Thyroid Disease

Diseases thyroid — The most common diseases associated with dysfunction of the endocrine system. The manifestations of these diseases are primarily dependent on the level of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

Lack of thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism. This syndrome is very common, especially in older women. The reasons for its occurrence may be inflammation thyroid different nature (for example, autoimmune thyroiditis), deficiency of iodine in the diet (endemic goiter), trauma thyroid, diseases of the pituitary gland (hypothyroidism), etc.

The excess of hormones produced by the thyroid gland is called hyperthyroidism. This condition can occur in diffuse toxic

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Alzheimer disease

What is it?

Disease Alzheimer's disease — often in conversation it is not quite true is called senile marasmus — a disease in which certain cells of the brain (neurons) as a die, resulting in the development of senile or senile dementia (dementia).

Disease Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia that develops in elderly and senile age. The first symptoms may appear after 40 years, and after 70-year-old age incidence rate reaches 30%.

This disease more common in poorly educated people, with unskilled occupations. A person with a high IQ are less likely to face

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Pituitary basophilia

Symptoms of the disease were first described in 1924 by the Soviet neurologist Nicholas pituitary. He also suggested that the cause of the disease lies in the changes of the hypothalamus (part of the brain responsible for the interaction between the nervous and endocrine systems). Later, an American neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing's disease is associated with a pituitary tumor. Today, scientists have come to believe that disease Cushing arises from disruption hypothalamic-pituitary systems — both researchers were right.

Disease Cushing — Heavy neuroendocrine disease, based on the violation of the regulatory mechanisms that control the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Manifestations of the disease

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Parkinson’s disease

What is it?

Parkinson's disease — is disease, associated with progressive loss of motor nerve cells (neurons) producing neurotransmitter dopamine. Because of this movement, and impaired regulation of muscle tone, manifested the characteristic tremor (trembling), general stiffness and impaired posture and movements. For the first time the disease is described by the English physician James Parkinson in 1817 in his "Essay on the Shaking Palsy."

Disease Parkinson (Parkinson's) ill about one hundredth man, centenarians sixty-year mark, and it occurs in men more often than women. Interestingly, the smokers are almost not affected by this disease, and fans of milk,

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Disease overloaded back

Osteochondrosis — is zabolevanienie in which pathological changes are the intervertebral discs, vertebral cartilage nodes as well as in the intervertebral joints. The cause of osteoarthritis may be a spinal injury, disorders of blood circulation and lymph flow, inflammation of the vertebrae. Some modern scholars believe, not without reason, that low back pain is notdisease, and the adaptive response of the spine to the improper distribution of loads encountered during movements.

The nature of our body is arranged so that the primary vertical load on thespine extends along an axis passing through the center of gravity — approximately

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Thirty years of illness

What are the symptoms disease?

As with most diseases, hemorrhoids does not start suddenly. Prior to the acute stage of the disease is usually marked by a number of symptoms peculiar harbingers of disease. These include:


foreign body sensation in the anus, and the severity of itching in the anus, pain; constipation;

But the most striking symptom of hemorrhoids, is bleeding from the hemorrhoidal veins

Risk Groups

Of course, hemorrhoids does not appear "out of nowhere", there are certain factors that contribute to its development. Thus, in the first hemorrhoids develops in people who

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Perhaps the most people at least once in a lifetime experience pain or other discomfort in the chest or left of the chest, right where the heart is located. These pains attract attention and cause anxiety stronger than many others — so we instinctively react to the "problem" at the location of this important organ. No wonder the pain in the heart is the most frequent reason for seeking medical attention.

Pain in this area are diverse. They kolyat, crush, compress, baking, burning, aching, pulling, pierce. They can be felt in a small area or spill across the chest,

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Back pain

According to studies, about half of the able-bodied adult population suffers from back pain, and only 15-20% Of them seek medical help. The danger of back pain is that for various diseases of the spine in the pathological process involved muscles and certainly many internal organs.

For example, the complications of the disease of the cervical spine may be headache, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision. With the defeat of the thoracic — respiratory failure and cardiac activity; lumbar — a violation of the digestive system, kidneys, reduced potency.


There are many reasons that lead to the emergence

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Back pain during pregnancy

The increase in weight puts a strain on your back and legs, so there may be pain in the back and varicose veins. Regarding the back pain should always consult your doctor who will advise you how to facilitate and recommend special massage.

If pregnant spends a lot of time on your feet, you can purchase special bandage. However bandage advised not to wear a long time — a maximum of three hours.

For back pain have to do special exercises for pregnant women (after a doctor's approval) to constantly monitor your posture, wear comfortable shoes with

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Headache from the lessons?

Many people think that the headache — an attribute of solid age. Recently, however, more and more of her children suffer, especially in adolescence. To understand why the baby a headache, is not easy. In search of the truth of the doctor refers the patient to a neurophysiological center for removal of the electroencephalogram, an ultrasound of the brain, on the x-rays of the cervical spine, a chiropractor.

One of the reasons — a violation of labor, birth trauma, lack of oxygen to the fetus. This shift could occur, and sometimes a fracture of the neck vertebrae. The

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