Gum health than a beautiful smile

Charming smile involves not only healthy teeth, but gums. Is it possible to be an attractive person, never smiling? Perhaps there is a small chance to become famous impregnable "ice" beauty, however, the reverse is much more true — we do less focus on the appearance, if the person is ready to us from the heart smile.

Of course, it is desirable that while the look of the smile and joy to have around. That is why we are often willing to overcome fears and spend a lot of money just to our teeth were straight, white

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Health of the Network

The digital age has changed our lives significantly. Today, the Internet, people not only have fun and socialize, they work here, and sometimes involved and other traditional brick and mortar business. For example, make a purchase.

What are the subtleties necessary to consider if you are looking for on the web health products? His instructions for users gives physician reflexologist, MD , Author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina.

Knowledge — force

The biggest plus, which gives Internet — information. Before you purchase a product, you can read the description on

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Winter Allergies

Allergy sufferers — one of the most unfortunate categories of people. And as is so broad range of allergens that are simply amazing sometimes to see a completely healthy and happy person who is not afraid of any violent spring bloom orsome special goodies, no communication with his beloved cat or dog. Somehow usually considered to be the most allergenic spring season, but for a whole army of people is the first snow is a harbinger of a series of "Winter" allergies.

Allergic to fur

Fur coats have long been recognized by doctors one of the most allergic types

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Malignant tumors of the urinary system

Malignant tumors of the kidney — adenocarcinoma of the kidney and renal cell carcinoma, are found more frequently in men, making women. Cancer the renal pelvis and ureter gives an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Moreover, few people know that smoking — the main risk factor for cancer bladder, along with bladder stones and parasitic disease schistosomiasis.

How to recognize?

The most common symptoms of cancer mochevyvedeniya — blood in the urine, pain in the side or lower abdomen, high blood pressure. When tsistologicheskom urinalysis determined the cancer cells. Constantly recurring cystitis may point tocancer bladder. About kidney

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Golden Needle: both eager and reluctant to speak

On the method of treating obesity Golden Needle ® heard many. However, the responses about it sometimes can be quite critical. The reason? The fact that the author's technique, patented Mariyat Muradalievnoy Mukhina, recently was attacked by "pirates". Using the popular brand, unscrupulous people are not just trying to cash in on it, but also discredits the procedure.

Why fake "golden needles" are not effective? How to distinguish real gold needle ® from fakes? We talked about it with Mariyat Fly — physician reflexologist, Doctor of Medicine and author of methodology Golden Needle ®.

— Recently I was

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Gold threads

Ptosis (drooping) of the soft tissues of the face — a characteristic sign of the destruction of the age of the skin of the frame. Beginning at age 35, becoming a scarce natural support structures — collagen and elastin. Fixing the subcutaneous tissue ligaments become weak and can not withstand the force of gravity. Adipose cloth person falls down and stretches the skin. The result is lost smooth contours of the face — there are bags under his eyes, cheek folds, the so-called "Bryl" at the edge of the lower jaw. The older, more subcutaneous fat and rich facial

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Area of special attention

After the birth of a child may be problems where ashamed to admit, treat them uncomfortable … having sex is bring some discomfort. And yet, and urinary incontinence … what to do? To be treated! Today, these issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Urinary incontinence— A pathological condition in which the involuntary release of her. The volume and frequency of discharges can be different, from one to two drops every couple of days to a constant drip.

Why postpartum urinary incontinence may occur

In the process of childbirth and pregnancy, pelvic floor muscles women experience an

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Toothpaste protects against colds

In recent years, dentists are increasingly focused on the problems of oral health and prevention of periodontal disease — the tissues surrounding the tooth and holding it in the gums. Periodontal disease — it does not decay, which will cure any dentist for a maximum of one or two visits, everything is much more complicated and serious. And, unfortunately, the disease Periodontal there are no less than the infamous tooth decay. According to the report of a WHO Scientific Group (1990), which were collected by a survey of the population in more than 50 countries, the high level of

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Plaque — limescale brownish tint, which are often formed on the inner surfaces of the lower incisors. Despite the fact that, apparently, the lime is white, tartar dark enough. And all because of its composition, other than salts of calcium are leftovers, dead cells, bacteria, phosphorus and iron salts, etc. This occurs most often in an irregular or improper cleaning of teeth, the habit of taking only soft food, chew on one side, or metabolic disorders.

Dentists recommend removing plaque every six months or a year. For this purpose is used as a hand tool, and ultrasound, followed

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Toothbrushes yarn paste etc.

During the ingestion of oral food residue accumulates weight. Under the action of the bacterial flora and saliva are formed dental plaque and tartar deposits occur. Poor oral hygiene contributes to the development of caries and periodontitis.

Dentifrice mankind since ancient times for a variety of devices: from "scrap" (his own finger) to a specially flattened sticks and gold toothpick. But our time has made many innovations in the maintenance of oral hygiene.

Toothbrushes Currently, there is no dilemma what to choose a brush: artificial Bristle or natural. Of course, artificial: it is more hygienic, durable, you can

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