Acupuncture: 5 Problems — One Solution

Acupuncture originated in China more than two millennia ago. Ancient healers considered the foundation of good health proper circulation of qi in the body and improve it by introducing into the biologically active points of sharp bamboo sticks.

Since then medicine has leaped forward, but to address some health problems acupuncture is still used, and quite successfully.

On the possibilities of modern acupuncture and what problems it solves, says MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

Problem 1. Stress

According to statistics, 50% of residents of

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Playing in the kitchen!

Oh, how to do everything? .. It is necessary to cook dinner, do the cleaning, and the child would be nice to work out something interesting. But what if you combine housework and developmental activities? You think it is impossible? We assure you it is not so! In the kitchen there is always lots of important things for a child of any age.

From 3 to 12 months

At this age, the baby will be a pleasure to watch her mother sitting in a high chair or chaise lounge chair. Comment on their actions — now we dishwater

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Toys for the development of fine motor skills

The fact that the mind of a child is at their fingertips, a famous teacher once said Sukhomlinsky. And it's not just a pretty picture. Speech therapists and psychologists never tire of repeating how important to do fine motor skills — especially for the development of speech, well, for coordination, training hand to writing, drawing, handicrafts, etc.

Agile, skillful fingers — a pledge of the full intellectual development (attention, thinking, imagination, visual and motor memory). And in order for the process to be fun and interesting, invented many special games and toys.

For the little ones — from

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From the history of dietary supplements

Dietary supplements, though for some time now and is considered something new and fashionable, appeared back in the primitive communal society. It all started with the opening of the medicinal properties of plants. By selecting herbs and roots for food, our ancestors noticed that some of them have odd properties. Ginseng and lemongrass invigorate, henbane relieves pain dope relieves cough, with hemp and poppy result in a pleasant mood.

Over time, knowledge about herbs replenished. In the V century BC the Chinese knew about the beneficial properties of ephedra, and the ancient Incas were saved from malaria bark

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From the history of vegetarianism

Leo Tolstoy became a vegetarian because spared animals, and Adolf Hitler because he wanted to live to a hundred years. Today eat plant food has become fashionable, and new vegetarians not only relinquish meat, but also are active in the fight against meat-eaters.

The all-knowing science-stats in the world today there are about a billion vegetarians. Some countries are more of them in others — less. The absolute record for the number of people sitting on a vegetable diet, is India, where vegetarians make up 80% of the total population. However, this is not surprising. For most Indians,

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From the history of influenza

The diagnosis of "flu" has already become a habit. Temperature rises, pouring from his nose, sore throat. Nothing is done, will have ten days to sit at home, swallowing the bitter pill and choking with milk and honey. But it's not fatal. Are you sure? Less than a hundred years ago by a flu epidemic killed nearly 40 million people. There are doctors is a sign: "If you came cold, so not far offepidemic flu ". All medical publications are beginning to publish articles on the prevention and vaccination, and the district doctor to prepare a plump pile of

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Getting rid of the dependence

Addiction — a problem that underlies addiction. Leaders in the dependence potential are considered heroin, nicotine, cocaine, alcohol and barbiturates.

There are two components of dependence — physical and psychological dependence. Physical dependence cause not all drugs. For example, a physical dependence on LSD, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and other substances not found.

The most dangerous from the viewpoint of making physical dependence are opiates (morphine, heroin, etc.).

Physical addiction takes place after a period of abstinence syndrome (breaking). There are a number of methods to facilitate the break-up — painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, special exercises, auditory training. However, the best

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Getting rid of acne

Acne, pimples, comedones, acne all it spoils the mood and life is not only the younger generation in the period of puberty, but the adult half of humanity. Each of us wants to have a beautiful and clear skin. Let's try to understand the causes and treatment of acne.

Acne — the defeat of the sebaceous glands and their ducts inflammatory process, involving the hair follicles.

Varieties of Acne ordinary (usually occur in young people at puberty); red (for diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, or a violation of the sexual glands); medications (result from prolonged use of

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Get rid of double chin

The fate of a double chin can touch anyone — it can appear not only in women, and having problems with excess weight, but also slender, young ladies. What are its causes? What are the methods of struggle there? Try to understand.   The causes of double chin:   Heredity. If a family had a second chin at a young age, there is a good chance that their daughter will appear in a fairly young age. Bad posture. The cause may be a sedentary job. Wrong position of the head while walking, reading, sleeping, pregnancy may accelerate the emergence

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Excess vitamin causes mutations

Somehow a long time ago, in the XVI century, the famous Swiss physician Aureolus Philip Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim, aka Paracelsus, said: "All there is poison, and there is a cure all. It is only important measure. " This is one of the fundamental principles of medicine that applies to all medicines and to apply physicians.

Unfortunately, many people, including some doctors do not believe drugs vitamins. And, in practice, in vain. I'm sure many women will remember that love gynecologists prescribe folic acid. "Rides" to cycle, whether the woman is preparing for pregnancy or are already pregnant —

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