Women’s beauty and Women’s Health

What makes a woman dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror? Of course, there is a beauty salon. But it turns out, first of all, she needs to go to the gynecologist. On the relationship between women's beauty and "women's health" says Natalia Lantratova, dermatologist physiotherapist and the Israel Center of hardware cosmetology "Bathsheba."

— Are all the female body is so interconnected?

— Sure. The clarity of the oval face and clean skin (no inflammatory lesions in it) depends on gynecological health. A simple example noted that if the patient has problems on

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Female sterilization

Women sterilization (Tubal occlusion, "tying tubes", voluntary surgical contraception) — a surgical procedure, which resulted in lost ability to conceive and give birth to a child and is a highly effective method of contraception. The mechanism of sterilization is that it creates an artificial obstruction of the fallopian tubes, thus fertilization is impossible, because the egg is isolated from the sperm. There are several technologies — tubes tied, cross, dissected, sealed or clamped with special clamps.

In our country, voluntary sterilization permitted in the senior women of reproductive age (after 35 years), which already has at least one child

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Women’s patterns of behavior in a crisis thirtieth

The proposed models of behavior — it is a kind of classification of development options and ways out of the crisis thirties. Typically, the crisis begins in 28 — 32 years old, when the processes are most clearly revaluation of values and goals, finding a place in adult society, finally solved the conflicts youthful period, acquired new responsibilities.

People are different behaviors, depending on the choices they made in the twenties. It is believed that the behavior of each model has its own set of psychological problems related to how effectively solves the problem of human development.

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Female sexual disorders

Female sexual disorders are common in much greater degree than most people think. With the lack of desire and problems with orgasm woman may face at any age.

According to one of Sex Research, one out of three woman does not want sex, one in four has difficulty reaching orgasm, one in five complaining of vaginal dryness.

However, it is believed that orgasm is not the sole criterion female sexual satisfaction. Satisfaction with sex life depends also on the presence of a common system of values with a partner of the trust.

All female sexual disorders

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Male menopause (menopause)

All people eventually grow old and faced with the challenge of menopause.

By about age 50, metabolism slows down, production of hormones in women decreases, cell renewal slows down, there are diseases and problems that youth are rare or do not occur at all.

Menopause is composed of several stages, different in length and extending to the end of life. Poor health, mood swings, "hot flashes", sweating, pressure drops, heart palpitations — it can last a long time. To prevent possible comorbidities associated with hormonal deficiency (breast cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the female reproductive organs, genital prolapse, osteoporosis,

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The female orgasm

Since the time of the sexual revolution in Europe, men have been paying great attention to the presence of orgasm for your partner, seeing it as one of his main evidence of male.

However, in Russia, all is not so rosy: according to surveys of our compatriots, among our male dominated sexual selfish. Some women have to wait many years to orgasm, or to put it in medical terms, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles of genitals, occurring at the time of the outflow of blood from them at the climax of sexual intercourse.

Types of Female

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Female orgasm from the point of view of evolution

Biologist Elizabeth Lloyd of Indiana University, thoroughly examined all the available knowledge about the female orgasm, and came to the unequivocal, but the disappointing conclusion that from the point of view of evolution, it is useless and impractical.

Orgasm and Pregnancy

First of all, getting an orgasm during intercourse, and the possibility of conceiving a child as a result of the same act together unrelated. Not all women have orgasms in bed, not all women can have children. But these are two completely different groups.

In order to woman pregnant, it is not necessary that she experienced "the

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Women’s Health — look inside

Ultrasonic diagnostic method based on the principle of echo-location — the reflection of ultrasonic waves from the tissue, followed by capture of the reflected sensor signal and forming a planar image on the screen of organs and tissues, through which ultrasound is passed. Vklinikah "MedCenterService" performed transvaginal ultrasound. It has the most informative when performed in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, ie at 5-7 days of the onset of menstruation.

Ultrasound research pelvic organs is to examine the structure of the body and cervix of the uterus and ovaries, as well as assessing the state

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Female circumcision

Subject circumcision does not lose popularity among physicians. Barely subsided passion around male circumcision as an approach quite scandalous news about already female version of this procedure. But if circumcision (ie, removal of the foreskin of the penis) in theEventually called almost savior of the male population of the world fromHIV, here's a cutoff clitoris and the labia minora, the situation is reversed.

However, you should immediately make a reservation. Under female circumcision can be interpreted two different operations:

One of them — the mucosal excision of the hood that closes clitoris, and the removal of redundant

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Animals and dirt — protection against allergies

It's no secret that pets with all their love to their owners can deliver a lot of problems. There are people who can not tolerate cats and dogs because they are allergic to wool. As much as people do not like animals, from close contact with them will have to give. It is better to watch them on TV — so safer.

Roughly the same considerations to guide young parents and those who are going to become. But even though the child's health and more expensive than the fate of a pet, do not hurry to part with

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