Oocyte Donation

In some women, the ovaries, due to pathological conditions (ovarian damage during chemotherapy and radiology treatment, early menopause, etc.), there is no follicular growth and maturation of oocytes. In such cases, the egg obtained from another healthy female donor these donor eggs are fertilized with sperm infertile patient's husband or donor sperm and the resulting embryos are transferred into the uterus of a barren woman. This process is called a donation oocytes.

This method can also be used for removal of the ovaries or at high risk of transmission to the child genetic diseases. The reading program to

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Donation against infertility

Mankind has long been accustomed to the existence of the phenomenon of donation.

We all know from childhood about the most widespread version of it — blood donation. It has always been held in high esteem, and were encouraged in Soviet times — the various benefits later — financially.

Also on everyone's lips donation of various organs, claimed so that sick people are forced to wait years for their life-saving organ.

In recent years, is rapidly gaining momentum donation sex cells — sperm and oocytes (eggs). And if to the phrase "sperm bank" we have long

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Sperm Donation

Unfortunately, there are times when male infertility can not be beat, and even modern methods of artificial insemination are powerless. And then to help parents who dream of a child comes sperm donation.

Why sperm donors?

This procedure applies if for any reason the testes do not produce men sperm or due to previous injury no testicles themselves. Another common reason — serious illness that a potential father can give a child is inherited. Finally, the services of a donor is often used by women who have no sexual partner.

Who can be a sperm donor?


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Additional vaccinations

In addition to mandatory vaccinations included in the calendar, there are additional vaccinations that are based on epidemiological indications (in epidemic areas, dangerous infections, seasonal diseases). If necessary, you can be vaccinated against tularemia, plague, brucellosis, anthrax, rabies, leptospirosis, tick-borne encephalitis, yellow fever, typhoid, meningococcal and pneumococcal disease, hepatitis A, influenza, herpes, etc.

Children whose parents are planning to give to a garden, recommend vaccination against hepatitis A and meningitis. Vaccines Hepatitis Aapplied with age 1-2 years — depending on the manufacturer. Vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended:

children, visiting or preparing to attend kindergarten or school — because

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Thinking of healthy veins in anticipation of the baby

Pregnancy — is probably one of the finest periods in the life of a woman and her child. Especially if the expectant mother takes care of the health of their veins: to swelling and constipation characteristic of the last trimester, is not provoked serious diseases such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The reason that a woman's body in the second half of pregnancy there is fluid retention, visible to the naked eye — a big belly. Expectant mother is experiencing constant elevated load.

Normally, the first 9 months of a woman should gain about 10 kg. Among them,

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Food for health and mind

Over the past hundred years, life expectancy has increased by more than 10 years. But, unfortunately, in our country, it remains high: 59 years for men and 72 — in women. For comparison, we recall Japan 82 years for males and 84 — women. Russians have something to strive for. Experts believe that the 100 years of the current generation of youth is not the limit. However, for the increase in life a person pays a whole bunch of diseases, including dementia and age-related changes in blood vessels of the brain or atrophy of its bark. Suggested dietary advice

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Food is like a drug

Scientists from the Florida experimental way proved that the excessive consumption of high-calorie foods causes changes in the brain characteristic of drug addiction. It turns out that the tendency to overeat more serious problem than most people think.

Because of what people are "hooked" on food? As produced food addiction? How to get rid of it? These and other questions are answered Mariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


— Mariyat, please tell us, as there is a dependence on food?


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Lump-sum allowance for childbirth

The lump-sum allowance for childbirth determined by the Federal Law "On state benefits to citizens with children" from 19.05.1995, the number 81-FZ (As amended 05.12.2006).

In 2007, the size of the lump-sum allowance for childbirth is 8000 rubles. A similar one-off allowance payable on the transfer of the child to grow up in a family.

In the case of the birth of two or more children, one-time allowance issued for each child. The sum of the allowance for child birth is not subject to tax and is not included in income for tax purposes. Social insurance contributions on these

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The monthly allowance during the period of care for a child (up to 1.5 years)

In accordance with Art. 15 of the Federal Law "On state benefits to citizens with children" from 19.05.1995, the number 81-FZ (As amended on 05.12.2006) monthly allowance child care (up to 1.5 years) paid a working and non-working women:

Monthly benefit for disabled (not subject to social insurance) of women will be 1,500 rubles for the first child and 3,000 rubles — the birth of the second and subsequent children. Allowance for working women is set at 40% of their average earnings in the last year before the birth of the child, but can not exceed 6000 rubles.


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