What is it?

Atherosclerosis (Greek. Athera — kashitsa and multiple sclerosis) — is a chronic disease in which the inner wall of arteries deposited cholesterol and other fats in the form of calculus and plaque and the walls themselves compacted and lose their elasticity. This leads to a narrowing of the arteries, and therefore to blood flow obstruction.

Atherosclerosis usually become victims of middle-aged and elderly. However, atherosclerotic changes are found in a number of cases, children and even infants.

Why did this happen? Atherosclerosis is more common in men older than 35 years old, prone to frequent

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Atherothrombosis — must act

Most people are aware of the consequences of heart attack and stroke. Many people know that this peripheral vascular disease of the lower extremities. But very few people are aware that among these diseases have a lot in common: they are based on atherothrombosis.

What is atherothrombosis?

Atherothrombosis — a progressive disease that starts withatherosclerosis. In atherosclerosis deposits form of fat, connective tissue and minerals that cause increasing thickening of the walls of the arteries. The most catastrophic consequences resulting rupture of atherosclerotic plaques, which is accompanied by activation Platelet and the formation of a blood clot (thrombus).

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Atopic dermatitis: causes and manifestations

Atopic dermatitis (AD) — a chronic inflammation of the genetically determined skin allergic nature. It may cause a few, and even a lot of factors — allergens enteringorganism baby food (with food), the contact (in contact with the skin and clothing, etc.), or respiratory infections (inhaled pollens, dust).

Atopic dermatitis usually develops in early childhood (most often — in2-3 months) and extends to3-4 years, but may remain for a lifetime.

The risk of developing atopic dermatitis increases with a genetic predisposition to allergic reactions, or if the expectant mother eats a large amount of allergens (such as citrus fruits,

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Optic atrophy

Admiring the sunset, we do not think of what a complex visual information processing takes place in order to become clear to us in the picture. Videopulses doing a complicated way on the main road — the optic nerve. And if some of its parts are impassable, ie a optic atrophy,the familiar picture of the world is distorted.

Atrophy optic nerve — the withering away of its fibers — sometimes, unfortunately, people young and active. You can imagine what it turns into a tragedy for them. More recently, progressive disease of the optic nerve ended in blindness and

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The name of the disease comes from the Latin word autos — «itself» (autism — a dive). Baby, autism, lives in his own world, he is poorly understood and accept the events happening around him. Avoids contact with autistic people, including parents, can not respond to the speech addressed to him, which often leads one to suspect these children have hearing impairment. Despite the many "strange" autistic baby can be highly intelligent and even brilliant ability to exercisesome area. From it can grow a great musician, artist, scientist, etc. At the same time, this same child may not have

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Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune disease — a disease associated with the violation of the immune system of a person who begins to perceive their own tissue as foreign and hurt them. These diseases are called systemic, because, as a rule, affected the whole system or even the whole organism.

In our time, often speak of the new infections that pose a threat to all humanity. This is, first of all, AIDS and SARS (SARS), avian influenza and other viral diseases. Looking back, most dangerous viruses and bacteria manage to win, and largely due to the stimulation of the body's own immune system

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Aphrodisiacs, or how to excite a desire?

Tablets, injections and other achievements of modern medicine can (albeit temporarily) to return potency. But they almost do not add sex drive. For these purposes, there are aphrodisiacs — herbs and certain foods, which is attributed to a wonderful property that is the desire to excite.

The reason for the beneficial effect of many of these products lies in the various alkaloids which act on the body stimulant. Indeed, it is proved that for a full libido need proper nutrition. The diet should include women's vitamins and folic acid, men need zinc and selenium.

For sure

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Achalasia cardia

Achalasia cardia (from the Latin and — No, chalasia) — A chronic neuromuscular disease in which there is no disclosure of the reflex cardia (Holes on the border of the stomach and esophagus) during swallowing. As a result of impaired motility and tone of the esophagus and the passage of food through it. First described the disease T.Willisv 1672, but until now the reason for its occurrence is unknown.


The main symptoms are a violation of swallowing food (dysphagia), esophageal regurgitation and vomiting, and pain behind the breastbone. Dysphagia occurs sporadically in the beginning of

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Supplements for weight loss: there are no miracles

Often, companies producing dietary supplements for weight loss, claim that when taking their supplements do not necessarily follow a diet. However, this is not the case. Diet should always be a basic background when using these additives. Supplements contain small amounts of biologically active components, so the effect is mild and they can manifest itself only against the background of proper nutrition. Consequently, to achieve the desired effect principles such as caloric restriction, reduction of fat and simple carbohydrates in the diet is needed.

Dietary supplements for weight loss as opposed to medicinal products intended for the same purpose

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Supplements: pluses and minuses

Dietary supplements (dietary supplements) is not something that came into our lives, they had been broken into a huge crowd — with colorful handouts, badges "If you want to lose weight — ask me how" and loud slogans. Sellers treasured bottles promise to have finally healed from all diseases using only natural, organic, environmentally friendly, exclusive, hitherto secret raw material and components.

"Free Shipping", "You buy one bottle — second as a gift", free seminars, shows, mass e-mailing, bringing to market have doctors. Competently built an aggressive advertising campaign in conjunction with an active anti-propaganda techniques of conventional medicine.

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