25 Weeks Pregnant


Now is the time to discuss the prospects for the upcoming birth with a specialist — in particular, to learn more about labor pain relief.

In addition, it is useful to view symptoms threats abortion (Premature birth). In the event of such symptoms should immediately seek medical attention. Treatment threats abortion conducted in specialized clinics.


Fruit length — about 30 cm Weight 700 g is an intensive development of the bone marrow, which is the primary blood-forming organ.


26 Weeks Pregnant


Now you're more likely to see her gynecologist. In the first half of pregnancy you visited an antenatal clinic once a month, in the second half of this have to do twice month, and the last 8 weeks — weekly.

Movement of the baby became more intense: now they can sense your family members (especially male) with his hand on his stomach expectant mother. During this period, you may be concerned about insomnia. Because of the rounded tummy harder to find a comfortable position to sleep.


Fruit length is about 32.5 cm

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27 Weeks Pregnant


Each week you are adding much weight. Increases not only the stomach and chest, but the buttocks. It is important to monitor the supply and monitor weight gain: do not get carried away with sweet, salty (additional load on the kidneys), avoid edema (immediately inform the doctor about their appearance). Do not worry about the blurred figure: most of the accumulated leave kilograms at birth, another part — while breastfeeding.


The skin looks wrinkly baby, but closer to the birth she finishes. Weightfruit on this term is approximately 900 grams.


28 Weeks Pregnant


This week, women with negative Rhesus Blood can be administered special drugs to reduce the effects of Rhesus-conflict. If your spouse also has a negative Rhesus — you have nothing to worry about.


The kid weighs about 1000 grams, his height is 35 centimeters.

He has already developed all the senses — these data are confirmed by the study of biological currents of the brain (EEG) of the unborn child. He begins to recognize the voice of my mother. Kid performs basic first breaths. Its skin denser (thicker) and becomes more like a

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29 Weeks Pregnant


Congratulations! You have reached the third trimester of pregnancy. Feel lighter irregular uterine contractions? This is normal: your body begins to prepare for the birth. The abdomen becomes more: Stomach may bulge, and the skin may occur stretch, so do not forget to use special tools. Sleep becomes very uncomfortable, it is necessary to invent something: underlay more pillows, use special mattress, etc.


Little eyes on the kid already appeared lashes.

Its length — 35 cm, weight — 1100Baby is large enough and can not be easily reversed. Now he basically shoves her

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3 Weeks Pregnant


Conception occurred. Not already guessed what was going on — but the development of the unborn child has already begun. However, your body also noticed the importance of the event and "broke the alarm" of the immune system. At the first cell division fertilized egg in the body begin producing factor providing immunological protection of the fetus (and immunosuppressive proteins, etc.). Without them, the mother's organism could consider the future of a child with a foreign body and start a fight with him.

In addition, at the end of this week begins to produce the

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30 Weeks Pregnant


In the last trimester may be a short puffiness extremities. Swelling of the most noticeable at the end of the day or after a long standing or sitting.

To reduce the puffiness wear comfortable shoes and avoid socks and stockings with elastic, while sitting in your legs higher, limit the intake of salt. Be sure to inform your doctor if swelling of the hands or face being held more than a day, accompanied by a sharp increase in weight gain and increased blood pressure.


Fruit length of about 37.5 cm, weight —

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31 Weeks Pregnant


Many women in this stage of pregnancy worries heartburn — a burning sensation behind the breastbone. To reduce discomfort, try to eat more often but in smaller portions, to sleep with the head of the bed elevated, avoid fatty foods, chocolate, fresh pastries. If these measures do not help — talk to your doctor: he tells medications safe in your position.

At this stage of pregnancy you may notice that your gait changed and become like a "duck". This is due to the fact that the expectant mother has produced a special hormone — relaxin, which softens the

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32 Weeks Pregnant


As the amount of stomach back can bother you more and more. Do not forget about good posture, when you walk or sit. Carefully climb out of bed, after turning on his side. The bladder is squeezed more and more, therefore have to run to the bathroom more often. "Practice" contractions (Braxton-Hicks) may become more frequent, but unlike they instinctively contractions are not regular, and eventually tested. Discomfort intime "Training" battles one can reduce by taking a warm bath (36-37 C) sea salt.


Baby weighs about 1700 grams, height — 40 cm He (or she)

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33 Weeks Pregnant


From time to time you may be a sensation of lack of air. This occurs because uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm and lungs are pressed. Do not worry: a shallow breath does not mean that baby receives too little oxygen. Conversely, in this period through your lungs more oxygen than normal. Try to get as comfortable as possible, and you will feel better.


Baby weighs 1800-2000 grams, its growth reaches 40-41 cm. He's getting crowded in the uterus: it can not roll over freely and often is head down. His lungs finally ripen, and

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