Lingerie for pregnant women

Beautiful lingerie gives a woman confidence, even if no one is going to show. Particularly acute problem of choice of underwear is during pregnancy, when I want to not only look good but also feel comfortable.

Lingerie for pregnant women must conform to several criteria: comfort, practicality and safety. For the next nine months postulate "Beauty requires sacrifice" should be forgotten. In addition, it is recognized that special underwear for pregnant women is much more comfortable, practical, and looks at the figure of the pregnant women are much more attractive conventional models of large size. And another thing: correctly

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Protect your feet from the youth

The life of modern man is becoming more active, the events follow each other all the more promptly, but the mobility, by contrast, is falling. What we have as a result? 15% of the time any of us spend sitting behind the wheel of a car or hanging on the handlebars in a crowded subway car, often with heavy bags. Another 8-10 hours (30-40%), we spend at work, that is, sitting — the computer, in meetings, or stand — behind the reception desk, behind the counter in a store. Home duties also basically "standing" — cooking, washing dishes,

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Pregnancy without varicose veins!

The waiting time of childbirth — a crucial period. Pregnancy requires careful attention to women about their health care because of the baby begins long before his birth.

It is known that during pregnancy often develop varicose veins. And with each subsequent pregnancy the disease progresses. But there is good news. If time to replace conventional medical compression stockings on VENOTEKS ® THERAPY, then varicose veins and its complications can be avoided.

How VENOTEKS ® helps protect health, to keep a good shape and have a healthy baby? These questions are answered VV Andriyashkin, doctor-phlebologist, PhD, Associate

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Pregnancy Without Stress: whom to entrust your health?

Before a pregnant woman to choose between "free" and toll rises medicine has never been greater. Who entrust their health and the future for the next nine months?

The life of a modern woman living in the city, painted with minute by minute. And like all of the items of daily affairs are equally important. But that's — the news of the pregnancy!

And it means that in the diary expectant mother should be one more column — medical supervision.

Of course, pregnancy — a joy

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Pregnancy and driving

If every time, sitting behind the wheel, you seem to take an examination, very tired and irritated, it is better not to risk it. And if driving for you — rest, why give it up? In addition, if a woman feels confident enough driving a car, it can greatly simplify your life over the next nine months. Of course, during this period for the mother, there are many restrictions. Car no exception. To feel comfortable, you need only follow a few basic rules.

The location of the driver's seat

The traditional posture with a flat back and bent

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Pregnancy and women’s health

In the arsenal of any woman giving birth or planning to have children, there are stories about how pregnancy and childbirth affect the mother's health and beauty. Some say that during pregnancy, the skin becomes smooth and clean, the hair — lush and shiny breasts takes great shape, added strength, resistance to various infections increases dramatically. Others complain of increased hair loss, dark spots on the face, stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, fatigue, depression, worsening of existing diseases. These "contradictions" clearly require explanation. What is a pregnancy? Serious illness, consuming energy and health, or the flourishing of

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Pregnancy and heart disease

At heart defects blood circulation. This is particularly dangerous during pregnancy, when the load on the cardiovascular system.

Heart defects are congenital and acquired.

Planning a pregnancy, a woman should identify (or exclude) a congenital heart defect. This will enable the conscious and balanced approach to family planning, and in the case of the possibility of pregnancy and childbirth to prepare for them in advance.

90% of acquired heart defects develop against rheumatism, they can also occur during pregnancy (exacerbation of rheumatic fever in pregnant women is most often seen in the first three and last

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Pregnancy and Rh factor

Most people badly imagine what Rh factor, as in ordinary life, its presence or absence does not result in any ill effects. However, in the case of pregnancy the wrong combination of rhesus parents can lead to so-called Rhesus-conflict.


Rh factor— An antigen (protein), which is on the surface of red blood cells — erythrocytes. It may be present (positive Rh) or absent (Rh negative). According to medical statistics, about 85% of the people are Rh-positive, the remaining 15% — Rh-negative.

Rh factor occurs either through transfusion Rh-incompatible blood, or when a woman's pregnancy with Rh,

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Pregnancy against diseases

During pregnancy, a woman's body there are significant physiological changes that ensure the proper development of the fetus, prepare organism for the upcoming birth and nursing. In this difficult period, the load on all the organs and systems of the future mother is greatly increased, which may lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases and the development of complications.

This is why women with diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and other internal organs are encouraged to visit the relevant experts and be screened at the planning stage of pregnancy. Decompensation or exacerbation of disease treatment is

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Pregnancy in renal disease

Woman,suffering from chronic kidney disease should consult with a nephrologist andobstetrician-gynecologist in the period of pregnancy planning. According to the testimony it may be referred to a specialist examination department of the hospital where the check renal function.

When can I get pregnant?

If it appears that the kidneys are not completely removed from the body metabolic products or pregnant or give birth impossible. In the body, there is an accumulation of harmful substances, which leads to irreversible changes in all organs and tissues, and in severe cases — even death of the fetus and the woman.

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