Diagnosis of herpes

Herpetic infection (HSV I, II) proved the most reliable enzyme immunoassay (ELISA), which specifies no virus in the blood and circulate protective antibodies Ig G and Ig M. Immediately after infection appear Ig M, and after the primary infection and subsequent relapse blood obnaruzhivayutsyaIg G. Virus simplex virus after the initial infection has lived in the nerve cells in the blood and may appear before obostreniem.Reaktsii IFA are of two kinds:

Qualitative — determine whether or not the blood antibodies Ig G or Ig M to the herpes virus; Quantitative — titers (number) of immunoglobulins in the blood.


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Diagnosis in seconds: Myth or Reality?

Do you think such technologies on the verge of fantasy? No, it's true! Accurate diagnosis can now be a matter of seconds …

Get medical help such a level previously could only in Europe, but today it is possible, and without leaving the country.

ON CLINIC— A versatile world-class medical center, the most advanced diagnostic methods implemented by a unique medical equipment.

In particular, the apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), created under special order by SIEMENS.

Innovative technologieshelp to ensure:

perfect precision and the highest information content

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Diagnosis and treatment


ECG can detect changes in the heart only during the attack and therefore applicable only for the diagnosis as a routine method. It is impossible to identify angina and heart ultrasound or blood tests. The most reliable method, the gold standard is coronary angiography. This method allows you to use the introduction of a radiopaque substance in the arteries of the heart to reveal their blockage. Coronary angiography is performed only on strict conditions, or when the diagnosis is uncertain, or the person is prepared for heart surgery. Another very significant and the most frequently used method

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Diagnosis and treatment of BPH


Methods of diagnosis of BPH:

examined by a urologist: examination and digital rectal examination of the prostate gland; Ultrasound of the prostate, including transrectal — transrectal (rectum) ultrasound prostate; urodynamic studies (uroflowmetry, videourodinamika) — methods for measuring the flow of urine, allowing to determine the nature and extent of violations of urination; determine the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA, PSA) in the blood — is used for the diagnosis of early stage prostate cancer. PSA is produced by prostate cells, with an increase in its level may need to consult a urologist-oncologist and biopsy of the prostate.

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Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias

Arrhythmiacan itself be a disease, but can — a symptom of another disease. Some arrhythmias can go by themselves. But if the arrhythmia persists for several hours or develop complications, you should immediately seek medical help. However, even if arrhythmia disappeared by itself, should not be put off a visit to the cardiologist. Repeated violation of rhythm can occur at any time and end tragically.

The main symptoms of arrhythmia are feeling extra or skipped heart beats too fast, or slow heartbeat. Also available are feelings of weakness, fatigue, pain in theheart, shortness of breath.

To determine

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Diagnosis and treatment of asthma


After the first manifestation of bronchial asthma should be examined by apulmonologist, that collects detailed information about the course and duration of the disease, conditions of work and residence, the patient's bad habits, and holds a full clinical examination.

Sometimes asthma symptoms are difficult to distinguish from symptoms of other diseases. For example, pneumonia, bronchitis, heart attacks, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, a disease of the vocal cords, the tumors can also cause an acute attack of shortness of breath, breathlessness and wheezing.

Establish the correct diagnosis helps pulmonary function tests (spirometry): it needs to breathe the air in

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Diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis

The diagnosis of atopic dermatitis sets children's pediatrician or allergist at the examination. He has to ask in detail about the nature of the parents of child nutrition, living conditions, manifestations of the disease. In the future, if the child has a diathesis, must be constantly observed by a doctor for a correct nutrition and the prevention of exacerbations.

Eliminating allergens

The most important thing parents need to do, to try to identify and eliminate possible allergens. Since there are three natural ways of penetration of allergens — food (while eating and drinking), pin (with direct exposure to

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Diagnosis and treatment of autism

If you've noticed some strange behavior of their child, consult a child psychiatrist. The earlier the age of correction commenced an autistic child, the greater the chance to adapt it to a normal life.

Typically, the disease diagnosed by2-25 years. It should be remembered that this disease never develops in a healthy Rebeca after 5 years. If abnormalities are detected at an older age, you should first think about schizophrenia, and not about autism. In addition, some of the symptoms of autism are similar to manifestations of mental retardation, speech disorders, congenital deafness and psychotic regression. Therefore, only

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Diagnosis and treatment of warts


Not all warts can be and should be removed. If they are of small size, are not subject to permanent injury, do not cause discomfort and cosmetic located on the genitals, the operation is not necessary. The basic approach in the treatment of warts is not to cause more harm than the warts themselves. Go to a dermatologist should be handled in the following cases:

If you notice a change in the shape warts or it hinders you in your work (for example, when it is located at the tip of a finger); if wart is painful,

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Diagnosis and treatment of varicoceles


Most diagnosis pampinocele The random, during the any medical examinations.

Confirm the diagnosis in modern conditions is usually not difficult. Currently, diagnosis of the disease using both traditional methods (inspection, palpation, functional tests) and instrumental diagnostics: ultrasound, Doppler scan, venography.

To conduct research to identify infertility ejaculate. In65-75% Of patients significantly reduced sperm count and reduced mobility.


There are conservative and operative treatment pampinocele, but the most effective is a surgical treatment. To date, offered more than 120 kinds of surgical procedures.

The most common and effective enough operation Ivanissevich: ligation of testicular vein at or just

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