16 Weeks Pregnant


The second trimester is often called the most enjoyable time of pregnancy toxemia retreated and finally one can easy to eat. Tummy is already visible to the naked eye … And the most important and long-awaited event — approximately 16 weeks already one can feel fetal movements (especially if it is not the first pregnancy).

During this period, you may be asked to be tested for the so-called "triple test" intended to explore the "genetic health" of the child.


Fruit length (from the head to the pelvic end) — 16 cm appears response

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17 Weeks Pregnant


So now you can enjoy not only the look of your round tummy, but also the first movements of the little man — he starts to move! Chest continues to grow and can begin to produce colostrum — a yellowish substance that baby is fed in the first days after birth. The most time take care of her and start to prepare for the upcoming events: after a shower rub chest with a towel, put in a bra rough in texture fabric. During this period can also add 4 kg. Of the unpleasant — you may have

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18 Weeks Pregnant


Soon you will learn to recognize when your baby sleep, and when awake, will feel like he has hiccups, and know when hungry (in this case, may be followed by an unequivocal kick to the side). By shock and fetal kicks you can understand that all is well with him, or something goes wrong.

When half of pregnancy (4.5 months) was left behind, it's time to think about preparing for childbirth. Best of all — start attending special courses or school motherhood, where you will be shown a movie and explain how to proceed labor, will

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19 Weeks Pregnant


With the advent of the stomach begins to change your posture, which may affect back pain and worsening of sleep. Try not to strain your back, wear shoes with a low, stable heel, get a special bandage. In the second trimester may occur anemia (low hemoglobin levels in the blood), nasal congestion, and even nosebleeds (due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood), leucorrhea (separation of cables of the vagina). But do not be frightened in advance and look at the sores, tune in a positive way and easy pregnancy.



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2 Weeks Pregnant


The end of the second and beginning of the third week — the most suitable period for meeting the egg with the sperm. Some women may even feel ovulation (sometimes — in the form of a small cutting pain in the abdomen, is also changing the nature of vaginal discharge — they are heavy, thick, stringy, translucent, resembling egg whites). In addition, you can learn about ovulation by measuring the rectal temperature (ie the temperature in the rectum).


Egg is a sphere, its diameter 120-150 mm. She is able to conceive within two days.

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20 Weeks Pregnant


Now you are exactly half way — congratulations!

During this period, the skin may appear dark spots. Do not worry, they will be held after the birth. It is also possible that you can be a problem profuse discharge from the vagina. To prevent infection, avoid irritants, and tight clothing. Uterus rises above shifting up the abdominal cavity and, consequently, little oppressing lungs. You may notice that your breathing has become more difficult.


This week, the sebaceous glands begin to produce fruit waxy secretion called "vernix." Its mission — to protect baby's delicate skin.

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21 Weeks Pregnant


Between the 5th and 6th month of pregnancy you will quickly and easily gain weight (normal — 300 g per week). Typically, this period is already possible to determine the sex of your baby by ultrasound. However, the sexual organs are not always visible: unlike adults, can not force the baby to turn the "right side" to the US-installed. Therefore, some parents may not know the sex of their offspring up to the birth.


Baby may already be angry. This picture shows a child at this age. It shows his angry look, muscle tension

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22 Weeks Pregnant


Before the decree is still far and you'll inevitably have to move around the city. Meanwhile, at this period, you may feel dizziness and even fainting, especially in a stuffy and crowded public transport.

Vertigo can be caused by different reasons:

sharp decrease in blood pressure (hypotension) increasing pressure on the uterus the inferior vena cava (supine) decrease in the level of sugar in the blood due to the large gaps between meals (so do not forget to eat regularly!) lack of oxygen in the room. Baby

This week, your baby's eyebrows appeared. Baby

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23 Weeks Pregnant


Be sure to show your dentist: now your teeth are particularly weakened. Enamel becomes sensitive, so even in the absence of caries they can respond to the cold-hot and sweet. Ask about the protection of teeth, for example, you can cover them with a protective varnish. Do not worry if you need to treat dental anesthesia, it is safe enough for a child. However, do not forget to inform your dentist about your pregnancy, you may need a lower dose of anesthetic. Of course, now not worth venturing replace bridges or crowns installation — it is better

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24 Weeks Pregnant


By the 6th month you add about 5 kg. During this period, you may be concerned about fatigue, back pain, heaviness in the legs. It's time to take care of ourselves —sign up in the pool, pick up a good set of exercises orsign up a course of yoga for pregnant women.


By the 24th week of pregnancy is actively maturing the baby's lungs. They began to form (still in small quantities), the film, which does not allow them to stick together when breathing — surfactant. The production of this important component of the fast

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