Types of massage

Depending on the purpose for which used massage, it can be divided into several types: healing, segmental-reflex, hygienic, self-massage and others.

Furthermore, there are various forms of massage depending on the area of influence of massage techniques (general and local) and on who manufactures massage (massage, performed by a massage therapist, a mutual massage or self-massage).

Vary and methods of massage (foot, hand, hardware, and combined).

Separately, you can highlight the highly specialized massages. For example, anti-cellulite massage, which shown in cellulite — it enhances blood circulation, which gradually stimulates metabolism and as a consequence, the release

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Types of peeling

Peeling — way to remove the stratum corneum of the skin cells and protect the young growing cells. Most often used for exfoliating scrubs, creams and gels for the body, containing small particles of dense vegetation and artificial origin. In addition to exfoliating effect, scrubs have astringent and refreshing effect.

Oily skin with a scrub brush once a week, dry — once every 2 weeks. It is much more likely to use scrubs, elbows, knees, soles and other places subject to keratinization. All of these tools are mild exfoliation, which can be done at home. However, in the

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Types of condoms

Refers to the male condom barrier method of contraception.

Although the condom and is designed for men, 70 percent of buyers — women. Moscow recently conducted an experiment: put a few machines with condoms. It ended in failure — automatic dismantled piece by piece, and took out the condoms and all. Manufacturing companies continue to experiment, of course, did not want to.

In Russia condoms are of two types — standard and "royal", XHL marked on the box. Small condoms can be bought only in Asia, where such a size is everyday. The vast majority of condoms are

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Species of the genera

Childbirth — a process which is the natural end of pregnancy. And despite the fact that the human race has existed for thousands of years, the question "How give birth to?" still remains relevant. In Soviet times, it was much easier. All gave birth the same way: in public hospitals, in the supine position, under the supervision of midwives. The frightened woman watches were a huge, often cold, delivery room, and between them busily scurrying forever dissatisfied doctors and nurses.

Today the situation has improved markedly. In most maternity hospitals practice so-called soft labor. This is a natural

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Types of injuries

With injuries once in my life come across everyone. Someone zapped someone burned with boiling water or frostbite ears someone broken leg or arm, roller skating or just falling out of the blue. Someone wounds, bruises and abrasions, battered in street fights or in the professional ring. The mass of options.

Naturally, in such situations it is necessary to contacttrauma surgeon or call the "Fast" (03). And while professional help is still on the way, the person needs to give first help. After all, this may depend not only his speedy recovery, but life itself. Therefore, it is

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A visit to the andrology

As you know, men do not like to go to doctors. Especially if the ailment for the intimate sphere. But today, this attitude towards their health thing of the past. To whom should seek man, feeling unwell?

Health of men engaged in special doctors — andrology. They all treat diseases of the male reproductive system, and disorders of sexual functions. Preventive care in andrology recommended to pass 2-3 times a year.

The most common diseases of the male genitalia are considered an inflammatory disease, benign prostatic hypertrophy, erectile dysfunction (impotence), and male infertility. Currently, medicine developed very effective treatments

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A visit to the gynecologist after childbirth

It is known that during pregnancy a woman is under the constant supervision of a gynecologist. Visit it should be in the next few days after birth — is necessary in order to prevent or timely detect possible complications.

When the young mother should first go to see a doctor?

It depends on how the birth took place: the natural way or used caesarean section. In each case, the post-partum period will occur differently.

If labor is going through the birth canal, and the postpartum period is going well, you should visit a gynecologist when vaginal discharge will be

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Wine enema: extreme, which could cost lives

In the United States, and more specifically, the home is now twice the U.S. President George W. Bush — in Texas, the real tragedy was played out around a ridiculous death, which took place in May 2004.

Someone Michael Warner, big drinker, suffered a sore throat, which prevented him from doing things you love. A drink like very much. All would be likely to cost, but the 42-year-old wife of Michael — Tammy — decided to help the suffering husband. In her judgment, two bottles of sherry had to bring to life the 58-year-old husband. But for some reason

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Vitamins for the eyes: it is good to see

From school is known that 80% of the information a person receives, the visual. That is why it is so important to keep your eyes healthy. However, the lifestyle of modern people is not conducive to this. On the contrary, many of the achievements of scientific and technological progress, which would seem to make life easier and make it interesting, are the main culprits of eye diseases. It's about computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones, as well as energy-saving fluorescent lamps, as a source of so-called blue light.

Add to that stress, poor diet, bad ecology, bad

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Vitamins for the Eyes

Our bodies are necessary for normal functioning of vitamins. Among them there are, the lack of which affects how we see. It is known, for example, that the lack of (or too little) of vitamin A, may cause deterioration of twilight (night blindness). B vitamins and vitamin C, known to all as necessary for good vision. These vitamins reduce the risk of developing diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and in the case of pre-existing conditions — slow down its progression.

How to make eye gets everything he needs, and coping with visual loads? First, you need to make sure

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