Pregnancy: unplanned but welcome

The life of the modern woman does not provide surprises. The girls at school know the algorithm of actions: to get an education, find a job, buy a car, get married, have … Stop, stop, flat … Find an apartment, make repairs, have a baby. Of course, before you get pregnant, you need to think very hard, save money, quit smoking, do aerobics, examined by a gynecologist — and that's when …

However, as the statistics show, in real life, only about half of pregnancies are planned. Women who discovers that his "family way", come into confusion. To have

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Earplugs. How to protect yourself and loved ones from the noise

When we go on a journey, then, almost without thinking, take with a means for skin care and hair care. But forget about the ears, even though they sometimes become the source of some trouble. More precisely, not the ears, and loud sounds that we perceive through them. There are some cases when you simply need to protect our ears from the external environment. Let's talk about them.

If we continue the theme of leisure, it should be noted that in the ears of not only flies noise, but small insects, water, dirt, dust and sand.

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Uncompromising win over cellulite

Think prepare slim and fit figure is impossible to leave? Today it is a reality! Strengthen muscles, get rid of "orange peel" skin, reduce body fat and achieve a lifting effect is possible without surgery. There are no miracles!

Aesthetic Beauty today has a huge arsenal of effective means to combat cellulite and subcutaneous fat deposits.

In the department of aesthetic and medical cosmetology ON CLINIC You have a unique opportunity to get rid of cellulite and get slim and fit figure.

To do this, cosmetologists ON CLINIC developed effective anti-cellulite programs that use a

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A welcome pregnancy does not occur? Do not despair, contact your health care provider specializing in infertility problems. There are sure to help you.

Considered infertile marriage in which, despite regular sexual life without the use of contraceptives, pregnancy the woman does not arise during the year. Today, faced with this problem about every fifth family.

Before you begin treatment, both spouses must be examined to determine the cause of infertility. It is known that if the family has no children, is equally likely culprit could be as woman, and man.

After cause infertility is found, doctors

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Infertility is not a sentence!

To date, problem Infertility is very serious in the world. In our country, the number of infertile steam is higher than 15%. And it is only those who have asked for help, that is, thinking about a wanted pregnancy, realized there was a problem. This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of what is infertility, and at what point a couple can be considered sterile.

It's no secret that in our country there is a change of reproductive behavior. The trend is that many couples first "stand on its feet," their careers, provide a stable social

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Worried about herpes? Strengthen immunity!

Herpes — the disease is extremely unpleasant. Easy to catch, hard to recover completely. It is a viral infection, and is known to be drugs that can directly kill the virus does not exist yet. How often coming to the doctor, patients with herpes hear disappointing: "The treatment we will assign you, but you need something to do with immunity." And what to do with it?

Statistics are as follows: more than half the population of Russia — carriers of the herpes virus, but disease manifested by no means all. Blisters on the skin and mucous membrane

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Dreams of immortality tantalized people for centuries. The invention of eternal life immortality engaged scholars of antiquity and the alchemists of the Middle Ages, doctors and medicine men, kings and commoners. Sometimes attempts to attain immortality, or at least rejuvenate led to the opposite result. For example, the Chinese Emperor Xuanzong (VIII century) died, taking the elixir of immortality.

During the Renaissance, there are cases of death the elderly, young blood transfused itself. Part of the rejuvenation recipes have survived. For example, this version of the ancient Persian: "We need to take a person and a freckled redhead,

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What is it?

Probably each of us at least once in their lives suffered from insomnia (insomnia). Perhaps it was innight before the exam, or before an important meeting when you tried to go to bed early and get enough sleep. Instead, lay awake for hours, painfully scrolling through the options for upcoming events. Or come after a busy day, literally "fell asleep on the move," you went to bed dreaming of a welcome rest, but, alas, the bed uncomfortable, that interfere some barely distinguishable sounds — like sleeping forever disappears. Similar problems arise regularly in30-45% Of people, half

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Insomnia in Pregnancy

The multitude of women insomnia begins in the first trimester of pregnancy.


By insomnia at the earliest periods can lead hormonal changes in a woman:

for example, during pregnancy raises the level of progesterone and other hormones. Mobilizing force for child bearing, they at the same time cause the body into a state of "alert" and sometimes simply do not give to relax.With the growth of the pregnancy causes for insomnia is increasing.

The causes of sleep disorders in pregnant women may be physiological:

difficulty in finding a comfortable posture (the increased weight and belly grew

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Insomnia, somnambulism

Most people at least once in their lives had difficulty getting to sleep or enough sleep duration and 35-40% suffer from insomnia (insomnia) regularly. Sleep problems are rarely the primary — usually they are a sign of a disease. Research, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders has been somnology science.

Most often insomnia is treated with medication, although this approach requires great care — virtually all sleeping pills have various side effects, the most common of which — the ability to cause addiction and dependence. This contributes to the fact that many companies develop and manufacture a variety of

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