Appendicitis in children

Appendicitis — an inflammation of the cecal appendix (appendectomy). With this disease face many, often — in childhood. Most appendicitis occurs in humans10-30 years.


The exact cause of appendicitis is not known. Disease can provoke inflammation in the intestines, decreased immunity, overeating.

What's going on?

There are several theories to explain the development of appendicitis. According to the most popular — the mechanical theory — the main cause of acute appendicitis is the activation of the intestinal flora of the appendix on the background of a mechanical obstruction of its lumen. Obturation (blockage) clearance process causing fecal

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First Aid Kit expectant mother

Pregnancy, of course, not the disease. However, this condition often requires the use of certain medications. Besides the usual means of combating this disease can now be undesirable for you. Therefore normal part of your home first aid kits should be replenished by the following components.

1. Multivitamins. A pregnant woman needs more vitamins, and even good nutrition during this period can not fully meet the body's need for vitamins and trace elements. It is best to take multivitamin preparations, designed precisely for pregnant women. To pick up such a drug would help the doctor. However, in the event

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It happens that heart starts beating 'wrong' — is too slow or too fast, or pounding one after the other at different time intervals, and then suddenly appears extraordinary, the "excess" of its reduction, or conversely, pause, "loss". In medicine, such states are called cardiac arrhythmias. They occur because of problems in the conduction system of the heart, providing regular and consistent reduction of the heart muscle. Another group of diseases of the system — heart block.

Many of the blockade, there are invisible to the patient, but often indicate the presence of another disease of the heart.

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Arterial hypotension— A condition in which the blood pressure reduced to a tangible person limit. The magnitude of this reduction is individual, but usually below 100/60 mmHg for men and 95/60 mm Hg for women.

Arterial hypotension may be acute or chronic.

Acute hypotension (Collapse [sharp drop in vascular tone], shock [paralytic vasodilatation]) is usually accompanied by a reduction of oxygen to the brain (hypoxia) and decreased function of vital organs, which requires immediate medical attention. Severity of the condition is not so much determined by the magnitude of blood pressure as the speed and the degree of its

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Artrofoon against diseases of the joints

The problem of joint diseases is that they often lead to dysfunction of the joints, limited mobility and reduced quality of life. Since the late 1980s. actively developed the idea of using ultra-low doses of antibodies to a number of factors for the treatment of diseases and functional disorders. This wave was developed drug Artrofoon, which has found its place in clinical practice.

The main goal of treatment of patients with chronic diseases of the joints — achieving and maintaining remission period. This means reducing the severity of the main symptoms: pain and inflammation, which is

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Art Therapy

First, the term "art therapy" coined Adrian Hill at the description of his work with tuberculosis patients in sanatoriums. Art therapy — a form of psychotherapy, specializing in the arts, in the first place — for the fine. However, there are other types of art therapy — music therapy, skazkoterapiya, body oriented therapy.

Art therapy emerged in the context of psychoanalytic ideas of Freud and Jung because freedom of expression and the use of the imagination can come face-to-face client's conscious and unconscious

Art Therapy may be a primary method of treatment and support. In any case, it

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At gunpoint sociologists, physicians and fans preach strict moral principles was a new category of sexual minorities — the so-called asexuals.

Representatives of sexual minorities are still (toasexuals is 1% of the inhabitants of our planet) preach only platonic relationships with the opposite sex. In their view, the relationship between a man and a woman should be based solely on emotional intimacy. This and only this love, they believe, may be the most robust and complete.

The general public was trying to be suspected asexuals in a hidden homosexuality. However, they equally do not recognize and sexual contact with

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Asthenopia (eye fatigue)

Stinging and pain in the eyes, tearing, redness of the eyelids and eyeballs, pain in the forehead, fatigue. All these are clear signs of the so-called asthenopia, often emerging in the computer users.

Asthenopia (Asthenopia; Greek. Asthenes weak + ops, opos an eye) — quickly coming eyestrain during visual work, especially at a small distance from the eye to the subject. Asthenopia— It is not a disease but a border state. However, if she did not pay attention, eye-strain can progress to a more serious disease. It is therefore important time to tackle this problem and fix it.

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The word "astigmatism" is from the Greek "stigme", which means a point, andparticle-denial "A." Thus, astigmatism— Is an eye disease in which the completely "missing the point". In astigmatism after refractive index in the optical system of the eye the light rays do not converge to a single point, and projected onto the retina in several points, segments of different lengths, circles or ovals. As a result, instead of the normal image is obtained something deformed and unclear. Moreover, a person suffering from astigmatism, the same difficulty seeing both near and distant objects.

According to eye specialists, almost

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Prevalence of asthma with allergic component

If the cause of an asthma attack is a reaction to thesome allergen (Allergens), a similar disease called asthma prevalence allergic component or predominantly allergic asthma.

Risk factors:

heredity; frequent finding in dusty and smoky environment; tendency to rise to allergies; maternal smoking during and after pregnancy.

Common allergens:

house dust; pollen; foodstuffs; drugs; pets (cats, dogs, etc.); industrial dust; various fungi, bacteria and parasites.

Often allergic asthma is seasonal, which is associated with the period of flowering plant-allergens. Provoke attack Asthma can also be harsh odors, neuro-emotional overload, smoking, cold, exposure to polluted air.

Predpristupny period

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