Maternity leave. Maternity benefit

A woman is entitled to maternity leave (maternity leave). Currently, according to the laws RF its duration is 70 days before and 70 days after birth. In complicated birth and multiple pregnancy leave is extended.

After the end of maternity leave, the young mother laid leave to care for a child. This holiday comes to an end when the child reaches the age of three.

In Russia there are a number of special benefits to support women who decide to have a baby:

maternity allowance; lump-sum benefit to women who register with the hospital in the early

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Delicate intimate problems

For any woman feeling of cleanliness and comfort is very important, especially when it comes to the intimate sphere. But it is no secret that the delicate problems happen quite often. Usually talking about them is not accepted, many hesitate to ask for advice from a pharmacist in a pharmacy and even a reception at the gynecologist, although intimate discomfort — a condition familiar to most women.

The discomfort is manifested irritation, itching, burning and dryness of the vagina. These unpleasant symptoms are often able to deliver real suffering. But even tolerable manifestations may be a sign of beginning

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Case — Tobacco

In the advertisements of cigarettes cowboys "Marlboro" jump on the prairie, and the wind ruffled manes of their horses. Interestingly, these are the same horse, which kills the drop of nicotine or other nikotinoustoychivye? According to the latest statistics, the world population of more than 1.1 billion smokers. The average smoker makes about 200 puffs a day. It is about 6000 per month, 72 000year.

Today, even a child knows that smoking — health harm, and the Ministry of Health has consistently warned that smoking is dangerous to our health. Lot of diseases and troubles threaten the unfortunate

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The fact flatfoot

A lot of people live, assuming that they do not have flat feet. This is a dangerous misconception. Sooner or later, it can lead to many serious consequences. Flat feet (or valgus / varus feet) of any severity affects more than two-thirds of people living on Earth. More than half of the children who come to American schools already have some form of flat feet. A similar pattern is observed in Western Europe.

Flatfoot— A smoothing or complete disappearance of the arch structure of the foot, which causes loss of amortization functions. Walking with flat feet can

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Demonstrative child

Demonstrativnost — personality trait associated with an increased need for success and attention to his associates. Baby, with this property, behaves affectedly. His exaggerated emotions are a means to achieve the main goal — to draw attention to themselves attention, get encouragement. If a child with high anxiety main problem — the constant disapproval of adults, for demonstrative child — lack of praise. Thus demonstrative child often manifests negativistic emotions. Negativism extends not only to the rules of the school curriculum, but also to the training requirements of teachers. Not taking training objectives, periodically "dropping out" of the learning

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Money bags … under the eyes

Anyway, we have to reckon with the requirements imposed by employers, glossy magazines and TV series about a nanny Vick. We need to look "glamorous". You can spend hours discussing and condemning the cult of youth and health, imposed on us by the nasty media and the fashion industry, but to sense something: still have to comply with.

— Where is the money?

— In bags. Under the eyes.

This unpretentious joke long ago grown a beard. But, nevertheless, bags under the eyes are still firmly attached to the drinker. In fact, they may be associated not only with

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Densitometry: check yourself for strength

Strong Bones — the basis of the health of the body. That is why it is so important to diagnose thinning bone (Osteoporosis), which leads to deformation and fracture of bone.

Osteoporosis occurs due to a decrease in bone mineral density (primarily the result of a systematic lack of calcium).

The main risk for osteoporosis

The most susceptible to this disease:

• patients with endocrine disorders, and diseases of the kidneys, blood, gastrointestinal tract;

• older people, especially women in menopause. One in three women after 45-50 years of suffering from osteoporosis or

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We depression — dozens of persons: age, postpartum, depression, associated with changes in our lives to which we are unable to influence. Sometimes we tend to refer to the autumn blues or depression called seasonal affective disorder.

For depression is characterized by depressed mood, slowness of thought and speech, motor retardation, loss of interest in life, guilt, sleep disturbances, appetite (sometimes a refusal to eat), frequent thoughts of suicide, and even suicidal ideation. Sometimes depression accompanied by severe anxiety or motor excitation in which a person is torn, crying, tearing his clothes.

The outward signs of depression

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Depression: treatment and self-will?

In this disease a lot of names. In the days of the Holy Inquisition called her obsession with evil spirits in the Renaissance — melancholy, in the XIX century — hypochondria, in the past, XX century — the "acute reaction to stress." Modern doctors diagnose more accurately and it reads: "Depression."

What kind of attack, as it is to recognize and overcome says Yuri V. Shevchuk, a doctor of the highest category of the Scandinavian Medical Center.

-Yuri V., in our difficult time, everyone more or less susceptible to stress, and the inhabitants of the metropolis

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Dermatolipectomy (abdominoplasty)

One of the methods of plastic surgery used for body contouring of obesity is dermatolipectomy. This line of aesthetic operations developed specifically for modeling the figure in obese patients.

With significant local or general obesity alone liposuction to get good results is not enough — after elimination of excess fat will remain stretched skin. An important feature is dermatolipectomy excising the excess not only subcutaneous fat but also the skin above it. During some operations carried correction stretched muscles.

It should be noted that in some cases operate dermatolipectomy surgeons in conjunction with liposuction — this helps to

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