Tan and breast cancer

Sunny light has beneficial effects on the skin and metabolic processes in the human body — contributes to the formation and accumulation of vitamin D, necessary for the growth and regeneration of bone and ligaments. The sun's light and heat is stimulation of endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, ovaries), and the normalization of metabolic processes, improving immunity, stimulation of melanin production in the skin (brown color).

However sunny Light and heat can have a devastating impact on the human body. With strong exposure to sunlight and heat is produced in the skin burn, prolonged exposure to the sun without

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Delay or denial of the placenta


The delay of the placenta associated with lack of contractile activity of the uterus and abdominal muscles. This is facilitated by:

crowded bladder, hyperextension of the uterus — a large fruit, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, premature or delayed delivery, uterine inertia, fatigue mothers, fast delivery is a surgical procedure, under-developed abdominal muscles.

Incarcerated placenta may occur as a result of spasm of the uterus unsustainable successive periods:

rough massage of the uterus, ill-timed attempt at squeezing the afterbirthCredit-Lazarevic you pull on the cord, abuse of the use of high doses of oxytocin.

Such actions violate undue physiological rhythm and

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Delayed puberty in girls

About the delay sexual development You can talk to when to fifteen-, sixteen years of age at the girl observed underdevelopment of secondary sexual characteristics and rare irregular menstruation.


Reasons for the delay puberty few:

— Violations of organic nature: brain injury, the effects of childhood encephalitis or meningitis.

— Neuroses and stress. These include fatigue and at school, frequent conflicts. Even the suspense of the first menstruation can cause stress.

— Weight problems — such as excessive and deficient (body weight 45 — 50 kg). This may also include anorexia nervosa and circulated among

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Delayed puberty in males

About the Late puberty say that if the boy does not increase the testicles to 13 years and the appearance of pubic hair by age 15. Also on the possibility of a delay of sexual development may indicate the lag in the growth of the child — gipostatura.


Late sexual maturation could well be hereditary, if a similar situation has occurred with relatives boy. The growth rate in this case is normal, and although the growth spurt and sexual maturation occur later than most peer, hereinafter they proceed in the usual way.

However, the reason for the late

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Mental retardation (CRA)

Delay mental development (CRA) — is slowing the pace of development of the mind, which is most often detected when they start school and is expressed at the lack of common stock of knowledge, limited representations and immaturity of thinking, the prevalence of gaming interests and inability to engage in intellectual activities.


As the cause of mental retardation can be:

Violation of the constitutional development of the child, because of which he begins in physical and mental development to lag behind their peers — the so-called harmonic infantilism. Various medical problems (physically debilitated children). Damage to the central

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What do Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll and Isaac Newton? Of course, talent and fame, but they are united not only that. All of them are muddled.

Stuttering — a complex speech disorder, manifested its normal rhythm disorder, involuntary stops when compelled statements or repetitions of individual sounds and syllables, which is due to spasms of articulation. In other words, stuttering — a violation of rhythm and fluency, generating difficulties in verbal communication.

Strapper 7-10 percent of the interruption of the speech says — repeating words or phrases (sound: uh, um, or interjections). However, when the breaks

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Hardening of children

Hardening — Increase the body's resistance to the adverse effects of environmental factors through systematic training.

Terms of hardening Procedures can be started from any age, almost from birth. Can be tempered and sickly children. Begin the procedure at a time when the baby is healthy. Hardening use all environmental factors (sun, air, water). Hardening can be start at any time of the year. The procedures must be carried out systematically, throughout the year, then they will be of maximum effect. Should gradually increase the strength of the stimulus andtime its impact on the child. All quenching procedures are

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Pledge of happiness — in peace

The first spring sun came out for a long time, the window chirping sounds pushy, but many still get nervous twitch at trifles, or regularly spoil the nerves themselves and others. The cause of experts see increased anxiety. In order to regain peace of mind and the ability to enjoy life, you need to restore the body's natural defenses.

Nature does not come up with nothing stressful conditions: with a small dose of experiences a person as quickly focuses and throws all the power to solve the problem. However, work on the limit loads of nerve long

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Hostage: A Guide to Survival

Despite the long history of hostage-taking, to find sensible instructions on how to behave in the thrall of the terrorists was not easy. However, such regulations exist in both English and in Russian.

In Russia it were specialists "Institute of Risk and Safety", which is a division of the Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS. It's called "How to behave in the abduction and becoming hostage to the terrorists."

A careful study of the document found its similarity (and in some places — almost a literal match) from the U.S. manual for the hostages, written by Alan Bell,

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Missed abortion

A frozen pregnancy occurs when fruit onsome reason ceases to grow and dies. This occurs most often in the first trimester of pregnancy, but it happens in the second and even a third.


The reasons for missed abortion very much. Therefore, in each case, we must carefully examine all the factors that could contribute to this.

The main reason is the variety of infectious diseases of the mother — the flu, herpes, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis. Sometimes pregnancy stops growing because of serious genetic abnormalities of the fetus. Less common causes of missed abortion are

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