Baby infection in adults

We are used to treat lightly the so-called "childhood infections", they can cause discomfort to the child, bring the problem to parents who are forced to sit on their child of the day and night, but usually they occur easily and quickly forgotten. However, the apparent harmlessness of such infections. They can be quite severe in children. In adults, the "children's" infections are much heavier, more often accompanied by complications and can even lead to death.

Recently prevalence of measles, mumps, rubella, and other infections in adults is increasing. Ironically, it is not least due to the widespread

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Diabetic Foot

One of the common complications of diabetes is the loss of feet ("diabetic foot"). It is caused by changes in the nerves and blood vessels in chronic increase in blood sugar levels.

Patients with diabetes concerned:

excessive formation of blisters, thickening andchange nail shape; fungal infection of nails and skin; numbness of the feet, the feeling of "pins and needles" and other violations of the sensitivity of the skin; change shape of the foot.

For patients with diabetes mellitus is characterized by reduction in the body's defenses. A cut, scratch, corn can be a source of serious

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Forbidden Games — how to respond?

Today's parents do not find him by surprise famous question "about it." Most of them have read the relevant literature and competently tell the younger generation the truth about storks and cabbage. But one thing — the theory, and quite another — to practice.

Baby, as we know, knows the world of the game. In particular, and the world of intimate relationships. What to do if innocent infant play at some point you do not have seemed too innocent?

Usually this type of situation put parents in a dead end — they just do not understand what

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Stars on the legs is not the place!

Wanting to make their beautiful legs, we go to the gym, a beauty salon, seek the services of a masseur … And just forget to visit phlebologist, a specialist in the treatment of varicose veins. And absolutely nothing.

Many believe that the spider veins — spider reddish translucent through the skin capillaries, only small cosmetic defect. It's ugly, but no harm to health. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The appearance of spider veins — one of the early symptoms of a serious disease, which is called varicose veins.

Phantom Menace

Varices, unlike cellulite affects both women

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Climax by removing the ovaries

Sex hormones — estrogens and progestins, which are, in fact, makes a woman a woman, are produced in the ovaries. It happens that the doctors have to remove both ovaries. What next happens to the body, left without hormones? Typically hormones are beneficial — stimulating and protective effect on many of the functions — for example, to work cardiovascular system, the skin on the bone.

In fact, all organism women can be considered as hormone-. Not surprisingly, after a sharp drop in the level of sex hormones in the removal of the ovaries work the whole body changes

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Palomar hair removal — the most honest hair removal

Unfading mini is back in fashion! This time, a woman's true desire to reduce the length of the skirt to nothing embodied in short, lacking waist dresses, decorated with geometric prints and constructivist extravagant costumes, painted in the style of Cubist paintings by artists. Yet one thing has remained constant: perfectly smooth, devoid of vegetation feet.

In the category of obligatory rituals of beauty hair removal entered in the 60-ies of the last century after the invention of the mini skirt. Held in 1965 in New York, showing mini-skirts from designer Mary Quant proclaimed "Brevity — the soul of

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Swine flu: to recognize and neutralize!

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How dangerous strain of H1N1? How to recognize the symptoms of the "swine flu"? How not to get sick? We were asked to answer the most frequently asked questions from our readers doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Head. scientific advisory department FGBU "Institute for Immunology Research Center of Russia" Lyudmila Luss Vasilevnu.

— How dangerous "swine" flu? Is it such an aggressive and contagious as they write about it?

Unfortunately, the rumors and speculation prevent people to assess the situation around the "swine flu". The nature of

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Fat Burning: a review of methods

To get rid of excess weight, only one desire is not enough — you need to make an effort. For example, move more, eat less, or use other methods of weight loss that offers the beauty industry. But how effective is it all?

We were asked to comment on the most popular methods of "fat-burning" Doctor of Medicine and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhin.

Method 1. Exercise stress

To lose weight, you need to spend calories. It is believed that the best fat

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Souvenir from vacation

Holiday or non-committal attitude, a nice time with a new friend. If the same chain of events, it should be on the alert!

Absolutely safe sex can never be!Even protected sex, in some cases, does not prevent the development of such hazardous to men's health diseases like STDs. That is, diseases or infections transmitted sexually, and their insidious complications.

Modes of transmission of STDs

Sexual transmission — the only one of the options. STDs can be transmitted by blood, saliva by kissing, when using a joint hygiene.

Thus, risk of infection from "untrusted" partner is

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1 week of pregnancy


Even before you've learned that you are pregnant, your organism began to prepare for a new life. This work does not begin at conception, but much earlier, during the the last menstrual period. It is from this period (the first day the last menstrual period) And starts the pregnancy calendar.

Your organism preparing one of the eggs to fertilize. This work he does every month, and it takes about two weeks, after which ovulation occurs (yield mature egg to the uterus).


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