Implantation in dentistry — a method of implanting artificial supports for fixed and removable dentures.

Implantation has a number of significant advantages over traditional methods of prosthetics. In particular, it allows patients to get dentures, indistinguishable in appearance and function of their own teeth. Furthermore, an implant crown are much longer. Implantation is the most physiological view of prosthetics.

Currently, for many people, who are deprived of some or all of the teeth, the usual solution (removable dental prosthesis) Entails considerable problems in daily life. There is a feeling of insecurity, there are certain difficulties and limitations in

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Dental Implants: How do little blood?

Why do I need to restore the lost teeth? As this save time, money and hassle? What are the advantages of computer simulation implants? What are the features set of implants for older people? These and other questions answered readers MedNovostey CEO Dental Center Dental Implant, maxillofacial surgeon, PhD Ashot V. Kamalyan.



1.Kakova must be qualified surgeon? Where to train specialists in dental implants? What should be the experience in the field of the surgeon?

2. Is it necessary to immediately begin preparatory operation to implant immediately after the removal of residues of

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What is it?

Impotence called the lack of penile erection in men, leading to the impossibility of sexual intercourse. Often, it is certainly a pathological condition is accompanied by a lack of desire (libido) and sensation of orgasm, rapid ejaculation, which, of course, greatly reduces the quality (and quantity) of sexual activity and has a negative impact on the psycho-emotional status of men, interpersonal and family relationships.

For a long time the diagnosis of "impotence" put all without exception, men who complained about the doctor to reduce the duration and strength of erections. However, a large number of these

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Impotence: the history of the continuation

"Impotence", the term of Latin origin. It was first used in 1420 in a poem by Thomas Hokkliva "De regimine principum" to mean "lack of power" or "helplessness", "His impotence not extend as far as his influence. " And in the sense of "loss of sexual power", the term was first used only in 1655 in the "History of the Church in Britain" by Thomas Fuller, where the impotent man was named the Pope himself. But, of course, the problem of male impotence existed long before there was a word "impotence".

Biblical History

Paradoxically, the first mention of

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The suffix E on the food packaging

According to the letter E on its packaging can be identified the presence of a food additive in a particular product. Index E (from Europe) within the European Community to denote the presence in food of any nutritional supplements, identified according to the International Classification System (INS).

In each of these additives have a specific person, that is, its chemical, tested for safety, composition:

E100-E182— Dyes that are used to give the products of different colors; E200-E299 — Preservatives used to extend the shelf life; E300-E399— Antioxidants, as well as acidity regulators, delays aging process (in fact,

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Individual approach to contraception

Some method of contraception chosen gynecologist after examination and consultation. You can not say that a particular method is appropriate for most women, the choice is influenced by many factors — the age of the patient, the individual characteristics of the organism, the available chronic disease, the frequency of sexual activity, pregnancy planning, taking drugs. In clinics "MedCenterService" may be selected include the feminine Contraception:

— Hormones;

— NuvaRing;

— IUD (intrauterine device).

Hormonal treatments

One of the most highly effective forms of contraception — hormonal. Now a large widespread so-called combined oral contraceptives

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Foreign bodies of the eye

The cause of injury can be any foreign body, released to the eye. Because of a large number of nerve endings in the eye of even microscopic particles, trapped under the eyelid may seem daunting.

Foreign bodies can be pieces of metal particles, dust, sand, lime, glass, gnats and more. Thus begins immediately profuse watery eyes — and the more superficial situated foreign body, the more pronounced symptoms of irritation eye.

Metal particles also cause severe eye irritation. For example, a man knocking hammer on metal, andsome moment to notice that in the eyes, it would seem,

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Foreign bodies, trauma

Eye Injuries dangerous for its unpredictability: they can happen anywhere, with anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances.

Kids fight, some shooting pellets from an air gun or simply fail to play snowballs? Result — whom some of them delivered to an ophthalmologist withinjury (contusion) of the eye. Adults have discovered champagne cork and hit theeye One of them — the same sad consequences.

In the hands of a child or adult firecracker exploded poor quality? The result — burn eyes, and, possibly, a penetrating wound of the eyeball. In the eyes flew midge got metal shavings, a piece of glass

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Inspector, I’m not drunk!

The driver behind the wheel — it is a potential danger to others, and drunk driver— A threat to the very obvious. On the roads of Russia in the "drunk" accident deaths each year tens of thousands of people — and these statistics can not be ignored. One of the most rapid methods for the detection of abused drivers — Tests of the series "Breathe as well." Technically, there are many methods, but the principle remains unchanged — is determined by the content of ethyl alcohol in the breath.

Breath tests are used not only in our country

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Instructions for the child’s safety (for the nurse)

Every time you leave a child with a babysitter, you do not give rest to a scary thought — what if anything going to happen? And it is not malicious, but simply because you forgot to warn the nurse that's about it risky moment. To avoid this, leave the nanny for the child's safety instructions.

The following are exemplary embodiment of such instructions, which you can supplement their more detailed observations.

Instructions for the child's safety (for the nurse) Never leave your child alone with a bottle: it can drown. Never put him to sleep on a soft

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