All of bedsores

Bedsores this degenerative or ulcerative — necrotic tissue changes caused to the underlying, debilitated patients, in areas of the body exposed to long-term systematic pressure.

It should be remembered that the pressure sores often occur even in patients unabated. For example, they can form a plaster cast, with compression of the tissue graft, corset, fragments of external fixation device (Ilizarov). In each case, the "innocent" local compression may go into necrotic changes, followed by vigorous suppuration. For the formation of bedsores is sometimes enough 2-6 hours a stationary position the patient in bed.

On examination, an

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All you need to know about nannies

How much to pay babysitter?

Before you start looking for child care, decide to: salary, to which you can invite her. Salary depends on the load, responsibilities and qualifications.

Currently, the average cost of babysitting-tutor in Moscow ranges from 1.5 to 5 dollars an hour. The average cost of the services of qualified nurse-educator with the formation of the profile and experience and family from Moscow or the Moscow vicinity — not less $ 2.5 per hour.

The lower the load, the more expensive the service cost. If you take a nanny full-time, it makes sense to install

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World history of syphilis

Syphilis — a disease studied far and wide. But until now scientists around the world can not come to a consensus, where did this disease and how to capture the entire planet. Haiti and Africa, America and India … For the right to be the birthplace of syphilis can not argue fewer seats than the right to be called a city, the birthplace of Homer.

Who is to blame?

In March 1494 the mighty Charles VIII, collecting huge by the standards of the time, the army, the government has declared war on Naples and moved his troops

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World Day of asthmatic

While medical science does not stand still, disease does not become smaller. On the contrary, more and more days in the year, the World Health Organization and the United Nations is withdrawn to fight in some terrible disease. Previously, the most dangerous for human illnesses were infections — from anthrax and plague to ordinary pneumonia. Then there were antibiotics and vaccines, increased life expectancy and average income, and replaced the old diseases have come new.

Among them are infection: day AIDS is celebrated on December 1 and March 24 whole the world is fighting against tuberculosis. No less threatening

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The truth about braces

A beautiful smile is not only beautiful, but also very important, because it gives life to the whole confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Give your child a smile from his childhood and he will be very grateful to you when mature. Unfortunately, most people think about it closer to 30 years, and in fact correct bite and, as a consequence, a smile, a lot easier, while the teeth are still growing.


What is the bite?

In dentistry, teeth bite called the closing of the upper and lower jaw. Accordingly, correct bite — when the teeth are closed

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The whole truth about the ANAFERON

The manufacturer "Anaferon" — the company "Materia Medica Holding" talks about his preparation.

"Anaferon" has an antiviral effect

Yes, it is true that "Anaferon" has antiviral activity. Under the influence of "Anaferon" in response to the invasion of viruses increased production of two substances that inhibit the development of virus in the tissues (interferon-alpha and interferon-gamma). Due to this "Anaferon" has a broad spectrum of antiviral activity, which has been confirmed experimentally and clinically. The instructions to the listed drug list types of viruses against which "Anaferon" effective. These include viruses, including virus avian influenza, as well as almost

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The whole truth about teeth whitening

Television advertising strongly suggests that the snow-white smile — this is exactly what a person need. Only with the holder of such teeth will pay attention to the opposite sex, and even stern-looking thugs happily reveal all the secrets known to them — it is necessary to shine perfectly white teeth. Rollers tell about the means to achieve their goals — offering the whitening toothpaste, the chewing gum, the compact and modern self-whitening kits. It would seem — can rejoice, because now you can not go to the "most terrible doctor" of all time — the dentist.


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The second wave

Currently statistics clearly shows that the first wave of a pandemic influenza H1N1 (in some countries, there were already two) passed its peak and is now the incidence has declined. The same can generally be said of the "seasonal" strains of influenza and other viral respiratory infections.

Cases of swine flu registered in 209 countries, 14,142 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease led to the death (the real number of deaths is much higher). However, forecasts the spread of the virus in 2009, made on the basis of information about previous pandemics have been exaggerated: the actual mortality and morbidity

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Head lice (pediculosis)

Head lice — tiny blood-sucking insects that are easily passed from person to person. Despite the fact that in nature there are up to 150 species of lice, they are strictly specific parasites and parasitic only in certain animal species. Man can become infected with head lice only from other people, but not from a sick cat or guinea pig.

There are three types of lice that cause pediculosis a person — head, pubic and body lice.

Head lice — are insects grayish white color, size 2-4 mm. Typically, they are found on the scalp, but can affect

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Choosing glasses

Glasses — An optical instrument for vision correction. It consists of spectacle lenses and frames. It would seem simple, but in fact, pick up a good score quite a challenge. What you need to know when buying glasses?

Before you order glasses, you should have your eyes tested at a doctor — ophthalmologist and get your hands on one, two or three recipes depending on the disease, type of activity (driver, computer operator, dentist, accountant, etc.) or the purpose of wearing glasses . At one and the same person, depending on the above parameters may be different center-distance and

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