34 Weeks Pregnant


You become forgetful and absentminded. These plagues most expectant mothers, especially towards the end of pregnancy. In addition, with the approaching birth pregnant women become more calm and phlegmatic. So nature intended — the main thing at this point, "the dominant clan", so all the "unnecessary" functions are secondary.


Fruit length — about 42 cm, weight — a little more than 2 kg.

Baby sensitive to the condition of the mother. His heart beats in harmony with my mother: if Mom is nice and peaceful, the baby calm, if the mother highly experienced,

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35 Weeks Pregnant


Check withobstetrician-gynecologist all issues related to the upcoming birth — you may need to be hospitalized inpre-hospital (especially with plans to caesarean section). Engage in one hospital. It is advisable to learn more about the methods of pain relief in labor, choosing a posture for delivery. In advance Find out whether you allow the presence of a husband or other relatives in childbirth in your chosen hospital.

If you are going to enter into a contract for the delivery and give birth to "their" doctor, get choice of a suitable hospital or insurance company.


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36 Weeks Pregnant


Pre-assemble the things in the hospital. If you are not superstitious, practice of dowry preparation for the baby. Also it is necessary to consider andcollect your wardrobe for statement (keep in mind stomach after delivery will be significantly less, but do not have time to return to prenatal size).

By the way, with his gynecologist You will now be able to see every week.


Child's weight is about 2.5 kg, length of about 45 cm, however, all of the measurements made by ultrasound and based on the measurement of the abdomen, on this term

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37 Weeks Pregnant


Yours pregnancy now considered full-term. If deliveries will begin, they will not be premature. Now is the time enter into a contract for delivery (if you're going to give birth to charge), to choose the hospital and the doctor (in the case of paid labor).


On the ninth month of pregnancy baby daily gain weight (up to 14 grams). His liver accumulates iron, which will help blood formation in the first year of life.

Baby moves quite active, but the place to train less. He makes breathing movements. In this case, light enters

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38 Weeks Pregnant


Fetal head descends and fixed at the entrance to the pelvis, thus your stomach "Sinks", it becomes easier to breathe, reduces heartburn. At the same time you run to the toilet more often — the pressure on the bladder becomes stronger. In nulliparous stomach usually falls to 2 — 4 weeks prior to delivery. Multifarious — before birth (or not omitted).

Rejoice! Very soon you will become a mother.


Future baby is gaining weight 28-30 g daily. At any moment he could be born. It's time to think about how you call it.


39 Weeks Pregnant


During this period, you can move the mucus plug — an important sign of impending birth.

Still can arise training (false) contractions, when the stomach squeezes like an iron hoop, as he strained tight basketball and releases, it becomes soft. In such a situation, a warm bath greatly facilitates health.

If you suspect that the battle is "real", note the time: identify intervalbetween themselves and the duration of contractions. If the fight occur at regular intervals, which gradually become shorter — apparently you went into labor.If contractions occur every 10-15 minutes — the time

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3D (three-dimensional) ultrasound

Being a guest of the very advanced young parents today you will be able to see notonly pictures of their beloved offspring from the first days of life, but also a video about the unborn child. Moreover, not in the form of flat images, and volume. The screen is clearly visible as a toddler moves arms and legs, squints, opens her mouth …

In the capital can boast of such personnel for thousands of people, because the three-dimensional ultrasound research or 3D ultrasound, as it is called, has ceased to be exotic. And quickly turned from a new

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4 Weeks Pregnant


Your figure has not changed, the only thing that can be seen — a little swollen breasts and nipples are too sensitive. Most of the work accomplished so far by. From the moment of fertilization, the body gradually increases the volume of blood, causing the heart, kidneys and lungs to work vigorously. Attaching to the wall of the uterus of the future placenta (which fully formed by the 4th month) can lead to increased irritability, drowsiness, fatigue.

This week's testpregnancy (HCG) can already be positive.


For the past 2 weeks your future the

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4 principles of disease prevention anus

For the prevention of diseases of the anus should follow some general guidelines.

1. Pay attention to your diet

Normal, balanced daily ration person must necessarily include a sufficient quantity (1.5-2 liter) and the fiber of vegetable origin (vegetable, bran, etc.). Do not forget to watch and the fact that the diet was not the excess flour and dairy products. This is an essential prerequisite for optimal consistency of stool and normalization of bowel evacuation. As a result, significantly reduced mechanical stress on the rectum.

Try not to abuse alcohol, and overly sharp and

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40 Weeks Pregnant


PDR — estimated date of birth — has arrived. However, "the payment" day of giving birth to only 4% of pregnant women. Typically, labor begins within 1-2 weeks before or after the DA.


On his coming into the world baby notifies the loud cry. At the same time he takes the first breath of his life. Then, doctors treated and cut the umbilical cord and the baby show my mom called him the floor. The child's condition is evaluated by the Apgar score. The number of points that got baby, indicate in your ANC

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