Choosing tools for baby skin

The child appeared seborrheic crusts on the head, what to do? Which means it is better to use to moisturize and protect your baby's skin during a massage? Is there a face cream which moisturize the skin of my baby and will not cause allergies? How to wash the baby on the street? What if the baby goes to sleep badly?

If at least one question for you is relevant, then this article is for you.

1. On the skin of the baby's head appeared seborrheic crusts

They do not allow the skin to breathe

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Selecting a contraceptive based on the age

The choice of method of contraception — a task that is best dealt with by your doctor. The main criteria are: — the effectiveness of birth control (how high is the risk of getting pregnant, despite the actions taken), and the convenience of the method. You should also think about the side effects of the chosen method and the failure of the method, in case the woman wants to become pregnant. In general, contraceptive choice depends on the age female.

16-19 years

The most appropriate for this age is recognized hormonal contraception.

However, its use is justified

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Choosing child care

Who stay at home with the baby, everyone decides for himself. Of course, when the baby is very tiny, it is better to be with his mother. And though he only sleeps and eats, he still needed a mother's love, affection and attention.

Nanny or grandmother?

Closer to the year, the children are usually quite easy to survive separation from the mother. Andif mom at home bored or just need to go to work, she begins to wonder — hire a nanny or restrict a grandmother?

Grandma is a definite plus is that it is the native

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Call an ambulance, 03

Competent emergency call can greatly reduce the time of arrival and the team save the life of the victim.

At the Center "ER" are computers with a special program. While the girl at the end of the phone did not fill in all the windows of the program, information on the substation does not go!

So call "ambulance"

Manager will have the "Hello 305 —Single listening than we can help you with? "It makes sense to remember the number. You can ask again. Primarily interested in the manager (in this order):

Paul. Male, female, other (or

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You can cure your teeth during sleep

Referring to the dentist, we want clear and simple things:

so it was not painful; to be treated humanly and not in a bad tooth Tyrkayte all sorts of sharp pieces of iron without anesthesia; so as not rained medical terms, and clearly explained what happened with the teeth disease, how to treat it and how much it will cost; so clean all around, doctors and professionals and the best equipment; to do what was done qualitatively; And in general: That would sleep … wake up — you're done!

The clinic "Dental" 22 Century "meets all these requirements. It

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Hair loss can be stopped

Hair loss can be a symptom of many diseases, both local and systemic. To understand the situation and solve the problem, you need a doctor who treats hair — triholog. For consultation trihologa better to come with clean hair, washing your head the night before or the morning of the visit. Before the visit to the doctor is not necessary to change the usual hair care products, or to experiment with therapeutic drugs.

In many ways, the doctor will sort out in the course of conversation. Then trichologist will diagnose the state of the scalp and hair

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Hair loss in men

Gone are the days when it was believed that a man should be a little nicer apes. In today's world ball is ruled metrosexuals. Now the company believes that all men should be fine: the face, the clothes, the soul, and … hair. What can prevent a man be perfect?

The most typical male problem with hair: thinning hair, starting from the temples and crown of the head, gradually "spread out" on his head. This is called a "normal male pattern baldness" or androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

Begin treatment at the beginning of hair loss!

It is important to

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What is it?

The disease is anprolapse wall rectum through the anal ring.

Why did this happen?

Possible causes of rectal prolapse:

constipation, constant straining; muscle injury anus with heavy labor, extensive perineal tears; age-related changes of muscles and ligaments of the anus; operations on the pelvic organs (gynecology, etc.) and the rectum. What's going on?

The disease begins with persistent constipation (often from childhood) and other difficulties during defecation, fecal discharge underwear, pulling pain in the pelvis.

Patients complain of urinary gas and liquid stool and the appearance of protrusion from the anus during bowel movements at

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High temperatures in the child

High temperatures in the child often catches parents off guard. When a child becomes a weak and hot, climbs to his mother on her knees and pressed against his chest, all the methods of first aid weathered out of your head. Mom begins to mindlessly rush to the apartment to call "knowing people" and frantically rummaging through medical reference for children's health.

Therefore, it is always better to have on hand Memo first aid child with fever.

If the temperature does not exceed 38°C andbaby Normally it takes, then give antipyretics is not necessary. The fact is that

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Detection of Down Syndrome

Having a child with Down syndrome — is, of course, a big psychological burden for the parents. Of course, the accidents are not insured by anyone, but to prevent such a situation is quite real. Especially given the current level of development of diagnostic medicine.


For a long time the only method of diagnosis of a genetic disease before birth was the study of amniotic fluid taken by amniocentesis — methodology to take amniotic fluid using a thin needle through a microscopic incision in the abdomen expectant mother. However, a number of features, this method can not

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