Herpes is usually referred to as small painful blisters on the lips and face, appearing at prostude.No actually variations of it so much more. His reason — highly contagious virus, transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one. Scholars have identified eight types of herpes virus, of which "cold" on the lips can cause two: the herpes virus type 1 (often) and type 2 (rarely). A distinctive feature of all herpes viruses, the ability of finding the hidden within the cells until such time as the decrease in immunity will not allow him to begin to multiply.

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Herpes and Pregnancy

Many women with recurrent genital herpes are wondering how their disease can affect the unborn child. In order for someone's opinion is not illiterate led you to unnecessary abortions, read about what to do if you have herpes, and coincidedpregnancy.

Herpes neonates results from fetal infection with the herpes virus predominantly of the second type. Contributing factors for infection of the child is the primary maternal infection or exacerbation oftime pregnancy.

In fact, the risk of fetal infection is not as great as it is described. In addition, it can not be reliably determined. And in cases

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Herpes: a gift of a lifetime?

All of us sooner or later face this unpleasant diagnosis so to speak "face to face". To this there are objective reasons for this: according to the World Health Organization, up to 90% of people in the world are carriers of the virus Herpes. In fact, the remaining 10% are children under3-4 years, because it was after this age, most babies falls into the public sphere, such as in kindergarten, and also become infected.

Some people deny that they are carriers of the herpes virus or sometime were suffering from the infection. However, if only a small list of

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Herpetic keratitis

Herpetic keratitis— Inflammation of the cornea caused by the herpes virus. According to the frequency and severity of the disease has been ranked among the keratitis.

Activation contributes to the weakening of the pathogen immune defense: SARS, fever, microtrauma of the cornea, hypothermia, emotional stress. Often the disease is preceded by cold sores on the lips. Distinguish primary and postpervichnuyu form of the disease.

Primary herpetic keratitis

In children under five years of age, when there is an initial introduction of the virus into the body.

The disease begins acutely. Appears photophobia, lacrimation. Joins reaction from the

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Preeclampsia (late toxemia of pregnancy)

The word "morning sickness" is not often heard every woman who gave birth to at least one child. Complication of pregnancy, for many years, which bears the name of late toxicosis, since 1996, became known by the term "preeclampsia." This condition is characterized by deep frustration function of vital organs and systems.

Gestoses is a distinction between 'pure' and 'fit'. By "clean" referred gestoses that occur in pregnant women who previously did not suffer from any diseases. But more often observed sochetannye gestoses that develop on the background of the preceding disease. Most adversely flows preeclampsia in pregnant

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Gestalt therapy

Are increasingly found on business cards psychologists word "Gestalt therapy." And, if a therapy is clear, then the mysterious "gestalt" while few know.

Gestalt therapy — the direction of psychotherapy that formed in the middle of the last century. Its founding father is German psychologist Frederick Perls.

In essence, the theory of Gestalt therapy has become a pot of cooked healthy dish of many ingredients: cereals traditional psychoanalysis, a few spoonfuls of Gestalt psychology, psychodrama and a fair portion of chopped body-oriented therapy. All this seasoned pomace has a dozen of psychological concepts and trends.

Gestalt (gestalt) German

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Gingivitis— An inflammation of the gums. The disease is quite common.


The reason Gingivitis can be either local (often) and common pathogenetic factors.

Local factors:

The accumulation of plaque. Occurs when insufficient oral hygiene (brushing teeth irregular, neglect dental thread, etc.); Violation of building vestibule of mouth; Dentofacial anomalies and suprakontakty.

Furthermore, gingivitis may be caused by the herpes virus, vitamin deficiency, etc.

What's going on?

Inflammation of the gum tissue initially appears because of massive microbial concentrations and emissions of enzymes and toxins. While inflammation is limited only by the gum, and the underlying tissues are not

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Gynecological examination

Go to the gynecologist, please contact:

for regular check-ups one or two once a year, to detect and prevent any disease; in disorders of menstruation; vaginal bleeding, as well as unusual discharge; If you have pain in the lower abdomen; when a burning, itching in the genital organs; planning pregnancy.

At the beginning of examination, the doctor determines the patient's particular shape, the amount of hair on the body, which can tell us about the hormonal status of the organism or its breach. Asking general questions about the working conditions, sexual relationships, partner, length of service and the

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A hyperactive child

The main symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are, impulsivity, and increased mobility of the child. According to studies, it is found in 4-9% of preschool children and school children. This means that in a class where the average person learns to 25-27, there is one, or even two hyperactive children.

On the manifestations hyperactivity parents may face from the very first days of life. Children bad, restless sleep, cry a lot, during wakefulness are very mobile, excited, sensitive to all external stimuli — light or noise. It is hyperactive children often "jump" from the wheelchair to the front

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Hyperprolactinemia — a condition which is characterized by elevated prolactin (pituitary hormone) in the blood. Hyperprolactinemia occurs most often in young women aged 25-40 years, much less — men of the same age.


The reasons that the increased production of prolactin varied:

Tumor (Adenoma), the pituitary gland — the most common cause of this condition. Typically these are small tumor sizes (maximum 2-3 mm). The word "tumor" doctors indicate an increase in the size of the pituitary gland, it is not cancer, and benign. Decreased thyroid function (hypothyroidism). Ovarian disease (polycystic ovary syndrome). Taking certain medications:

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