The Japanese diet

My experience vossedaniya on diets is that I am unlikely to voluntarily have resorted to this method of self-torture. If it were not for one "but": I saw firsthand the results of a two-week sit on the "Japanese" diet. Exactly as in the magazine: "before" and "after." After all, the principle of "I, Wan, such as I want" in matters of health and beauty work, perhaps the best.

Why the Japanese diet is named, is hard to say — half the products recommended for eating, the Japanese are exotic. According to legend, developed by specialists of the Japanese

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Japanese protocol IVF or at least harm

According to the World Health Organization in the world today there are up to 13 percent of infertile couples, with 50 percent of the reason lies in a man's health, and in 50 per cent — in the women's. Among the female factor infertility tubal factor predominates — obstruction of the fallopian tubes, or lack thereof, after various surgical procedures. In this case, the only possible method of conception is IVF — in vitro fertilization method, or, as they used to say "test-tube baby."

History of IVF

Back in 1958 the Briton Robert Geoffrey Edwards (Robert

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