Basal implants — Say no Sinus!

Dental implants — the most modern method of restoring the whole jaw, and, most natural, in fact allows you to recover not only the tip, but the root of the tooth — it mimics the implant, which is fixed to the bone. Dental implants have a huge range of indications and allows you to recover any number of teeth arranged in any area of the jaw. But along with this there are a number of contraindications — among the most frequently encountered 70% of the patients dental surgeries — it's bone atrophy. It — or reducing the size

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Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosisby definition, a vaginal dysbiosis and is not related to sexually transmitted diseases.

What is it?

In every healthy woman's vagina has its own set of micro-organisms called microflora. Of the normal microflora is fairly constant and is similar in healthy women. Normally, the main microorganisms vaginal lactobacilli are.

When lactobacilli are replaced by anaerobic organisms (Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus, Mycoplasma hominis, Bacteroides, Enterococcus) Develops Bacterial vaginosis. Before was evaluated the role of other bacteria, the disease often called gardnerellezom.

According to medical statistics, to date, the disease affects up to 20% of all women aged 18 to

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Bacterial Cystitis

Cystitis— Is-infectious inflammation of the bladder wall, flowing mainly in the intestinal mucosa.

Women often suffer from cystitis, which is associated with the anatomy of external genital and urinary system. Girls suffer from cystitis three times more often than boys, about 20-25% of women during their lifetime suffer cystitis in one form or another, and 10% almost always note and signs of cystitis (chronic cystitis).

Why did this happen

The main causes of bacterial (most common), cystitis is a close location external urethral opening to the anus, the source of microorganisms that most commonly cause inflammation of the bladder

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Bartolini — an inflammation of the prostate gland, which is located in the vestibule. In the excretory duct cancer penetrating pathogens (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, etc.), there is swelling, redness, swelling.

How to recognize?

Swelling of surrounding tissue resulting in a narrowing of the output flow is disturbed outflow gland secretion, which creates conditions for further development of inflammation. This stage of the disease called acute bartholinitis. The general condition of the patient worsens, the temperature may rise to 39C and higher, there is a fever, pain in the large labia.

Often bartholinitis accompanied with a festering abscess formation Bartholin

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The barrier method

Barrier method is to block the penetration of the sperm into the cervix. You can prevent this by mechanical and chemical means, isolating the neck of the uterus from the vagina, where the sperm enters, or by entering into the genital tract of women substances that kill sperm. Also to barrier methods include the use of male condoms, but this article focuses on the means used by women.

Local chemical (Referred to as a spermicide) are available in various forms (pastes, pellets, suppositories, tablets and foams, aerosol formulations, etc.). They contain a substance detrimental effect on sperm (Nonoxynol-9,

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Swimming for pregnant women

Gone are the days when pregnancy was considered a serious illness and had to carry her, only lying in bed. Now doctors and obstetricians insist on an old truth: the movement — that's life.

Found that lack of exercise can lead to the threat of miscarriage, the strong toxicosis and the weakness of labor. So, let's move! And this is best done in the water. Today, therefore, even the doctors of the old school is not only allowed, but actively recommend that pregnant exercises in the pool.

Why do they need, and that, in fact, make a

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Femoral hernia

Femoral hernia — A condition in which the abdominal organs (intestines, caul) beyond the front abdominal through wall femoral channel.  Femoral hernia is the protrusion of a tumor manifests and pain in the hip area (especially on exertion).

Engaged in the treatment of femoral hernia surgeon. Advisable to consult a doctor at the first sign of discomfort.

Symptoms of femoral hernia: appearance of small protrusions on the boundary between the groin and thigh, which disappears in the supine position; discomfort, pain in the upper thigh, worse when walking, physical activity, change in the weather. Methods of diagnosis

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Painless childbirth: the experience of our ancestors

Since ancient times, mankind has tried to find ways to mute the pain during childbirth. This painful process lasted for centuries. And there are interesting views of different people.

For example, in Russia pains were considered evil, and were perceived as spoilage by sending other people, or as a punishment coming from supernatural forces. This is where it was scope for violent fantasies of various wizards and sorcerers. In Ethiopia, and to this day the special woman in labor entwine colorful cloth to ward off evil spirits from her.


Ether anesthesia was first used for labor pain

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Harmless cigarettes: a new myth

Each year, tobacco companies are becoming more difficult to promote their drugs to market. More recently, such a problem they did not have. Serious research on the dangers of smoking, only began in the 60s — for example, the first report of the Surgeon General, in which smoking been named as possible cause of lung and throat cancer, and chronic bronchitis, was published in 1964. Official control of smoking began in the 70's and up to the XXI century was rather sluggish.

But by now the situation has changed. New research has greatly expanded the list of diseases resulting

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Safety of ultrasound in pregnancy

As it is known, is safe in the world there is nothing. This truism applies fully and ultrasound. Ultrasound, unfortunately, is not an entirely innocuous environmental factor. With high intensity and high cumulative doses of radiation, ultrasonic waves can damage the genetic apparatus of living cells, and even physically destroy them. With regard to the fetus it is fraught with gross deformities and even death — and that has been proven in experiments on embryos of animals in the 70-ies of the last century. Of course, such a dose and intensity have never been used in a standard ultrasound

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