10 places to be avoided like the plague during travel

The upcoming season of the New Year holidays are traditionally associated with a sharp increase in tourist activity. Fans greet the new year in unusual places are now actively planning trips, trying to find cheap tickets and book hotels. According to experts Skyscanner-tickets online search engine, the peak of interest in Airfare have been the end of November and beginning of December, when travelers literally sweep as tickets to ski resorts like Andorra and Austria, and in such exotic destinations as Thailand or Indii.Odnako travelers do not forget that any trip is not only a source of joy

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10 myths about high blood pressure

Arterial hypertension (among patients more commonly known as high blood pressure) — a disease peculiar. Almost every second person familiar with it firsthand and I am sure that is better than any doctor knows how to treat it. What is really is hypertension?

Myth 1: high blood pressure is almost everyone, this does not die

Arterial hypertension — a disease, a key feature of which is a persistent increase in blood pressure, and the consequences — a violation of the functions of vital organs: heart, blood vessels, and kidneys, and brain. Today, hypertension and its complications such

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10 Weeks Pregnant


Gradually increasing waistline, but rounded tummy will appear later. In the meantime, because of the increased volume of blood veins become more prominent abdomen, legs and chest. If you do not suffer from toxicity, then at this point can gain about 2 kg.


Now the embryo one can call the fruit. Baby weighs about 4 ounces and has grown to 27-35 mm ("crown" to "buttocks"). He already looks like a grown man. Heart beats stomach secretes gastric juices muscles contract under the influence of impulses coming from a brain. Almost formed diaphragm — a

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10 rules for colds parents

You are sick … You have aches and lassitude of the whole body, pain in the eyes, runny nose … Of course, it's nothing unusual — we all from time to time to catch a cold and grippuem, but your case — special: you have a flat chest kid and you to do everything to protect it from disease. After all, even a simple runny nose, he moves much harder than we adults: for us it's unpleasant, but it is bearable state and infant stuffy nose distracts me vitally important — to suck. Compliance with the proposed rules to

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10 steps of a healthy diet

The concept "10 steps to a healthy diet", proposed by the scientists of the State Research Center for Preventive Medicine, Institute of Nutrition and the Moscow Regional Heart Center, there is nothing sensational. However, if it is to adopt, its principles will help any of us, not only to normalize your weight, but also to maintain health and vitality for years to come.

Step one

A healthy balanced diet should be based on a variety of products, mostly plant (not the animal) origin.

There is no product that could provide our body with all the necessary nutrients.

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11 Weeks Pregnant


Now you burn calories faster than before pregnancy: the metabolism increases by 25 percent. Forget for a moment about the meats, preservatives and spicy. Your Diet must the most diverse, especially a lot of it must fruits and vegetables. Ideally cake with cream stands prefer a carrot, but do not go too far and try to get the most satisfaction from his position.


Your baby appears sensitivity of the skin of the palms. Gets busy grasping reflex. Developed sense of smell, baby even smells the meal eaten by the mother. Between 11 and 12

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12 Weeks Pregnant


After 12 weeks toxemia, usually weakens his fight. Feel better, disappears increased tearfulness and uncertainty.

Unfortunately, some pregnant manifestation of toxicity may be kept and further, especially in the case of multiple pregnancies.


Growth of the child reaches 9 inches, weight — about 13 grams. During this period, the baby starts to develop liver bile, following the first colonic contractions (peristalsis). Formation of the brain.

At this time, usually carried ultrasound, which allows you to specify the duration of pregnancy, number of fetuses, to identify possible deviations in development.

13 Weeks Pregnant


Here it is, your little tummy and trim! It became evident because the uterus and baby "Grown up". In this period you gain another pound.

Freckles and moles darken, and the abdomen, from the navel to the pubis, there is a brown streak that will disappear after the baby is born. Your heart beats faster now, to cope with the increasing amount of blood. In the second trimester morning sickness usually weakens, but may start constipation. Try to eat right.


The child had already formed the beginnings of all 20 primary teeth. The

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14 Weeks Pregnant


From that time on you can wash over bouts of overeating — suddenly want to eat again and again, even in the middle of the night. And you may have an attraction to certain products — so the body can signal that what he lacks substance. Bouts of overeating depart only after you give birth and bring up the baby with breast milk. In the meantime, will have to control myself, to control the power, observe the unloading days. Try not to strong tea and coffee.


The fruit is learning to "eat" with his

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15 Weeks Pregnant


Bulging tummy can already be seen with the naked eye. And if you have a tendency to stretch marks, in this period, they can occur. Do not forget to go to the dentist — may need to treat your teeth (to put the seal) or varnish (during pregnancy increases the sensitivity of the teeth — hormones change the body, enamel becomes more sensitive.) Do not forget to take vitamins for pregnant women.


A big role in the development of the baby 2-3 months hormones play. Hormones mother through the placenta. Later begins to produce its

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