Intrapersonal conflict

Intrapersonal conflict — a condition in which a person has a contradictory and conflicting motives, values, and the purposes for which it currently can not handle, can not work out the priorities of behavior.

Study intrapersonal conflict began in the late XIX century and was associated primarily with the name of the founder of psychoanalysis — Sigmund Freud. He showed that human existence is due to the constant stress and overcoming the contradictions between biological instincts and desires (especially sexual), and socio-cultural norms between the unconscious and consciousness. In this contradiction and constant confrontation, according to Freud, the

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The intrauterine device (IUD) — a small bendable device introduced into the uterine cavity for a long time for the prevention of pregnancy. Most often, the Navy called intrauterine devices, but modern Navy has T-shaped shape.

Since the beginning of the XX century was invented many varieties of the Navy, but at present time apply only two types:

progestin (Gestagensoderzhaschie, gormonosoderzhaschie); Copper-bearing.

They are made of plastic and secure comprise either a thin copper wire, or a container which is released slowly from the small amount of progestin.

How does? Navy prevents the implantation of the egg

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Intraoral devices for the treatment of snoring

Intraoral devices to prevent snoring increase the tone of pharyngeal muscles, which prevents them from vibration and the appearance of snoring.

There are several types of intra-oral devices to prevent snoring.

Some intraoral devices (eg, "Extra-ent") by referring vaguely resemble a normal baby pacifier and consist of a cup-shaped petals, regarding language, and fixing rims designed to protect against loss or swallowing mouth. The therapeutic effect of the device is a reflex stimulation of the muscles of the tongue and throat, which increases the tone of the sky, preventing vibration and eliminates snoring. Devicehas the greatest effect

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In that play child

What child would not play, he does not cry … And after all of that, in what children are playing, it depends on what they grow in the future. Stuffed animals

We would have been British, talking about soft toys would rotate around a teddy bear. Because in England bear — the same attribute childhood, like nipple or stroller. No substitute for a teddy bunny or a dog can not be — English tradition! Well, we have no such uniformity is not, so we will focus on soft toys at all.

These toys are needed, and the children

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In that you can play the whole family

In the course of a small survey to the question "What unites your family?" The majority of respondents answered: "Boardroom". Of course, festive Sunday lunch — it's just great. And the common supper, when the whole family is going to last at full strength — is also fine. But if it is limited to only eating together, is it any wonder that it is great food is for everyone in the family a major source of pleasure? Consciousness establishes the association: food = comfort and unity of the family. Can you think of something else?

Of course! We

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Water Treatments

"Mother, the color of your face causes me anxiety! Is it time to go to the water, to improve health? "- Respectable gentleman with pince-nez stares at his magnificent wife. A typical scene of the XIX century, when water and mud treatments were all the rage in high society.

What's going on?

What is the therapeutic effect of water? The fact is that the body in the water environment brings entirely different temperature fluctuations. First, large thermal conductivity of the water. Secondly, sweat gland our skin in an aqueous medium does not evaporate moisture, whereby all parts of

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Hydrocele (hydrocele)

Hydrops eggs, or hydrocele, (From the Greek. Hydor — water, liquid and kele — swelling, tumor) — is disease, in which there is excessive formation and fluid retention in the shells of eggs. The volume of liquid that accumulates in the corresponding half scrotum may vary from a few milliliters to 1-3 liters (in extreme cases). This disease are often observed in both children and adults.

Why did this happen and what is happening?

Hydrops Eggs can be congenital or acquired.

Before the beginning of the XX century, the most common cause of acquired hydrocele had gonorrhea.

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Age at anything!

"I remember the astonishment with which I discovered first gray hair. Then we laughed with friends when they told me to read in the points. But now, when I lift a heavy bag, I sneeze or cough, I'm not laughing! I think I'm really on the threshold of old age … "

Such thoughts — the first thing that comes to mind when a woman is faced with a delicate, but, alas, often the situation. However, this phenomenon has little to do with old age — the control of urination can be broken at any age. Studies have shown

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Age depression in old age

For the period of late adulthood (from 60 years) is characterized by specific changes in the emotional sphere Rights: uncontrolled affective reactions, susceptibility to causeless sadness, tearfulness. Older people may see a tendency for eccentricity, reduced sensitivity, self-absorbed and reduced ability to cope with difficult situations.

Reducing emotional robs new experience brightness, hence the attachment of older people to their past. One of the most common experiences is senile concern. It's kind of a defense mechanism that allows you to avoid strong emotional outbursts in a truly critical situation. Other protective Mechanism — emotional detachment, outwardly manifested as

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Psychology studies human development at various age levels. But in spite of the periodization of human development, there are no hard boundaries start and end of each stage. All the processes of development or involution are unevenly everyone at one time.

When passing from one age-related stage to the other, man must pass through age-related crisis. During this period, destroyed the old system of human relations with the outside world and form a new, accompanied by significant psychological difficulties for the individual and for those around him.

The essence of the crisis — the choice, which man

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