Abundance of the heart

Feeling once again piercing pain after a sip of mineral water with ice, you clearly understand: so this can not continue! From sensitive teeth need to urgently get rid of. Dentist can help here, but a visit to it is not always necessary, you can often cope with hypersensitivity and independently.


Why teeth begin to react to hot and cold?

Soreness in contact teeth and products directly from the freezer or cooker arise because they exposed dentin layer — textile, which is composed of tooth inside. Dentin is permeated by thousands of microscopic tubules associated with the

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Changes in the female body during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman's body there are significant physiological changes that ensure the proper development of the fetus, prepare organism for the upcoming birth and nursing. In this difficult period, the load on all the organs and systems of the body women is significantly increased, which may lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases and the development of complications. That is why as early as possible to get registered at the antenatal clinic, pass all the necessary specialists and tests. This will take adequate preventive measures and prepare to leave.


Cardiovascular system during pregnancy plays a more hard

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Changes in a woman’s body after childbirth

Normal postpartum period lasts about 6-8 weeks.

First 2-4 hours after a normal delivery (early postpartum period), the woman is in the delivery room. Obstetrician closely monitoring the overall health of young mothers: her pulse, blood pressure, constantly monitors the condition of the uterus (determines its texture, height, floor standing, watching the degree of blood loss). In the early postpartum period is to examine the soft birth canal and cervix using mirrors. All of the identified gaps sewn up.

After 2-4 hours Parturient transported on a gurney in a physiological postpartum unit. After a while, it can

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Shifting virus

In the world there are many laboratories are constantly replenished arsenal of vaccines and medicines. VirusInfluenza is among the most studied pathogens of infectious diseases. However, no year is complete without an epidemic of this infection, and once every few decades, as at present, the spread of flu is becoming a pandemic.

Virus Influenza is unique among infectious diseases because of its ability to rapidly and significantly change its structure. These changes affect the antigens — surface proteins that are recognized by the human immune system. Therefore, the immune system, drawn up after contact with another form of the

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Measurement of basal body temperature

The basal temperature (BT) — is the body temperature measured in the rectum. Fluctuations in basal body temperature of a healthy woman caused a reaction to the selection and number of the female hormone progesterone.

Why BT is measured: for determining ovulation and therefore favorable days for conceiving; to determine the safe days for unprotected sex; for the diagnosis of early pregnancy. Measurement rules BT is measured at about 7:00 in the morning, getting out of bed. The measurement time should not differ by more than 30 minutes. Rectal thermometer inserted into the hole on the5-10 minutes. It is

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Hiccups: what to do?

Hiccups — it's non-specific disturbance of respiratory function, which is the result of a series of jerky spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm and is manifested subjectively unpleasant short and intense respiratory movements. It sometimes occurs in healthy humans with no apparent cause and usually is harmless, quenched phenomenon.

Hiccups can occur under the following circumstances:

1. General cooling (especially in infants), especially in alcoholic intoxication.

2. When hyperextension of the stomach (overflow its food). According to experts, these involuntary muscle contractions may come from the esophagus. Disorders of food ingestion and stuck in the esophagus provoke spasms

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What is it?

Sperm is able to conceive, if in one milliliter contains not less than 20 million spermatozoa. In this case, more than a third of them should have a normal structure and be fairly mobile.

At moderate deviations from the norm, the aid comes IVF and disturbancies — a new way of artificial insemination: sperm injection (ICSI). Pierce the egg and inserted into it a viable pre-selected sperm.

When applied?

Method ICSI can achieve pregnancy when the complex and even untreatable forms of male infertility — for example, the detection unit or when sperm is

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Imitation orgasm: how to do it like a man

Men and women — different. Not better, not worse, just different. We have a lot of differences in anatomy, physiology, psychology, etc. Even orgasms are different — for women it's more psychological, physiological and men. It is estimated that a woman is more difficult to achieve "top of the world", so they often resort to a little feminine wiles — simulation (simulation) orgasm.

Remember even an episode from the movie "When Harry Met Sally" where Meg Ryan had a very impressive portrayed groans, facial expressions and gestures, showing the classic "fake" female orgasm.

However, a survey conducted

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The immune response to inflammation intimate

Despite the continuous improvement of methods of microbiological diagnosis and the development of new antimicrobial agents, there is a group infectious and inflammatory disease, the incidence of which in recent decades has been stably high without decreasing.

It is an infection of female genitalia. According to statistics, they rank first among all gynecological diseases with a frequency of occurrence of about 60 percent. A significant portion of these diseases are infections of the vulva and vagina.

The reasons for this situation somewhat. Among them — the variety of pathogens infectious and inflammatory diseases of the female

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Immunomodulators for children: how does it work?

SARS, it would seem, is not a terrible disease. But when the baby is "burning" of the temperature and choking due to nasal congestion — many parents panicked because I did not understand what to do?

First, do not panic. Colds — whether it's the flu or SARS — the eternal companion of man. On the guard of the baby's health is immune system. Acting as the anti-virus program on your computer, it is against pathogens: protects healthy cells recognize and destroy foreign particles. If the immune system is weakened, the child is often sick.

Immunity — the ability

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