That is why erectile dysfunction sometimes become a tragedy, both for the man and for his family. This is despite the fact that recently appeared quite effective, safe and easy to use products that do well with erectile dysfunction.

Express your opinion on this issue, we asked the therapist, MD Elena Ivanova Andreevnu.

— HELENA, what has caused the tough men's

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Hearing-impaired child

One child in a thousand is born with a hearing impairment. C age increases the number of hearing-impaired children — the effect of previous diseases or treatment with drugs acting on the bad ear. If you restore the lost hearing you can not, then the child's deafness can and should be compensated by other means.

The world behind the barrier

As long as the child grows, the foundations of his personality. So the little man is very important to perceive the world around them in full. Through sight, touch and smell, he knows the shape and properties of

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Uterine inertia

The weakness labor say when the battle with the passage of time does not increase, but weakens. The cervix is slowed down and delayed deliveries.

Causes lack of preparedness of the body for childbirth; transferred inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, abortion; obesity; various complications of pregnancy; fatigue of women in childbirth. Often compounded by the weakness of labor, which began after a long (several days), pain in the abdomen, accompanied by irregular contractions that lead to severe fatigue women (abnormal preliminary period). Diagnosis and treatment

Identify weakness generic activities can be based on the study of the

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