Protection of the XXI century

Every woman has their favorite way of protection from unwanted pregnancy. Not always, however, this method — the best.

The primary means of contraception in Russia is still the abortion — this is the end, almost every other pregnancy. Needless to say, as far as it is bad for us and for those whom we love and for our future children. Gradually fading traditional "granny" methods of contraception (interrupted intercourse, etc.) remain popular enough barrier (condom), chemical (spermicides), and mechanical (spiral), a certain number of couples resort to surgery.

These approaches differ in the degree of

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Protection from any flu

This year's flu epidemic, usually having a clear seasonal pattern lasted until the warm season. And it's not just a new strain of the virus H1N1 — now all over the world registered more cases of "normal" variants of the influenza virus than usual this season.

Flu symptoms are well known to most people and repeatedly described in the scientific and popular articles. They are made up of common manifestations of severe intoxication and inflammation of the airways. Typically, the symptoms gradually bright tested for 10 days or more, but complete recovery of the body after infection

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Protection against sexually transmitted infections

Safe sex — Is masturbation. And with a partner is only sex protected. But not all methods of protection that can prevent unwanted pregnancies, and protect from genital infections. Barrier to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are only some means of protection relating to a barrier method.

In the first place — is condom. Male condom compact, easy to use, requires no special skills to use etc. Modern condoms are not only do not reduce the sensitivity, but rather may add a pleasant sensations (e.g., embossed or pupyrchatuyu).

The female condom is less convenient to use, and has such

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Protection against cervical cancer has become a real possibility

The emergence of quadrivalent vaccine that protects against human papilloma virus, and prevents cervical cancer, was a breakthrough in the fight against deadly disease, which claims each year tens of thousands of women.

For whom is dangerous human papilloma virus (HPV), and how effective the quadrivalent vaccine, which is already being called "inoculation of cancer?"

Questions answered by Leila Namazova, MD, Professor, Director Scientific Research Institute of Preventive Pediatrics and Rehabilitation, Deputy Director of the State NTSZD RAMS.

— From which types of HPV quadrivalent vaccine can protect?

From those that cause cancer of the cervix (cervical cancer),

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Protection from cystitis

In cold weather, an appointment with a urologist, have increasingly female. Their problem — cystitis. To get inflamed, it is enough just 15-20 minutes of exposure.

Cystitis — An inflammation of the bladder mucosa. Becomes more frequent urination in cystitis, there are constant nagging pain in the bladder and stinging during urination, and urinary urgency may occur every 15-20 minutes.

The agents of cystitis may be chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, but most of all — it's E. coli and other enteric bacteria. The cause of the inflammation may be a general decline in immunity, poor personal hygiene, uncontrolled use of

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Protect your nails from fungus

Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) are the reason for seeking a dermatologist about a third of cases worldwide. Such a high prevalence of onychomycosis makes the issue of prevention and treatment of one of the most poignant in modern dermatology. In the most susceptible to infection by a fungal infection of the professions (military, professional athletes), it is often observed in the elderly. However, young people, carefully taking care of their health and leading a healthy lifestyle can not be guaranteed against fungal attack.

The danger of fungus not only that the toenails turn yellow and will crumble.

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Protect yourself from virus attacks!

Every year there are new subtypes of influenza virus that were previously unknown to science, and especially the human immune system. According to the forecasts in the winter season 2012 -2013 years., Will circulate already known virus "swine flu." However, not excluded the possibility of a new species of the virus. It should also be borne in mind that the famous "swine" flu can have serious consequences

For example, in 2009 during an outbreak of H1N1 flu in one third of patients the disease had a very hard, many patients in need of hospitalization were

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Protective mechanisms of the psyche

Protective mechanisms of the psyche are used to eliminate or minimize the negative, traumatic experiences. These experiences can be linked to internal or external conflict, anxiety or discomfort. In the end, the action of the protective mechanisms aimed at preserving the stability of self-esteem of man, his understanding of himself and of the world image.

Repression — elimination of consciousness unacceptable impulses and emotions. This so-called "motivated forgetting." For example, a man who had a negative experience with someone, can not quite remember. However, the repressed memory of events continues to live in the unconscious, and periodically break

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Healthy and beautiful nails — fashion trend of the summer

Summer is coming, it is time to open the dazzling dresses and women's feet. This summer, as always, the completeness of their way of women will be given to using the current summer pedicure. After all, these are the small details are evident, especially in summer. Especially is it a season's fashion brightness, originality, novelty, colorful solutions and color contrast. But no matter how trendy and stylish was not nail design, the main component of its success at all times is the health of the nails.

What is the first threat to the health and appearance of

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A healthy immune system disease say No!

"The main thing — health, and the rest will follow …" — we used to say. But because we care about your health? Somebody is doing exercises in the morning? Hardening? Vaccinated annually against influenza? Checkups at the clinic, takes the analyzes?

Right now underway attacking us flu and cold. Reliable prophylaxis against these viruses — a complete work of our immune system. And what are we to make of this? At best buy vitamins that honestly put on the "most prominent" and forget about them …

Unfortunately, at the peak of the epidemic season weakened immune

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