In the center of attention — the chest!

Take the breast exam, get the results — and all this in just one hour. Today it is possible, in a Moscow clinic, equipped with the most modern mammography equipment.

Mammography— A non-invasive X-ray (without compromising the integrity of the skin) the method of monitoring by the chest that allows to detect changes in the breast and to define their character. Is the most reliable way to diagnose palpable forms (not detectable to the touch) pathologies.

In a unique branch of Mammalogy ON CLINIC is possible during a single visit to mammologist conduct all necessary investigations:

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What's going on?

Vaginismus — Spasmodic reflex contraction of the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, which makes it difficult sexual intercourse or pelvic examination and accompanied by pain. Vaginismus suffer 3-4% of young women.

We can distinguish three degrees of vaginismus:

Grade I — the reaction occurs in the vagina or penis tool during a gynecological examination;

Grade II — reaction occurs when touching the genitals, or while waiting for the touch;

III degree— The reaction occurs at a representation of the sexual intercourse or pelvic examination.


Vaginismus divided into true and false. The causes of

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What is it?

Vaginitis— Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina.

Allocate also:

vulvovaginal — inflammation mucosa of the vagina and external genitalia, vulvitis — an inflammation of the labia and clitoris.

Vaginitis— A fairly common gynecological disease.

Why there?

Risk factors for the development of vaginitis are lowered immunity, treatment antibiotics. The cause of vaginitis are often sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis. Furthermore, vaginitis occurs on background of hormonal disorders, diseases of the ovaries, menopause, obesity, diabetes. Vaginitis can occur in women during menopause as a result of reduced production of

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Vasectomy (male sterilization)

Vasectomy (male sterilization) Is surgical excision of the vas deferens, in which the semen comes from both testes to the penis. Thus, the sperm can not get into the uterus during intercourse to fertilize the egg. The whole procedure takes less than 25 minutes, performed under local anesthesia and is performed through a tiny incision in the scrotum. On the same day man out of home health agencies. Within 2 days after doing the operation is desirable to avoid physical exertion and not wet scrotum to prevent infection.

A week later, you can start having sex, but it

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DTP (international abbreviation DTP) — Combined vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. All components DPT vaccine capable of forming a substantially immunity in 100% of vaccinated patients. Diphtheria and tetanus, upon completion of the primary vaccination course, form immunity lasting about 10 years, which explains the need for booster after this time period. Pertussis immunity lasting about form 5-7 years.

However, the organization is constrained by boosting the high reactogenicity of such a vaccine in older children, adolescents and adults, as well as the lack of mass production of combination vaccines for children older than 6 years and adults

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A vaccine against cancer: Myths, Reality and the Future

Regularly appearing in the media reports on the long-awaited establishment of a preventive vaccine that can prevent cancer, and always arouse great interest among the public and professionals. As far as their expectations are justified, can only say representatives of Russia's leading cancer institutions, groups that deal with this problem for decades. publishes an interview given by "medical newspaper" deputy director of the Russian Cancer Research Center. Blokhin Medical Sciences for Research, Director of the Institute of Experimental Diagnosis and therapy of tumors, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor Anatoly Baryshnikov.

— Anatoly Y., how

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Vaccination of travelers

When planning a trip it is advisable to have made all the required vaccinations, age appropriate. The last vaccination is advisable to make no later than one month before the intended trip. Sometimes you can be vaccinated in a shorter period of time (to reduce the intervals between doses) to have time to complete the vaccination. Some vaccines may be recommended to use a little bit earlier age (eg regarding vaccination against measles). In this case, booster doses may be required later.

The senior is not fully vaccinated children are introduced simultaneously all the missing vaccine. Similarly received

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Valgus feet

Valgus feet (hallux valgus) — a disease in which the curved metatarsophalangeal joint-phalanx of the thumb and the other fingers are deformed. The disease is characterized by the inability to wear normal shoes from — for the resulting "bumps" at the base of the big toe and is accompanied by aching pain.

The symptoms of hallux valgus: deviation of the big toe outward, the gradual increase of the "bones"; Hammer deformation of the remaining toes; arthralgia stop; fatigue feet; with the selection of shoes. Methods of diagnosis: examination by a podiatrist; Radiography stop in 3 projections; plantography —

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Waldorf education

Today in our society related to Waldorf education is ambiguous. Some believe that it is a religious sect, which lured clean baby showers, others believe that Waldorf gardens designed exclusively for mentally retarded children, and few actually is, what do the Waldorf teachers, and that from this technique can be successfully applied at home.

Pedagogy for all

First, a little history. Waldorf education, not much is not enough, the eighth decade. Founded by German philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In the first quarter of the twentieth century, he opened a school for children whose parents worked at the Waldorf Astoria cigarette

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You just need a cellulite?

It's hard to believe, but to1970 years of the last century, cellulite does not exist — small bumps on the skin affectionately called the "dimples" that were not considered a cosmetic fault. But as time went on, the ideals have changed, replaced gentle "dimpled" came a rough "orange peel" and the bulge on the body are not a sign of beauty, and metabolic disorders.

The emergence of the concept of "cellulite" we owe the Land of Burgers, where in 1973 the owner of a large New York Beauty Nicole Ronsard published in Vogue magazine article titled "Cellulite". New attack,

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