Your child — only the best

The appearance of the baby for the parents and the joy and new experiences: what he's cute, helpless, the best and certainly the most beautiful! And new concerns: how to make a child grow up healthy, well developed?

Here are just some of the questions that may arise from their parents. How to bathe a baby? When baby begins to discover her mother? When should erupt teeth? How to introduce solid foods? In that dressing a child for a walk? Harmful or not to conduct ultrasound? What shots do?

Unfortunately, many young parents find the answers to these and

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Vegetarianism: Pros and Cons

Vegetarianism existed in ancient and eastern cultures. Do not eat meat Pythagoras and the ancient Egyptian priests involved in certain mystical rituals. The Europeans discovered a vegetarian for 40 years of XIX century. At least in 1847, in Britain there was the first society of vegetarians.

With the perception of vegetarianism is the case, we highly ambiguous. Rather, the point is that vegetarianism is almost never walks alone. Most often it is the result of certain religious, mystical or philosophical beliefs. In Russia vegetarianism strongly addicted followers of Tolstoy (along with the ideas of non-resistance to evil), practiced

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Vegetarianism: what, who and why

Vegetarianism — a system of power in which are completely excluded from the diet of animal products or a list of them is significantly reduced. "I did not eat" — it sounds so vegetarians unofficial slogan — supporters of the lifestyle in which exclude from the diet products obtained by slaughtering cattle, fish, poultry, or all animal products at all.

In Russia vegetarianism strongly addicted followers of Tolstoy (along with the ideas of non-resistance to evil), practiced a number of religious sects (such as the Doukhobors and beloriztsy). To date, vegetarianism — the attribute of those who practices yoga,

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Vegetative dystonia: how to get rid of all diseases

It often happens that a person feels ill, goes to the doctors, doing a lot of surveys, but no one can put his diagnosis. Why is this happening? As the practice of medicine, often the symptoms of various diseases hiding one — the vegetative dystonia. About the disease, many have heard of but few know anything definite.

On what is dangerous vegetative dystonia, and how to identify than cure, we had a talk with the candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the highest category, the director of the medical center "ROSMID" Alexander Ivanovich Belenko.

— Alexander, as the

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Autonomic dysfunction (vegetative-vascular dystonia)

What is it?

Vegetative-vascular dystonia (VVD, it — cardiopsychoneurosis, NDCs) — is peculiar to the domestic medicine obsolete names autonomic dysfunction. This syndrome includes a variety of origin and manifestations of autonomic violations (relating to the operation of the internal organs) functions due to a disorder of the nervous regulation.

Meets vegetative-vascular dystonia often — as in children (12-25%), and adults (70%). This is a consequence of the increasing pace of modern life requires the full commitment of internal resources and effort in the process of study and work, increases the rate of stressful situations.

Why did this happen?

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Management of Pregnancy

Pregnancy — The period in a woman's life when her health requires the most attention and supervision by physicians. After all, competent management of pregnancy and childbirth in many ways the health and life of the unborn child.

During the first nine months of the expectant mother will regularly visit gynecologist, blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound and undergo other tests. Accordingly, one of the first issues facing the woman: where occur during pregnancy? Before you make this important decision, the pregnant woman should consider all of the currently existing options, keeping in mind that each of them has its

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Bring healthy nails

According to a number of Western European epidemiological studies fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) are the reason for seeking a dermatologist in 30% of cases, about 25% of the patients any doctor has fungal infection of the skin or nails feet. In Russia, such studies have not recently conducted, but perhaps every dermatologist on the basis of their practical experience can say that in our country, these figures are no better. What is the reason for this state of affairs?

It is known that members of certain professions (eg, miners and soldiers) higher risk of fungal nail infections,

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Vertical birth

Recently, pregnant women are more likely to occur with a term such as vertical birth. What is this — the latest invention of modern obstetrics, the fashion for unusual delivery or disposal of savinggeneric Pain?

The historical aspect

Vertical birth has long been considered the most comfortable. For example, in Central Africa woman went into the forest, where the trees she put a pole holding a woman in labor who is sitting down, then got up themselves births were squatting. Indian woman gave birth, hanging on the vines or branches of trees. Persians intime labor relied hands on

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Spring disease in women — cystitis


Spring — a time when a woman's body is most vulnerable to various diseases, in addition to stress and lack of vitamins, the most common problem is cystitis. Cystitis appears not only because of supercooling, but for other reasons. Cystitis — a rather insidious disease, as it can take place virtually asymptomatic. To dispel all the myths we have talked to a gynecologist clinic network "MedCenterService" — Svetlana V. Petrova.

Svetlana V., tell me what the cause of cystitis?

Usually the cause of cystitis are trapped in the bladder through the urethra to bacteria.

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Spring without pruritus

Finally winter is over and stepped serene spring days. The sun warms, the birds are singing, and the air is filled with spring freshness …

The overwhelming most Parents think that winter has passed and now you can walk with your child on the street without fear, that he caught a cold or too cold. Of course, hanging out with the baby more useful than sitting in the four walls and feed it immunostimuljatorami, but do not forget that the arrival of spring, except for the warm sunshine and voiced streams, also means aggravation of "seasonal" sores.


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