Insulinotherapy is the leading method of treatment of diabetes worldwide. It can significantly improve the condition of patients and provide them with a full life.

Insulinotherapy apply:

for the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus the first type; as a "temporary measure" the preparation of patients with type II diabetes to surgical interventions in the event of respiratory and other diseases; for the treatment of patients with type II diabetes after failure of treatment hypoglycemic agents. Calculation of daily insulin dose

Physician based on the level of blood glucose and urine calculates daily insulin dose. The required amount

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What is it?

Stroke — an acute circulatory disorders of the brain, leading to damage and death of nerve cells. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is either blocked (by plaque, thrombus — an ischemic stroke) or ruptures (hemorrhagic stroke). Once part of the nerve cells die, the body loses one of the functions for which the dead cells responded: paralysis, loss of speech and other serious violations. The larger the area of necrosis in the brain, the more serious the consequences of a stroke.

According to the Framingham study, and Rochester, the

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Stroke: how to recognize and what to do

    Mostthe first symptoms of stroke are:   Sudden weakness in the arm and / or leg; sudden numbness in the arm and / or leg; sudden violation audio and / or understanding; Sudden loss of balance, violation coordination, dizziness; Sudden loss of consciousness; severe headache with no some apparent reason or after severe stress, physical stress; sudden numbness of the lips or the side of the face, often with a "tilting" of the face, and all this against the background of an unusually low or, conversely, high blood pressure

When you see you, your family member

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Intelligence — general ability to the knowledge and problem-solving. Under the intellect as well understood as a system of cognitive abilities (perception, memory, thinking, imagination) and the ability to solve problems without the trial and error in the mind. However, there are many definitions of intelligence paradoxes created by psychologists. "Intelligence — what intelligence tests measure" — left to answer Alfred Binet, when he was asked to tell what it is. An even more elegant definition belongs Mac Nimaru: "Every man knows what intelligence is. This is something that no other! ".

A very long time, there were two

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Online recipes for a hangover

On the Internet, you can find dozens of ways to "fast and reliable" getting rid of the unpleasant consequences of yesterday's meeting with the alcohol. A hangover, in other words. But withstand the online recommendation medical check?

Hangover syndrome has significant implications not only for the suffering of the individual, but for the economy and health care in general. For example, in the UK related losses are about 2 billion pounds a year, mostly, this includes losses from absenteeism for health reasons. In the U.S., hungover damage is estimated at 12-30 billion dollars a year. However, there are other

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Interstitial cystitis

What's this

Interstitial cystitis — is non-infectious inflammation of the bladder. Patients are irritative symptoms when urinating, which are caused by a decrease in bladder capacity and pain that arise when full (usually stoped when emptying the bladder) Urine bacterial flora and cytology negative for the disease is not detected any other urologic pathology .

Why did this happen

The cause of IC is unknown. Proposed many theories: the infectious, lymphatic congestion, neuropathy, failure of the protective layer of the bladder, psychological disorders, immunological disorders, exposure to toxic products contained in the urine. To date, none of these theories

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Intimate Care

Intimate hygiene— Such a delicate topic that usually try not to touch her. However, this silence can turn a lot of trouble.

Terms of intimate hygiene For cleaning the soap must be used, but only warm water or special formulations for personal hygiene, containing a substance does not violate the acidity of the vaginal environment and create conditions for the growth of lactobacilli. You need to wash your hands washed clean, at least twice a day. The direction of the water jet for cleaning and hand movements should be directed from front to back, not to bring invagina

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Gynecological Surgery for Women

Intimate surgery for women includes the operation to restore the hymen and improve the shape, size and function of the vagina and labia minora.

Plastics of the labia minora

Perhaps among all the plastic surgery on female genital mutilation, this — the most in demand. This situation is due to the fact that the anatomical asymmetry of the labia minora — a physiological rate of the female body, which is beginning to be realized from the period of puberty. If too elongated labia create aesthetic or functional disadvantages, resort to their partial resection (removal). Operation performed under local anesthesia,

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Intimate answers to intimate questions

Sterile marriage — a challenge that is often spoken in a whisper, as though ashamed. This is wrong, especially since today there are unique reproductive technologies to anew look at old problems.

So, barren couple. Who is to blame? A woman? Man? Professionals say that today the percentage of infertility is divided exactly equally — "50 to 50".

Today, discussing the topic of male infertility, we met with the head of the embryology laboratory Medical Center, "peace" Vladimir Yelagin.

— Tell me, please, what tests should pass a man with suspected infertility?

Because a man's ability to

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Intimate dysbiosis

As a rule, women are faced with a diagnosis of "dysbiosis" at a reception at the gastroenterologist, believing that it is an unpleasant condition occurs only in the intestine. But it is an insidious disease and can harm the genitals, causing a host of complications, including infertility.

Itching, burning, vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor — all of these symptoms eloquently about what occurred in the intimate microflora imbalance and pathogenic bacteria multiply. In other words, it is an unpleasant and dangerous disease "bacterial vaginosis" (vaginal dysbiosis), treatment is by no means impossible to pigeonhole.


Why there

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