Remember, there's an old joke: "Son, do as I say, not as I do."

Child-rearing written thousands of books and journal articles — for teachers, parents and all those who in one way or another connected with the kids. There are plenty of pedagogical theories to explain why precious child does not listen to parents, cuts off the cat whiskers, and then repaint bang on the head in the green. And, apparently, modern parents, theoretically savvy and educated, should not fall into a stupor, finding themselves in a difficult situation with their children. After all, everything can be explained

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Educating girls

What do you think about when you are born feeling of motherhood? When your kid call you mom or gave you your first smile? Or when you put red on the belly, screaming newborn creature, which is more expensive for you there is nothing in the world? Or maybe when you first felt within himself a barely perceptible motion, and someone still unknown, in the depths of your body stretched and straightened his tiny legs?

In fact, the feeling of motherhood is born much earlier. The famous British psychologist D. Winnicott came to the conclusion that this sense of

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Restoration of teeth this week: myth or reality?

Dental Implants — an operation that frightens many patients, despite the fact that every year it is becoming more and more popular, and doctors are recruited professional experience. And if classical implantation is still not clear to customers, what can we say about the methods of rapid implantation, which allow you to restore from one tooth to the entire dentition in just a couple of days. Is this possible and are there any pitfalls, which do not tell the doctors?

First we need to understand what is happening with the tissues of the jaw after we lose

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Pernicious habits

In the world there are a lot of useless classes that are too easy to turn into bad habits. If we imagine that life — a journey that habit — it's insidious intrusive fellow travelers, that and strive to get hooked on every station. Indeed, the "fellow travelers" are both good and baby and getting used to that, and for others, not sharing them. But good necessary learn, and poorly assimilated without difficulty, and get into the trap very easily.

Bad habits, so annoying parents — weight. While baby quite small (from birth up to six years), he can

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While a beautiful smile

In anticipation of the summer we experience emotional lift — and wants to smile more often. The main criterion for an attractive smile is known to everyone — it's white teeth. Make them as specialists, dentists can help by offering, for example, to use modern methods of professional whitening teeth, in particular — conducting a desk hardware bleaching.

Methods ZOOM AP (ZOOM-3) allows for 1.5 hours to achieve excellent aesthetic results and permanently save the resulting effect. Opportunities ZOOM AP allows for one visit to whiten your teeth at 12-16 shades! A significant advantage of this technique is a

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Time can be fooled

About ten years ago to make the simple plastic surgery, had a "day of fire" to seek specialist, recorded in a queue and wait years for admission. But now, when the improvement of physical appearance has become more accessible, both physically and financially, experienced doctors still worth their weight in gold.

Today we talk toAlexander Andreyevich Markelov, Scandinavian aesthetic surgeon medical center.

His first plastic surgery Alexander Andreyevich did in 1980, being the 'ordinary', not plastic, surgeon. Then, 26 years ago, he operated an injured colleague. Since 1997, Dr. Markelov devoted himself entirely to aesthetic surgery.

— Alexander

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Congenital malformations of the fetus

Congenital malformations of the fetus (CDF) — one of the most dangerous complications of pregnancy, which took the first place among the causes of childhood disability and mortality. The birth of a child with birth defects always stuns family, this topic — one of the most difficult.

Statistics scares, amid declining infant mortality increase in the number of congenital malformations observed in most countries of the world. If in Europe the frequency of the CDF is 3-4 cases per 1000 births, while in Russia it reaches 5.6 per 1,000.

By birth defects are malformations of the

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Ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenail, or onihokriptoz — is rooting the nail plate to the side edge of the nail fold. This is a very common disease. Thus ungual roller becomes red and swollen, becomes inflamed, causing severe pain. When walking, the pain increases — even said that sometimes pain with ingrown nails can be compared with the tooth.

The most common cause is improper onihokriptoza nail cutting. Ideally, toenails should be almost square in shape with slightly rounded top edges. In any other case we provoke abnormal nail growth, and hence its inevitable rooting.

A major risk factor may serve

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All diseases of the spine?

At all times, doctors and scientists have tried to find a "universal formula for health." Specialists Medical Engineering Research Center A.G.Gritsenko believe that they approached the unraveling. According to them, the health of the entire body is impossible without perfect form the spine, forming a normal spinal canal. But fixing any problems with the spine, it is realistic to restore the disturbed functions of internal organs.

In the modern metropolis it is almost impossible to find a man with a perfectly straight spine. This is not surprising.

Some people spine twisted from birth. Posture other breaks in the school,

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All eyes on hands

The hands are almost always "on the front." They "assume", at times, unbearable burden, routinely perform a lot of different things. Our hands are in need of special care and attention.

Hands deserve complete care, care and nutrition. And it is well understood by the attentive and professional beauticians ON CLINIC, knowing what needs our hands to preserve their youth, grooming, health and beauty for years to come.

Injection drug-filler

Rejuvenation of the hands due to injection drug-filler — this is a painless and highly effective cosmetic procedure.

At certain points on the hands is

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