Diet diet strife

In order to lose weight, you must expend more calories than you consume. That is, it is necessary to take thesome diet, the benefit is now more than a hundred of them are known. However, not all diets are not always and not all help. Why?

About how to get rid of excess pounds, and the role diet plays in losing weight, says Mariyat Mukhina — physician acupuncturist, PhD and author Golden Needle ® methodologies Dr. Fly ®.

— It is considered that if a person is obese, it means he eats too much …

There are many factors

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Diet for a sweet tooth

The first thing that prohibit many diet — it's sweet. On the other hand, when you start to explore the deeper problem, it turns out that in fact we are not talking about that at a certain period of time or for life to give up dessert or fruit compote. In fact, it only means restriction of carbohydrate in the diet, including refined sugar. But other, including healthy sources of sweetness more than enough.

Moreover, as the physician reflexologist, MD , Author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina, you can not give up

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Blood group diet (diet P.D ‘Adamo)

His discovery of Peter D'Adamo (Peter J. D'Adamo) made, based on the research of his father, too naturopathic doctor James D'Adamo (James D'Adamo). Father and son tried to prove that the immune and digestive system of a human predisposition to retain the same products that are once ate his ancestors. Consequently, the chemical reaction between the blood and eaten food is an integral part of the genetic heritage.

In his sensational work "4 blood group — 4 Ways to Health" D'Adamo claims that the oldest blood type O (I) was at the Cro-Magnon hunted hunting. Gradually, as the

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Diet in color

Design of the house and office, choice of clothing, makeup and hair — all this, one way or another, is based on the idea of exploring the color space. Even in psychology emerged tsvetopsikhologii and color therapy. A few years ago the color revolution has come and dietetics.

Followers of the diet color guarantee weight loss of 10 kg after the monthly cycle.

"Move" in a healthy way of life Americans, followed by Europeans and for some reason decided that the therapeutic effects of color on the psyche must be related not only to the fact the color

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Diet for atherosclerosis

In Russia in the past two decades has sharply increased the number of people with atherosclerosis, which is rightly called the scourge of the twentieth century.

Most atherosclerosis common in men aged 40-60 and women aged over 50 years. The main factors in the development of this disease are unhealthy diet, metabolic disorders, and a sedentary lifestyle (as a consequence, there is excess body weight), high blood cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure and stress. From atherosclerosis die every third inhabitant of the planet. Moreover, at risk are about 29 percent of people aged 19-20 years. And25-30-year-olds observed clinical manifestations

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Diet for hemodialysis

Chronic renal failure (CRF) — the final stage of renal disease. Program hemodialysis — one of the methods of treatment.

If a person in the predialysis period diet depended on how it was kidney disease he suffered, the recommendations on maintenance hemodialysis may be quite different.

But the specific dietary recommendations should give the patient the attending physician. After all, they depend on the length of time hemodialysis patients, residual renal function, presence of complications and many other reasons.

Can only give general advice.

The first relates to the consumption of protein. In conservative period (prior to dialysis) patient,

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Diet for a particular profession

All professions have their own specific — not for nothing that there is such a thing as occupational health. It includes the arrangement of the workplace standards of production, the duration of the working day or a holiday. And a very big role to diet. Yes, yes, do not be surprised — this diet. It must not only conform to the individual characteristics of a person, but also his work. After all, every profession has its hazards, many of which will help offset the proper nutrition.

All professions can be divided into "stand", "sit", chemically hazardous and associated

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Diet for psoriasis by Pagano

Diet for psoriasis should be supported by proper acid-alkaline balance in the body. The body should be alkaline reaction to a greater extent than the acid. It depends on the food consumed and emotional state. Psoriatic patients should keep in mind that the daily diet should consist of 70-80% of schelocheobrazuyuschih products and 20-30% of the acid-forming, ie eat them 2-4 times.

So what foods are alkaline and which are acidic?

Schelocheobrazuyuschie Products:

1. Fruits (except cranberries, currants, prunes, plums, blueberries) —

· Apples, melons and bananas can not be eaten with other foods, just as a single

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Diet: can be many things, but little by little

I'm sure I get fat on two things — from carbohydrates, and the amount of food, so the basic principles of my diet: avoid simple carbs and eat small portions.

What can and what can not?

By carbohydrate eating that threatens obesity include: potatoes, white rice, flour products, sugary soft drinks. My list of "bad" foods contain more bananas, cream cakes, ice cream and chips. Declaratively it's generally there is it is impossible. But, in fact, if you really want it, you can.

I'm not a hero, and all that it — or indeed one teaspoon (five spaghetti)

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Prescribe a diet nutritionist

"We are what we eat", "Eat to live, not live to eat!" — The familiar sayings? They are particularly relevant when overweight. Glossy magazines are inclined to advise: "Talk to your dietitian!" But where to find it? And he will do with us?

Why go to a dietitian?

On the one hand, we already know that having a "his" nutritionist (as well as the dentist or therapist) is considered an attribute of the good life. On the other hand, not everyone understands what work is done nutritionist. Is it worth it to apply to the mere mortal without serious

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