Varices — a disease of civilization

Varicose veins — a sad consequence of the transition of human ancestors to walk upright. In addition to advantages such evolutionary innovation has led to a dramatic increase in the load on the veins of the lower limbs, resulting in a gradual wear of the vascular wall. Further progress of civilization, as a result of which a person begins to increased sedentary life, only exacerbate the problem.

If untreated, varicose veins lead to serious complications and disability. According to experts, in the Russian severe varicose disease affects about 30 million people. In developed countries, the disease affected

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Varices and beauty

With the state of our vessels connected many aesthetic problems: clearly acting under the skin of purple gossamer thin, sinuous snake blood vessels, veins bulging knotty, swelling does not improve the appearance of their feet.

But that's not all. Few people think that cellulite, which has recently become more and more women worry is closely linked to vascular pathologies. Arising from chronic venous insufficiency edema causes a disturbance of microcirculation, then start the process of formation of fibrotic conglomerates, which leads to cellulite. Between these diseases are not only a direct relationship, but also a vicious circle: the

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Varices exacerbated by summer

For varicose veins is no seasonality — it manifests itself in all seasons. But in the summer of varicose veins and leg swelling is becoming a serious problem.

In the summer of varicose veins gives the greatest number of complications, making pay more attention to your feet and overall health: summer heat itself lowers the tone of veins, not hiding pictures vein of "stars."

Many have to hide your feet under a long clothes to hide varicose veins. Moreover, the hotter the greater the load on the venous system, which is not conducive to good health.

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Varices during pregnancy

Varicose veins, but the most severe stages, in any case, is not a contraindication for pregnancy. However, it must be remembered that pregnancy and childbirth are one of the main factors causing the development of varicose veins in women. Therefore, if you already have signs of varicose veins or a predisposition to it, refer to thephlebologist doctor. It is advisable to do this before your veins will be evident to others.

Varicose veins — chronic disease, and intime pregnancy is constantly progressing. The risk of complications of varicose veins also increases with gestation. Thrombophlebitis (one of the complications varices)

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Varicose veins, varicose veins

What is it?

Varicosity, or varicose expansion veins (from the Latin. varix— Node swelling) — a disease of veins (blood vessels carrying blood the heart), which leads to an increase of the venous lumen and wall thinning.

Varicose disease known since ancient times. On it there is a mention in the Egyptian papyri, Byzantine legal code of medicine and even in the Old Testament. Tried to treat varicose disease (often unsuccessfully) outstanding ancient physicians Hippocrates, Avicenna, Galen and Paracelsus. This ailment is called "disease, knocks off his feet." The study of this disease for many years has devoted

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Varices: the operation is not required

Varicose disease affecting up to 80 percent of women and 30 percent men. Varices — not fatal, but it is at an advanced form of the disease can significantly impair quality of life and even lead to disability, not to mention the aesthetic side of the issue. On the possibilities of combating this disease we are talking withphlebologist surgeon, MD Igor Carenko.

— Who usually suffers from varicose disease?

Most often varicose veins in the legs detected in women aged 25 to 45 years. In men, the peak incidence in 45 years.

— What causes varicose

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Esophageal varices

Varicose veins of the esophagus is due to violations of the outflow of blood from the veins of the esophagus through the ducts of the portal and superior vena cava. The average age of patients with esophageal varices — 50 years, and men are affected twice as often as women.


The reason for this is the most frequent disorders portal hypertension, i.e. increasing the pressure in the portal vein pool. The reasons can be a disease of the liver (cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, cancer, tuberculosis, hydatid disease, etc.), thrombosis or compression of the portal vein (tumors,

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Varicocele and male infertility

Pampinocele— Is one of the most common diseases in the male population and is diagnosed in10-15% Of all men. And, if you take all the men with infertility, the varicocele is detected in 40% of them. Moreover, if separately select a group of men with so-called secondary infertility (ie, those men from previously pregnant women, but who are currently unable to father), we find that pampinocele occurs in 80% of men. Since infertility in30-40% Of cases is a male, and 20% mixed, to examine both the partners.

Infertility — is the lack of conception within 1 year of regular

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Your slimming man

Thousands of articles have been written on how to lose weight women. A little less — about how to lose weight men. And what should a woman whose man decided on such an ordeal as weight loss? How to motivate men who have excess weight, how to maintain it during a severe and prolonged struggle with pounds, how to help after weight loss. These and other questions are answeredMariyatMukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.

Usually men women later realize that it is time

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Your family is mature or problematic?

How well do you live now in your family? Many are not even the same question. It is considered that if the family has no apparent conflict, then everyone is satisfied with the situation. Therefore, many put up with a life that seems to them more or less successful, and do not assume that the family situation can change at once. Many see their family life do not like spending time with friends, but as a battlefield or heavy, unbearable burden. Hundreds of family types can be divided into two great classes: mature and problematic.

The atmosphere of

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