Detoxification — this is one of the techniques in the treatment of drug addiction caused by opiates. Detoxication allows you to save the patient from physical dependence. It is important to note that the psychological dependence, as well as the negative consequences of drug use under the influence of procedure Detoxification do not change.

Simply put,detoxication eliminates the break-up. All other problems remain with the addict.

The essence of detoxification is the introduction of the drug to the patient, completely displaced from his body heroin. Essentially, this preparation (Naloxone or naltrexone) only accelerates the break-up, concluding that usually lasts

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Child Psychology

Prior to the beginning of the XIX century childhood was perceived not as a full-fledged stage of human development, as well as undeveloped, unexpressed adults qualities and traits. As an independent children's area of expertise psychology took shape only a little more than a hundred years ago. Nursery psychology, concerned with the study of mental and intellectual development of the child, cognitive processes, and the formation of different types of activities closely related to pedagogy.

In a child's development are the following age periods.

Baby age: From birth to one year.

Early age from 1 year to

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Children’s Sexual Pathology

Puberty — a period of serious physiological changes related to emotional development and readiness of the organism to reproduce.

Puberty in boys usually occurs two years later than girls. Puberty varies greatly depending on many factors, heredity and environment (climate, diet, lifestyle, etc.) and may be different at different generations. Recently, puberty occurs earlier and more intense explosion of growth. As a result, the modern youth is higher on average of their peers of previous generations.

Normal puberty matches the time between 10 and 16 years old. At this age we should expect rapid growth and adolescent

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Pediatric Dentistry

Most parents remember how eagerly they awaited the appearance of the first tooth in her baby. Meanwhile, with the start teething they are new challenges and responsibilities. Children who teething, restless, tearful and sleep poorly, in addition, they can raise the temperature. The task of parents — as easy as possible the state of the baby.

Once the teeth erupted, it is important to ensure regular and systematic care for them. Start prevention of dental caries as early as possible — because this disease very insidious and spares neither adults nor children. In addition to traditional methods of caries

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Children’s infections

There are a number of infectious diseases, which are called children, because they are ill mainly in children. Moreover, as a rule, it is one times, and strong immunity persists for life.

For childhood infections include: measles, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), scarlet fever, whooping cough and mumps (mumps). The main manifestation of measles, rubella, wind smallpox and scarlet fever is a rash on the skin, the nature and sequence of appearance of which varies depending on the specific disease. The appearance of the rash is almost always preceded by fever, weakness, headache.

For mumps (mumps) is characterized by an

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Child injuries male sexual organs

It's no secret that the little (and big) boys are very curious and are interested in not only the outside world but also to the most "interesting" parts of his body. And then sometimes find themselves at the doctor with complaints of pain in the scrotum, testicles or penis. By genital injury may result and shock, bruises, falls.

What is the cause of these injuries? Most often this fall from a bicycle seat and hit the frame of the crotch area. Often leads to injury and hit the ball or hand in the area of the penis or

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Children’s alcoholism: how it begins and what may end

Today, no one is surprised by the words "children's alcoholism", "drinking baby." Who has not seen a company of young men sitting in the yard, somewhere on the bench with bottles of beer and cigarettes in their hands? This picture has become habitual and does not cause anything other than the desire to quickly pass by. Such companies attract children's attention only janitors, grumbling about the cigarette butts and empty bottles, always leave about shops. And where goes the contents of most of these bottles? nicotine from cigarettes smoked? This issue is of concern for the most part only

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While very little pipsqueak, his world is limited to mom and dad, the living space is placed in the apartment or on the court next to the house. But as time goes on, and that's sooner or later there comes a time when the boundaries of the familiar world expands — the child comes into the nursery, kindergarten or school. Around there is a lot of strangers, completely changed the situation, the mode of the day and even the rhythm of life.

Parents usually try to prepare a kid for the event — learn it yourself eat, dress,

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Vitamin deficiency in children

Vitamin deficiencies — one of the important reasons for the deterioration of the health of children. Particularly relevant is the problem in the spring after a long fall and winter.

Types of vitamin A deficiency

Under vitamin deficiency understand the pathological condition caused by reduced intake of certain vitamins or violation of their functioning in the body. Depending on the depth and severity of vitamin deficiency are three of its forms, vitamin deficiency, vitamin deficiencies and subnormal supply of vitamins.

Under avitaminoses understand the state of almost complete lack of vitamins in the body, accompanied by the appearance

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Deflowering (loss of virginity)

When to lose virginity?

One of the most pressing issues related to the loss of innocence (defloration) — optimum age for this activity. So that is not too early, nor too late. There is no single answer to this question does not exist. Lose virginity better when the girl herself is ready both physically and mentally.

According to world statistics, the average age of onset sexual life expectancy is about 18 years. The lower limit of the beginning sexual life should relate to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which is threatening criminal prosecution for having sex

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