Hormone replacement therapy for women

Hormone therapy, or HRT — this is a course of treatment aimed at replacing the missing hormones in the body.

As the recovery of the level of hormones, menopause symptoms quickly subside. Furthermore, HRT prevents the development of long-term consequences of menopause, such as osteoporosis andcardiovascular disease.

Hormone therapy is better to start as early as possible — when the first symptoms of menopause. In order to facilitate the early symptoms is enough to take HRT for two years. However, for the prevention of osteoporosis, HRT should be at least 5-10 years after menopause.

As part

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Storing and other processes memory

The basic processes associated with the memory, — a memorization, preservation and Forgetting.

Chief among them — is memorization. The learning process begins at the stage of sensory memory. Further information is provided in the short-term memory, where the regrouping of different elements memorized. The basic encoding process takes place on the stage of long-term memory: it is here that the analysis carried out and the identification of the different characteristics of the information.

Preservation. It is also called archiving. In the short-term memory stores information about the various events of our lives. In fact, short-term memory entirely

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What is it?

Constipation — Is the delay of the chair for more than 48 hours. Constipation are common health disorders, according to medical statistics, occur most often in young children and the elderly. In highly developed countries of the West to ten percent of the population suffer from chronic (persistent) constipation, and in women, they are three times more often than men.

Why did this happen?

Almost all people have constipation while traveling, after the stress and operations. These locks are held when returning to normal life and are not considered a disease. If they occur frequently, become

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Constipation in children

If a child of the first 3 months of life chair 1-2 times a day, and rarely need to consult with your doctor. For children receiving complementary foods, constipated stool is less than 1 time per day.

In addition to reducing the frequency of acts of defecation with constipation in children may experience a decrease in appetite, pain in the abdomen. In chronic constipation increases stool bulk.

Causes and Types

Constipation may be one of the manifestations of diseases not directly related to the pathology gastrointestinal tract (such as rickets, hypothyroidism). However, in most cases,constipation caused

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Constipation during pregnancy

One of the common problems faced by pregnant — difficulty having a bowel movement (to put it simply, constipation). Complain of constipation two-thirds of womentime pregnancy and after the birth of every three.

Causes In time pregnancy, especially during the second half, intestines pressed by increasing the uterus. This leads to disruption of blood flow and the occurrence of venous stasis in the vessels of the pelvis. As a result may develop hemorrhoids — varicose veins of the rectum and as a consequence — constipation. The human body produces special substances that stimulate colonic contractions. Intime pregnancy susceptibility

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Prohibitions and warnings: how not to do harm?

"Do not drink, Ivan, a little water from goat hooves, a kid will become!" — A phrase from the tale. But of life: "Do not jump off the bench — you fall", "wet feet — sick", "Do not be distracted in class — you will receive two", "Do not go without a hat, and then the ears ache", "Do not eat ice cream -'ll catch a sore throat "… Sound familiar?

It would seem that all these warnings are dictated solely by concern for the child, and occur for a very real reason. After all, Ivan was still a

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Why do children play?

Why do modern children play? And anyway, do they need to do it? Here's how today's parents are responsible for these matters.

Game at a Glance

"If you have the choice to play or work with a child that you prefer?"

"Play" prefer 18% of mothers and fathers. Why? Because:

A child is more interesting — 10% Like a child — 8%

In this case, the answer is "exercise" was chosen by 82% of parents. Whereas:

necessary — 62% I'm interested — 13% child asks himself — 7%.

Finishing the sentence "If my child is five — seven years

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Why do you need insurance policy pregnancy and childbirth?

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, two out of three pregnant women were forced to sit in queues clinics, lying in hospitals, take more research, consult with experts and tremble for the health of the child. As a result, only 31.5% of women from the burden of successfully resolved.

Insurance companies offer special policy, which can ease the burdens of pregnancy and childbirth. In pregnant women who do not want to use the free medical care at the district women's clinic and give birth in the nearest hospital, there are two ways: either to carry money straight

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Why visit mammologa?

Survey Skills Training

Diagnosis of mastitis — it mammologists, as distinguished from other diseases of the mammary gland, and sometimes from cancer, only by a specialist.

If you have already established the diagnosis of mastitis, to select the correct treatment strategy is necessary to determine the specific form of the disease, as well as regularly monitor possible changes in the mammary gland. But even if your chest in perfect condition, regular survey atphysician mammologa should be familiar to women older than 25 years. Visit physician mammologa recommended at least once a year.

In between visits to the

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Why would a man to crawl?

Early development now become fashionable. Tireless parents are willing to literally from the cradle to teach children to read, write and speak at the same time. Special cubes with letters, geometric shapes, slowly but surely flood the house. Crumbs solemnly pull for developing knowledge of the playpen or crib, and then cometh back. Meanwhile, there is one provided by nature and highly developmental classes, which are often overlooked. It's about crawling.

It is in the process of crawling the child laid spatial orientation skills. And from it, in turn, will depend on the ability to correctly and then

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