Myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction is known as a terrible disease, taking lives. No wonder the man was upset his words or actions, saying "bring to a heart attack." This saying reflects one of the characteristics of a heart attack — it can trigger the development of strong emotional feelings and stress. Physical stress — is also among the "agents provocateurs". But the most common heart attack begins in the morning, after waking up, when the transition from night to day activity holiday supplies heart increased load.

But not everyone waves working or waking man "grabs the heart." What is a

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Infections and Pregnancy

Expectant mother should pay special attention to their health. Ideally, even during the planning pregnancy it's desirable tested for sexual infections and donate blood for antibodies to chlamydia, toxoplasma, herpes, cytomegalovirus (CMV). The fact that these infections usually occur unnoticed, andwoman may not be aware that she was ill. However, during pregnancy microbes have a detrimental effect on the fetus, causing birth defects and other disorders. That is why it is important to advance identify and treat these diseases.

Another infection, which should be particularly wary of pregnant women — rubella. In women infected with rubella during the first

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Infections of skin and soft tissue

In 2004 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK 1.3 million patients were hospitalized for SSTIs, including those due to cellulitis (52.7 percent), local surgical site infection (15.8 percent), diabetic foot (15.3 percent), ulcers (12 percent).

According to expert estimates, the Russian infections of skin and soft tissue ranged from 480 to 700,000 patients a year. Every year in Russia for help in medical facilities are turning to 1.5 million patients with trophic ulcers, about 500,000 patients with diabetic foot syndrome.

Infections of skin and soft tissue are usually caused by multiple microbes at the same

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Kissing disease

What is it?

Kissing disease— An acute viral disease, characterized by fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Also characterized by certain changes in blood tests.

The disease is caused by human herpes virus type IV, also called the Epstein-Barr virus — by the names of the scientists who discovered it. Infectious Mononucleosis is also called "kissing disease" because the virus transmission among young people can be with saliva during a kiss.

Infection with the Epstein-Barr virus is high, and in all age groups, but the virus not very contagious infection is required for prolonged contact with a carrier.

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Yoga for pregnant women

Today the choice of courses for expectant mothers for childbirth is huge, but many prefer yoga. And not because it's fashionable technique. Yoga for pregnant women can kill two birds with one stone: to prepare for the birth of physically and psychologically. Women doing yoga during pregnancy, safely and avoid perineal tears and postpartum depression.

For the benefit of the child any inversions — it will help to better accommodate the fetus.

Why practice

Many doctors agree that expectant mothers who practice yoga have good physical health and radiate optimism. Their bodies are flexible and prepared to ensure

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Iodine deficiency

According to statistics, the lack of iodine in the body have more than 1.5 billion inhabitants of the planet. And the diseases caused by deficiency of the trace element, are fairly common. They are by no means harmless. Almost 740 million people due to lack of iodine increased thyroid gland (endemic goiter), and 40 million people for the same reason — mental retardation.

In Russia, more than 35% of the population suffer from iodine deficiency, often without knowing it. Hormonal disorders arising because of iodine deficiency, first proceed quickly, and do not bother people. Later begins enlargement of the

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Artificial Insemination

What is it?

Artificial Insemination— One of the methods of assisted reproductive technology, which is the introduction of semen sexual partner in the woman's uterus.

Inseminations carried out in many health facilities, but the success of such an operation is quite modest (7-10%). The introduction of fresh sperm into the uterus and painful sensations, the risk of transmission of infection, and desired pregnancy is still not coming.

Today, there are laboratory techniques to greatly enhance the effect of the introduction of the husband's sperm. Modern high-speed centrifuges can without damaging the male germ cells enriched sperm, clear

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When is it necessary?

Artificial feeding is shown only when the restore full production of breast milk fails. Even if a mother of a small amount of milk the baby will still need to apply to the chest and strive maximize feeding breast milk.

To avoid complications for the baby's health all the issues related to artificial feeding (diet, selection or change of infant formula, the introduction of complementary foods, etc.), parents should discuss in detail with the child's pediatrician or dietitian.

Every mother should understand that even the best dairy mixture is not equal in composition

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Artificial insemination

Considered infertile marriage in which, despite regular sexual life without the use of contraceptives, pregnancy does not occur in a woman during the year. Today, faced with this problem about every fifth family.

Most cases of male and female infertility are treatable, and the couple has a baby naturally. Unfortunately, it also happens that the cause of infertility is found, but the problem persists with any medication, or even surgery.

However, in these pairs is still a chance to conceive a child. You can do this by turning to specialized clinics dealing with artificial insemination.

Currently, the

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The art of being together

We stand two main enemies: the health problems and poor relationships with a partner. Build and maintain harmonious in every sense of the union — the art that can be learned in the same way as the art of building and monitor their health.

The main enemies of sexual health

Typically, these are the same factors that undermine health in general, we are aging prematurely.

1. Smoking, even passive, that is, inhaling someone else's smoke, generally more dangerous than alcohol consumption.

2.Obesity and related health problems — a common cause of sexual dysfunction, especially in men.

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