Worms (helminths)

What is it?

Worm infestation (helminths) — diseases that cause human parasitic Worms (Worms, worms) that live inside the body. Currently, there are about 300 parasitic diseases in humans. They are divided into intestinal and extra-intestinal. As the name implies, in the first case, the worms and their larvae live in the intestines and in the second — outside: muscle, lung, liver, etc. The most common intestinal helminthic diseases are considered: enterobiasis and ascariasis.

Enterobiasis cause small parasitic Worms— Pinworms. In length they do not exceed 1 cm One end of the worm is usually tapered, and the

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What is it?

Kidney consists of parenchyma (actually kidney tissue, where it is filtered urine) And pyelocaliceal system that collects urine and forwards into the ureter. In the parenchyma is a lot of capillary glomeruli (glomeruli), by which the "squeezed out" the liquid part of blood. It further by "loop" and is converted into urine.

In glomerulonephritis's own immune system, "confused" prior infection, attacks the cells of the glomeruli, causing their inflammation. This mechanism is characteristic of the disease and for rheumatism and other autoimmune diseases. Thus, glomerulonephritis— Is diffuse glomerular immune inflammation.

Glomerulonephritis can be acute or chronic,

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Look at both

orrektirovat vision with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be several different ways. The easiest way select suitable glasses. This method is suitable for both adults and children, and can be used in almost any visual impairment. By the choice of points you need to approach very seriously: do not buy glasses without proper medical prescription and in the 'wrong' places — markets, railway stations, subway passage. Unsuitable glasses can cause chronic headaches, eye fatigue and other unpleasant consequences.

Another popular method of vision correction — contact lenses. The lenses have many advantages: they are invisible to others,

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Purulent tonsillitis

In any medical textbook you will not find such a term — purulent angina. However, in speaking a phrase often used to describe a condition in which pus on the tonsils visible. It is observed in acute tonsillitis (angina) flowing in the follicular or lacunar form. Such a division is conditional, since one and the same person may at the same time there were signs of the two forms of the disease. Purulent forms of angina occur particularly hard, they are accompanied by high fever, severe pain on swallowing, often radiating into the ear, headaches, severe deterioration of

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Hollywood smile: not only the beauty

Many of us are careless about their teeth. Reddened gums? They are all the same no one is looking. Lost a tooth? What's the difference — one more, one less. Bite wrong? Misaligned teeth? Turned yellow? Tea, not a star show business: And so will do.

Do not need a rich imagination to come up with ten reasons not to go to the dentist: no time, money, effort, desire — but you never know what is not? And the truth is, it needs a Hollywood smile mere mortal? Let's listen to professionals common life situations doctor says Dentist

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Headache — one of the most common complaints received by a physician or neurologist. At the same time, the headache is not something very serious: the episodic pain most prefer to take a pill painkiller and consider the problem solved. To the doctor, we prefer to address only for very severe's relentless pain, or quickening of attacks.

Causes of headache great variety: changes in blood pressure, inflammation, trauma, and brain tumors, neuralgia, autonomic dysfunction, solar and thermal shocks, intoxication, and more. In some diseases, such as migraine, severe headache is the main manifestation of the disease.

In its variety

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Headache in children

Many people think that the headache — an attribute of solid age. Recently, however, more and more of her children suffer, especially in adolescence. To understand why the baby a headache, is not easy. In search of the truth of the doctor refers the patient to a neurophysiological center for removal of the electroencephalogram, an ultrasound of the brain, on the x-rays of the cervical spine and to consult specialists.

One of the reasons — a violation of labor, birth trauma, lack of oxygen to the fetus. This could occur by cervical dislocation. The displaced vertebra slightly pinched by

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Headache? Do not work too hard!

Hardly in the world there is at least one person who would never in my life had a headache. Sometimes the pain is frequent and prolonged, but generally people are faced with the fact that my head hurts "from overwork", on a case by case basis. And then the doctors diagnosed as "tension headache."

What kind of stress that is in question? And why do some people head hurts more than the other? Try to understand.

Tension headache, according to experts, is the most common form of Headache. According to statistics, it accounts for over

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What is it?

The most common of vertigo is spoken of as "the illusion of movement", ie dizziness — this is a wrong perception of body position and movement. Surely each person in his life faced with dizziness. Perhaps you have experienced it as a child after a few extra laps on the rides, or on an airplane, or when excessively spent in the company of friends holidays. Dizziness may occur at any age. If you feel dizzy for no apparent reason and not for the first time, you should try to find the cause of this disorder.


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Starving with celebrities

"Only one calorie" comprise only pills for fresh breath. In any other food more calories. In food on the holiday table calories a thousand times more than one. The number of starts to move quickly to quality, and the "quality" — do not fit into the usual jeans.

Tips nutritionists are rarely pleasant and comforting. First, to not run a custom shape, it is necessary for life to alternate periods of rigorous diet and proper nutrition. Secondly, there can be anything you like, but little by little, and preferably with blue plates: the color reduces the feeling of hunger.

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