Insomnia should be treated

We are used to treat insomnia safely, take it as something unpleasant, but not particularly serious. For example, like dandruff: visible on clothing, appearance spoils, but that's not a reason to take immediate action and run to the doctor!

Our people prefer to deal with insomnia on their own. Some buy sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications. Others, after watching advertisements, taking dietary supplements. Someone on the principle of OBS (one grandmother said) experienced by traditional recipes, and someone rearranges the furniture in the bedroom on the principles of feng shui.

Dream and mind

What is insomnia and where

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Everyone knows that if bitten by a stray dog, they do forty shots in the stomach. Actually that knowledge about rabies in the vast majority of the population to an end. So what is this disease and what it is like to face it treated?

What is it?

Rabies— Is disease viral nature that occurs after the bite of an infected animal, characterized by severe damage to the nervous system and the ending is usually fatal. Rabies virus (Neuroryctes rabid) refers to a group of myxoviruses kind Lyssavirus of the family Rhabdoviridae. Detected in the saliva and in tears

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"Your biopsy submitted to histological analysis, "- a phrase familiar to many of us. What is behind it?

Biopsy— A diagnostic procedure in which of the "suspicious" places, such as tumors, polyps, prolonged unhealed sores come from tiny pieces of tissue (biopsy). Depending on where the biopsy is taken, use different tools. This may be a thick needle, endoscope (when exploring the esophagus or stomach), fiber (bronchoscopy), ordinary scalpel (during surgery).

The main purpose of a biopsy — to establish a benign or malignant process to fight. By this procedure, and recourse when control is carried out

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A biopsy of the prostate

A biopsy of the prostate gland — one of the binding studies for the final diagnosis of prostate cancer. In all patients suspected of having the disease after a full range of inspection:

digital rectal examination; transrectal ultrasound research; determine the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Based on the results of the biopsy prostate addressed the issue of choice of treatment for each individual patient.

There are several methods of taking a biopsy of the prostate. The most common and least painful is the transrectal biopsy Prostate performed by the device for a biopsy, which consists of

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Biochemical analysis of blood

Biochemical analysis of blood — the method of laboratory diagnosis, which allows us to estimate the internal organs (liver, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder, etc.) to obtain information on the metabolism (the exchange of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates), find out the need for micronutrients.

What are the indications for blood chemistry? 

Biochemical analysis of blood is important for diagnosis of diseases of almost all, so it is administered first.

What is included in the standard blood chemistry?

1) Glucose (blood) — basic test in the diagnosis of diabetes. This analysis is very important in the selection of therapy and

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The first of the existence of myopia guessed the Greek philosopher Aristotle in the IV century BC. He noticed that some people are struggling to distinguish between distant objects and a better view, narrows his eyes. Aristotle called this phenomenon "miops" that in Greek means "to squint." Modern eye doctors about this recall, and therefore prefer to use the term rather than short-sightedness "myopia".

Nearsightedness (myopia) — Blurred vision, in which one can clearly see objects situated at a short distance, and bad — things that have been deleted from it. Occurs myopia extremely common: according to statistics, it

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Myopia in children

If parents wear glasses, then it is likely that their child will be born with myopia. But if the time to take action, "minus" in the grown offspring would not be so great. It is not necessary that the child will inherit from their parents propensity for myopia. But even if that happens, with timely approach will ensure that the vision is not impaired.

On the question of myopia is responsible Igor Erikovich Aznauryan — Ophthalmic children, MD, academic RAMTS, a member of the European Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology, Head of the Association of Clinical Center Safety

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Heart block

What is it and why is it there?

Often, the electrocardiographic examination (on physical examination, in response to complaints on health, on admission to the hospital) in the conclusion appears the word "blockade". At the same tangible violations of the heart can not be. At the same time, some blockade may result spasmodic contraction of the heart, in particular, to "fall out" of the individual pulses or substantial slowing of heart rate. In order to understand what a heart block, and whether they are dangerous, to say a few words about the conduction system of the heart.

Contraction of

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Fighter, do not sleep!

Any State calls or hires an army of people who need to be on guard its interests around the clock seven days a week. But people — being imperfect, and physiological laws of functioning of his body provides such a pleasant for us, but this is uncomfortable for the army and the state process is like a dream.

Dive into the realm of Morpheus ("The Matrix" nothing to do with that name of the ancient Greek god of dreams) allows a person to relax and rejuvenate. However, just to lose precious time in the army has no plans. The

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Painful menstruation

When does it happen?

Palpable pain during menstruation (algomenorrhea) is usually caused by improper position of the uterus, its immaturity, inflammation in the genitals, endometriosis and other diseases, as well as increased excitability of the central nervous system.

Also, painful menstruation are common in young nulliparous women. In addition, painful periods are observed in intrauterine contraception, which is associated with the presence of a foreign body in the uterus.

Painful periods caused by underdevelopment, improper position of the uterus and other anatomical features women identified primary tuberculosis,. In the same term refers to painful periods caused by disorders

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