The age of testosterone deficiency in men

Age-related androgenic deficit— Is the lack of androgens (male sex hormone) in the male body that is associated with its natural aging. It is usually develops after age 50, but the first manifestations may occur much earlier — in40-45 years. It is accompanied by symptoms of androgen deficiency, affecting all organs and systems. At the heart androgenic Deficit reduction is the main production of male sex hormone testosterone.


Before talking about the causes of age-related androgen deficiency, it is necessary to say about where and how the formation of testosterone.

Testosterone — is main male hormone, the

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Age-related development challenges in children

Each child's age correspond to their development objectives. Their implementation is a prerequisite for the normal development of the child. Here are the basic skills that a child must master a certain period.

Infancy (birth year)

Develop basic motor skills and the rudiments of speech, there is an understanding that people and objects exist, even if they are not visible, there is a sense of attachment to one or more people.

Early childhood (1-3 years)

There is a further development of speech and motor skills, and improving it occurs, through play is the study of peace and

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Age crises

Usually the word "age crisis" we associate with difficult adult life. But it turns out he is also in children. And most importantly, you need to understand yourself — after all, a period of peak peaceful and stable development. Until next time. And who promised it would be easy? But not so terrible crisis, as he is painted, if you are clear about why and what happens to your child.

Traditionally, decided to allocate crisis one year, three and seven. As for the famous crisis of adolescence, the age for it is difficult to determine — every child develops

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The war’s waist: how to win without losses

So you want to become the owner of a slim waist and shapely hips! However, since the war on excess weight, it is necessary to remember that there never been more important to choose the right strategy and tactics. Otherwise, the price of victory would be too high.

How to lose weight without risk to health? What weight is considered ideal? These and other questions are answered Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, MD, Ph.D. and author Golden Needle ® methodologies Dr. Fly ®.

— Mariyat how serious is the problem of obesity in Russia?

Statistics disappointing: in Russia

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Wax and pollen

Wax is produced by special glands of bees. It is composed of esters, free acids and hydrocarbons, as well as a large number of minerals. Currently wax widely used in medicine and in the pharmaceutical industry as a basis for ointments and creams, as well as nutrients, scraping, binders creams and face masks. The use of preparations containing wax, allows you to return your skin soft and velvety.

Equally widely used in medical practice has pollen. In pollen contains various minerals (iron, aluminum, calcium, copper, sodium, phosphorus, chromium, manganese and others), amino acids (arginine, methionine, lysine, valine, isoleucine,

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Inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis, salpingo)

What is it?

Inflammation appendages also called adnexitis or salpingo-oophoritis, is the result of an infection of the epididymis ovaries.

Why did this happen?

Factor that provokes inflammation Ovary often appendages subcooling, such as prolonged sitting or lying on a cold surface. In addition, wet feet in cold weather can also cause adneksita.

Cause inflammation may be as "normal" agents, and sexually transmitted diseases. Most often it is a chlamydia and gonorrhea. If these bacteria as a result of infection fall into the female reproductive tract, they are not suitable acidic environment of the vagina and they

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Inflammation of the testicles and their appendages (orchiepididymitis)

Orchitis — is inflammation testis (testicles). Developing along the way inflammation epididymis is called epididymitis. Since these diseases usually appear together,inflammation testicles and their appendages called orchiepididymitis.


Orchitis may develop as a result of past infectious diseases — mumps (mumps), influenza, scarlet fever, chicken pox, pneumonia, brucellosis, typhoid fever. However, most often the cause are inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system such as urethritis, prostatitis, etc.

Disease develops as a result of importations intesticle with blood. Cause of epididymitis is the spread of infection by deferent ways of seminal vesicles, prostate and urethra. The cause of orchitis and

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Inflammatory diseases

Failure to observe personal hygiene, hypothermia, decreased immunity, chaotic change of sexual partners, frequent abortions — all this leads to the fact that inflammatory diseases and their consequences are 60-70 % Of the total number of gynecological diseases. And it's not just an inflammation of the appendages, but bartholinitis, vaginitis, endometritis, cystitis.

If you are concerned about discomfort during intercourse, abdominal pain, irregular and painful periods, pain during urination, fever, pain in the perineum — a sure sign that it's time you visit the female doctor — a gynecologist.

As to any doctor, preferably a gynecologist apply when disease

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Inflammatory diseases of the eye

The human eye — Is a complex optical system. It consists of a transparent medium (corneal intraocular fluid to the front and rear cameras, lens and vitreous body) and surrounding membranes, virtually any of these components may start inflammation. If Ophthalmologist after survey put you a diagnosis that ends with "itis" means the cause of your pain — inflammation in one of the departments of the eyeball or the adjacent tissues.

The most common inflammatory diseases of the eye:

conjunctivitis — The general name for a group of inflammatory conditions of the conjunctiva. Conjunctiva — a thin transparent tissue

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Inflammatory disease.

Inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system can affect its various departments:

testes and epididymis — epididymitis and orchitis; prostate gland — prostatitis; urethra — urethritis; the head of the penis and the foreskin — balanopostit.

Inflammation, arose in one of the departments of the reproductive system, can move to its other departments and related bodies (eg, the kidneys).

Because of inflammation can be infectious and non-infectious. Infectious inflammatory diseases may be specific (e.g., gonorrheal urethritis) and nonspecific. Noninfections inflammation may develop as a result of injuries, allergic reactions, disorders of prenatal development of the reproductive system.

Often in

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