Deforming osteoarthritis

What is it?

Deforming osteoarthritis — a chronic non-inflammatory disease joints (articular cartilage). It is based on premature aging and degeneration of articular cartilage due to diminution of the main component of cartilage substance — proteoglycans.

Of all the diseases of the joints is the most common, according to statistics from osteoarthritis suffers from 10 to 16% of the world population. Most often, the disease affects women aged 45-55 years. And after 60 years of deforming osteoarthritis occurs in almost 100% of people.


The most common cause of osteoarthritis — the discrepancy between the load

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Decibels on the ears

More and more teenagers and young adults suffer from hearing problems. The reason for that — discos and similar noisy entertainment. It is fair to say that accurate statistics on this point. However, according to surveys of medical practice and know that in recent hearing problems began to arise more often in young people. And if we ignore all sorts of sharp injuries sound, the noise pollution, obtained in his spare time, is a major cause of damage zvukochuvstvitelnyh cells of the inner ear. Because of which, in fact, there are problems with hearing.

By some estimates, ten

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Diabetic profile

Diabetic profile — a set of specific blood tests for assessing the functional status of the pancreas and diagnose diabetes.

Why do I need to do a diabetic profile?

Diabetic profile performed to diagnose disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in the presence of risk factors for diabetes, as well as to selection of treatment for patients with diabetes mellitus and to assess its effectiveness.

What are the indications for diabetic Profile?

insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (diagnosis and monitoring of disease); breach of tolerance to carbohydrates ("pre-diabetes").

What do the indicators of diabetic profile?

1. Glucose (blood)

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The diagnosis of infertility — this is not a death sentence

My friend is divorcing her husband. It would seem that, just think, a tragedy! Little did today scattered pairs. Loved — fallen out of love … Of thousands. So the fact of the matter is that they love each other. They were the best couple in our department. Passionate love, tender care for each other, and plans for the future … Then pregnancy in the third year, which ended unnatural, but by mutual decision: so far, we have to finish school, get back on their feet. After the wedding, decided to live "for itself." But when thinking about the

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The diagnosis of the smile

If the eyes — a mirror of the soul, reflecting the character of the man, that smile — an indicator of health. Blackened tooth enamel gives lover of strong tea and black coffee. And if a person dies in agony after a sip of cold mineral water, it is clear that he has sensitive teeth. They are, incidentally, is more susceptible to staining than healthy. So do not start the problem! Not only do you conceptualize people by their smiles. They do the same thing, looking at you.

Standards of beauty

In today's world smile often

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The diagnosis will put Europe’s leading cardiologist

World-renowned scientist, founder and first president of the European Society of kardioradiologov Professor Rainer Rienmyuller regularly happens in our country. He teaches and implements research projects at leading medical centers and research institutes. Since November 2012 the Russians have a unique opportunity to consult a professor in the Nordic health center. On the possibilities of modern technologies in the field of diagnostics, the positive experience of working with colleagues from Russia, as well as the peculiarities of the Russian health care system from the point of view of a foreigner says Mr. Rienmyuller.

You are working in

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Diagnosis: Varicose veins. What to do?

Many of us are familiar swelling, heaviness and pain in the legs, resulting in the evening. By the end of the day you can not fasten to the end of the zipper on the boots, and on his feet there is a trace of gum golf? All these early signs of serious illness — varicose veins. If time does not stop the development of the disease, then there will be serious complications, which, alas, will affect not only the beauty but also the health of your feet.

Varicose veins are widespread. This is one of the "epidemic" sweeping our

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Diagnostics: Goals

The objectives of the survey for suspected coronary disease:

— identify additional risk factors: high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease

— assess the condition of the heart muscle,

— evaluate the state of the coronary arteries

— choose the tactics of treatment,

— predict the need for heart surgery.

Consultation with specialists

Each patient with coronary heart disease or suspected it must be consulted cardiologist, and if necessary in the future to be observed at him. If you find the indications for surgery, heart surgeon should

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Diagnosis of angina

The diagnosis of acute tonsillitis put physician clinically, that is, symptoms and signs. Main purpose of the survey — to identify the presence or absence of hemolytic streptococcus, because it affects whether doctor to prescribe antibiotics. Methods for detection of streptococcal infection:

Bacteriological seeding — A person is taken from a throat swab, and then it is sent to a lab, where is seeding on nutrient media. From this Smear grow colonies of bacteria, further laboratory determine their type and sensitivity to antibiotics. Seeding is a standard method of research, it allows you to accurately show what

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Diagnosis of HIV infection

HIV infection is confirmed by two different tests — the screening test and a confirmatory test. Due to the high sensitivity of the screening tests may produce false-positive results. Therefore, typically at a positive result of the primary delivery the same sample is taken and blood screening test duplicated second time, and again when it is positive only if the test is carried out confirmation of another type. Confirmatory tests are carried out only for blood samples that are repeatedly positive results (are "reactive").

The most common screening test — enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Typically, it is used as

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