Hip dysplasia: the causes and manifestations

Hip dysplasia — a violation of the hip joint, the main component of which is the wrong spatial orientation of the head femur ("Hip" part of the joint) with respect to the acetabulum ("pelvic" component of the joint), leading to a breach of the support function of the limb.

There are 3 degrees of dysplasia hip:

Predvyvih (I grade dysplasia) — underdevelopment of the hip without displacement of the femoral head relative to the acetabulum. Subluxation(II grade dysplasia) — underdevelopment of the hip joint with a partial displacement of the femoral head relative to the acetabulum. Dislocation(III grade

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Diphtheria — an acute infectious disease, life-threatening. It occurs as an acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, pharynx predominantly (about 90%), the nose, the skin at the point of damage to the eye or genitals.

The main threat, however, is not the inflammation and poisoning toxin that the bacterium — the causative agent of the disease, with mainly affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Pathogen and route of infection

The causative agent of diphtheria are Corynebacterium diphteriae — Gram-positive bacteria in the form of rods with characteristic cone-shaped thickenings at the ends, which smears are

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For the body

Over the past couple of decades, the requirements for appearance (or rather — to the extent of its grooming) has increased significantly. Not so hard to regularly monitor themselves, how to make sense of the existing sea beauty services and products. In addition to the bottomless recipes which Our ancestors left us, to take care of your body help us to a variety of modern cosmetics. We can use them at home alone or in the cabin by a qualified beautician.

There are also tools and techniques that can be take advantage of Only in the cabin.

Cryotherapy (treatment

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Why do we communicate?

Communication (or communication) — is not a fad, and the implementation of our specific needs. Communication performs several important functions for us.

1. We communicate to satisfy the need for communication. By nature, people — are social creatures, and also in desperate need of other people, as well as food, water and shelter. Two people can watch nice chat about different things, and in a few days, none of them will remember about what was discussed. Because of depth to their conversation was not a discussion of some burning topics, and address the need to communicate.


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Diary of a young patient

"We were young and thought that life is infinite, and we — are immune. When, at last, my boyfriend took me to the registrar and we are thinking about the future life, it turned out — stormy youth to leave a memory. Genital infections should be urgently treated both of us. It is good that this unpleasant fact does not embroil us, but proved difficult to recover, especially me. "

Vaginal infection prevent a woman to feel the joy and fullness of life. Discomfort exacerbated by gloomy thoughts of partner infidelity. Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the vagina is

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Before and after the operation

Before surgery to remove a hernia needs to be done:

ECG; CBC (with platelets); a blood group and Rh factor; blood sugar; blood test on prothrombin index INR +; blood test for APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time); biochemical analysisblood tests (total bilirubin, AST, ALT, total protein, creatinine); a blood test for hepatitis B (Hbc-antigen), hepatitis C (HCv), RW (Wasserman — for syphilis), HIV.

If you regularly take medications, be sure to tell the anesthesiologist before surgery.

During 2 —3 days before the operation is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, narcotics and psychotropic drugs. Two weeks until the week

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Before the wedding will not last?

The fact that the drug problem requires close attention, they know everything. Also, it is no news that any illness is much easier and cheaper to treat early. If we add to this the well-known statistics, according to which the first experience of the use of narcotic and psychotropic drugs in the vast number of drug addicts accounted for teens and adolescence, it becomes apparent that the existing restrictive measures is not enough. We must look for other ways.

"Half of Russian school children may not live up to 30 years. The average age of first drug

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Dr. Mukhina, Obesity should be treated safely

Today ways to lose weight gained massive popularity. It is rare to meet someone who has never dieted or did not go to the gym to lose those extra pounds. Because again and again new method to lose weight, not putting this much effort.

Physician acupuncturist Mariyat Mukhin, PhD and author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight, constantly asking how to be fit and healthy man.

-Mariyat Muradalievna you — the author of this method of weight loss, "Golden Needle ®». Tell us what is the secret technique.

"Golden Needle ®» and

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Homemade breakfast for schoolchildren

Doctors from the University of Berlin recently proved that home-cooked breakfast is essential to children. Students who receive a full day, a hearty breakfast do better in school and less likely to suffer from excess weight than those that ignore the morning meal.

After the first lesson — that in any case the tension and stress. If this stress occurs regularly on an empty stomach, then to the notorious School of gastritis, ulcers and even — a stone's throw away. In addition, after a serious intellectual burden not had time to have breakfast child is experiencing a shortage

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Home care for the premature baby

Temperature range

First of all, at home premature baby must create an optimum temperature. The temperature of the room should be 22-250C. After every 3 hours necessary for 15-20 minutes aired. Directly outside the Child (under the covers) should keep the temperature 28-320C. Often there is a need for additional heating of the newborn. For this purpose it is convenient to use a rubber hot-water bottle. Temperature water warmers should be 60-650S.

Electric blankets and heating pads to warm newborn can not be used. Depending on the degree of prematurity and temperature conditions in the room can be

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