Vitamins and vitamin deficiency

Beriberi— A complete absence of any vitamin in the body. Until this can be reached only living (not one year) in the far north and eating some reindeer moss. Fortunately, we are subject to a condition called "vitamin deficiencies" — reduce the vitamin content.

Vitamins— These are the small screws, without which all are carefully prepared proteins, fats and carbohydrates lost. Only vitamins and nutrients they make profit. The human body can not produce vitamins itself and get them only from the outside.

There is a simple test, with which you can easily find out exactly which

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Vitamins and Pregnancy

Proper nutrition — the first of what should take care of a woman who is preparing to become a mother. Every day, she should receive all necessary substances, trace elements and vitamins to maintain a normal body is your own and ensure the process of child development. All that is needed — is to learn a few tips, guided by which every woman can easily reach the optimal diet for all nine months of pregnancy.

Which foods contain the necessary vitamins and minerals? Vitamin Ain the shape of carotene, which is required by the growing cells, skin, eyes,

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Vitamins, Supplements

Vitamins and minerals — these are substances that our body can not produce on their own, but only receive outside. Gather the like man can both from food and in a concentrated form (tablets, syrups, powders, etc.). Useful materials can be receive and by receiving food supplements (dietary supplements). This concentrated extracts from raw vegetable, mineral, animal, etc. origin or substances identical to natural, but chemically synthesized.

The opinions of scientists about the need for a person to additional substances differ. Some say that you need to take Vitamins and nutritional supplements, as food does not contain

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What is it?

HIV infection— A slowly progressing disease of the immune system viral leading to weakening of the immune defense against tumors and infections. Stage HIV infectionwherebybecause ofimmunosuppression in humans appear secondary infectious or neoplastic diseases, said acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The first reports ofHIV and AIDS appeared in the early 80th of the twentieth century. Now these names are known even to a child. Such a global information campaign was a result of the fact that the disease is spreading at an exponential rate, the cure for it is still not found, and the only way to

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Tabs instead of seals

Seal— Is an artificial restoration, replacement tooth defect.

Svetokompozity, which are one of the most popular to date technology caries, for all its positive qualities are three major drawbacks: the shrinkage during cure (or svetootverdenii), the emergence of internal deformation, which resulted in the break off thin wall seal; lack of polymerization (or hardening ) fillings. That is why they can not be used for large defects teeth. In such a situation is an optimal use of the tabs.

Pervye tabs were made in the early 20th century. Moreover, this type of defects of teeth actively used in

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The effect of nicotine on the body

What is it?

Humanity smokes from time immemorial. The history of tobacco in the world counts for three thousand years, and in the Russian tobacco was first introduced only as Ivan the Terrible. The struggle with this "sweet" potion internationally active only began in the last century, and there is no clear evidence that the infamous "healthy lifestyle" wins. A huge army of smokers provides guaranteed profits tobacco companies in the world, because, despite all the measures taken by health care organizations in most countries, tobacco is still the most accessible and widely abused drug.

First nicotine from

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Put the money in the legs

More than 75% of people in their lifetime encounter with chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, including varicose veins. Half of those who have started to develop the disease, do not realize that they are sick and need medical attention. We prove that if not treated, every fifth patient with varicose veins in just eleven years of age may become invalid. Those are the statistics.

If you talk about varicose veins, without referring to the statistics, the disease is truly insidious for two reasons. First, varicose veins at first seems harmless cosmetic defect. Second, if the disease

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Extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Most tuberculosis affects the lungs, but sometimes affects other organs and tissues: bone, skin, genitourinary tract, intestines, eye, meninges, etc. A doctor may suspect extrapulmonary tuberculosis during long is not curable diseases of various organs. For a correct diagnosis of the patient should be referred for consultation of TB specialist and carry out a series of tests that will help identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in a timely and proper treatment, in most cases, you can get rid of. Such treatment should be prolonged, continuous, include several drugs and be sure to take place under the supervision

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Attention manifested in any conscious human activity to a greater or lesser extent. Warning — this concentration of consciousness and its orientation but anything of value to humans. Attention improves the result of other mental processes — such as remembering, thinking, imagination, but does not exist by itself.

To focus properties include its stability, the concentration distribution, and the volume change.

Concentration means that how often a person is able to focus and get away from all that is not in the focus of attention. Deep focus is useful when working on a task, as well as

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Attention to the chest

Breast disease — is a benign breast disease that is characterized by impaired relationships in the breast tissue and is accompanied by characteristic symptoms.

Why and how to develop breast?

Mastitis occurs in women aged 17 to 50 years, with the diagnosis is usually between the ages of 30-40 years. The causes of the disease are varied, but they all lead to a violation of hormonal levels in the tissues of the breast, which also entails the proper development of mastitis.

The causes of interstitial hormonal imbalance can be:

• Abnormalities in the

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