Lips by request

First of all, pay attention to the surrounding face and then later on the rest. Beautiful lips are sure to attract attention.

But not all of nature endowed with beautiful, plump lips and expressive. Many women are unhappy with the shape and condition of your lips. Young girls dream about half full, beautifully curved lips. Older women worried about wrinkles, paleness and decreased tone. Buy beautiful lips at almost any age possible.

A welcome volume and bending

The best remedy for this fillers — hyaluronic acid formulations have been approved by the Ministry of Health. For

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The humanistic approach to psychotherapy

Humanistic psychotherapy practice is based on a certain set of ideas of humanistic psychology. The key to it is the understanding that each man unique, inimitable. The original metaphor of a humanistic approach — a metaphor for grain or acorns. Grain will grow with adequate soil moisture and air. Man will "grow" (develop, implement) in the presence of attention, empathy, acceptance, etc. According to the ideas of humanistic psychology, the highest value — is the life of a specific individual person and his self-actualization — that is, the ability to realize the most of their abilities and aspirations. Therefore,

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Neonatal dacryocystitis

The normal tear fluid is produced constantly. Tear — a very important fluid, it wets the eyeball and prevents it drying out, creating a special film on the surface of the eyeball, contains antibodies and anti-microbial agents. Lacrimal fluid produced by the lacrimal gland, which is located under the upper eyelid to the outer side, and a little extra glands, which are located in the conjunctiva of the eyeball and eyelid. The inside of the eye slit tear accumulates and flows away in the tear ducts. Lachrymal two, one open side of the upper eyelid, the other from the

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If the person moves during the reading of the book out of sight, or has a "plus-" glasses, so he suffers farsightedness.Hyperopia — A violation of vision, in which deteriorates the ability to see close objects (distance 20-30 cm).

In ancient times, it is this defect of vision provided the impetus for the invention of glasses. It all began in the XV century, when there was the printing press. People who previously had no idea that difficulty seeing close up, realize that they are hard to read: the letters blurred. To help long-sighted, and have set up special glasses

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Give a chance to the liver

The prevalence of liver disease is directly related to the peculiarities of modern life. After all, the burden on that body, deactivates toxins, increases every year — the flow of unsafe health agents, cracking down on the body, is constantly growing.

Chronic liver disease today are among the most common causes of death in developed countries, every year they take the lives of 1.4 million people. What is the cause of this situation and whether it can somehow fix it?

Because of the bad environment with toxic substances are saturated air and water, and due to

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Patio kit

With the onset of warmer days of May, the owners of country houses ceases to please the noise of the city, plenty of cars and the presence of a supermarket across the road from the house. The heart asks for the city to fresh air.

Charges to the country usually pass quickly and chaotically. It is important not to forget warm clothes, rubber boots, mosquito repellent, skewers and a children's bicycle. And often forgotten such an important and necessary thing in the country as medicine chest.

Work on the garden / vegetable garden, children skating on a variety

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The last two kilograms

You used to weigh 61 kilogram, and now — 63. In principle, nothing to worry about. But over time, these two kilos begin to put pressure on the psyche. It seems that without the cheekbones become expressive eyes more, and the new dress will encircle a charming figure. Any magazine with glamorous beauties makes otfotoshopennymi suffer cruelly. As luck would have to lose two kilos of these ill-fated well, does not work! And then out of a simple desire to lose weight this idea turns into an obsession.

A short distance from here to the present psychiatric

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Two thousand nine hundred and forty ninth time about the flu, its treatment and prevention

The simple truth is that any disease prevention is better than cure, is known to all. But no one treats it with due seriousness share. Seasonal outbreaks of influenza and other viral respiratory infections — encyclopedic example of carelessness. Thus, according to Epidemiology, in the first half of September, a significant increase in the number of cases ARD. In some regions, the increase ranges from 1 to 88 percent. And this is only the beginning of the "cold" season! The World Health Organization also a constant reminder of the need for prevention of acute respiratory disease. After all,

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  Why is the hymen?

There is no single answer to this question is no. In the animal world virgin membrane there is only the female apes and several species of antelope, and its destination is not too clear. Although the nature creates nothing "just".

There is a point of view that the hymen — is a vestigial organ that has been preserved in the process of evolutionary change. Some researchers believe that it is necessary to keep the vaginal flora.

An interesting hypothesis suggested Ilya Mechnikov: the dawn of human civilization, people engage in sexual intercourse at

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Effects of massage

Massage has a variety of physiological effects on the body. Subjective feelings during and after the massage, the correct choice of massage techniques and methods of their application are expressed in the appearance of a pleasant sensation of heat throughout the body, improving health and enhancing the overall tone. When used incorrectly, massage may arise weakness, feeling of weakness and other adverse general and local reactions. Such phenomena are often observed with an overdose of massage movements even in healthy people, but especially the elderly, who have an increased tissue sensitivity.

The impact of massage on the skin


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