Blood test for syphilis

Syphilis — one of the most common sexually transmitted disease that affects the internal organs, skin and central nervous system. There is the possibility of syphilis, not only sexually, but also by household: through utensils, bedding, personal hygiene items and other things that were used or touched by sick people.

To determine if you are sick or not, you should contact your doctor who will examine and referral for testing. Laboratory diagnosis reveals the causative agent of syphilis — pale treponemu. As a material for study can be as blood plasma and secretions of skin rash, sometimes

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Cervical incompetence (CIN): types

There are numerous causes that lead to miscarriage. One — Cervical failure, that is, a condition in which the isthmus (in Latin "Isthmus") and neck ("cervix") of the uterus can not cope with the increasing workload (the growing fetus, amniotic fluid), and begin to prematurely disclosed.

What's going on?

In order to understand the development of this condition, it is necessary to know the structure of the uterus. Uterus consists of a body (where the pregnancy is developing fetus) and the neck, which, together with the isthmus forms in childbirth one of the components of the birth canal.

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The history of alcoholism in Russia dates, facts and reflections

Russian drinking: the mentality, the fashion or the ancient laws of the country?

Shakespearean dilemma of "to be or not to be" in the Russian manner can reinterpret as "drink or not to drink. " Modern Russia gladly take over the noble habits of the West and has a long reputation in the international scientific field. But anyway, in the eyes of the peoples of other countries, we still define the simple combination — matryoshka-vodka-bear.

And if Russia has always suffered from the indiscriminate use of alcohol, refusal to undergo treatment of alcoholism and the desire to

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The history of tobacco in the world

The first images of tobacco smokers have been found in ancient temples in Central America, date back to the year 1000 BC. Tobacco was at a premium at the local healers: He is credited with medicinal properties, and tobacco leaves were used as a painkiller.

Tobacco use was included in the religious rituals of the ancient civilizations of America: the participants believed that the inhalation of tobacco smoke helps them to communicate with the gods. During this period, developed two methods of smoking tobacco in North America have become popular tube, whereas in South America was widespread cigar

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The history of tobacco in Russia

In Russia for a long time, the use of tobacco is not encouraged. Tobacco for the first time appear in Russia under Ivan the Terrible. His imported English merchants, he enters the baggage hired officers, interventionists and Cossacks in times of turmoil. Smoking for a short time becomes a temporary popularity among the aristocracy.

Under Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov tobacco related changes dramatically. Tobacco is subjected to the official ban, the smuggled goods are burned, its customers and dealers are subject to fines and corporal punishment.

Become even tougher to treat tobacco Moscow after the fire in

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Internal Power Source

A woman looks attractive and the only leather neck and hands, suddenly became too dry and wrinkled, not just a "hint" of age, and unfairly "add" years its owner.

With such an annoying problem may face not only a mature woman, but a young girl. As the skin becomes dry, wrinkled, pigmentation appears on it, both because of age-related changes, and under the influence of the negative effects of UV rays and other environmental factors that are harmful to the skin.

"Justice" and bring back the natural beauty and youthful skin of the hands, neck, décolleté

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What you need to prepare for eyelid surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty — is an operation aimed at removing fat along with excess skin and muscle on the upper and lower eyelids. With blepharoplasty can correct age-related tissue upper eyelid ptosis ("heavy eyelids") and "bags" under the eyes that make you older, and look — tired. However, this operation will not be able to eliminate facial wrinkles at the outer corners eye (The so-called "crow's feet"), dark circles under the eyes, drooping eyebrows.

Of course, blepharoplasty will improve your appearance and increase self-confidence, but the result may not fit your ideals, so think carefully about

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How to get the twins?

Birth twins — a rather rare phenomenon, because the twins are only 2% of newborns. When the triplets were born, this is known throughout the city as the triplets are born, and even more rarely are already 2% of the births of twins.

Multiple pregnancy can be different. Not all children born as a result of a pregnancy are similar to each other. There odnoyaytsovye and dizygotic twins. Dizygotic twins have a resemblance to each other, like any brother and sister. Despite the fact that they develop in the uterus while the difference in the time of

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How to deal with sagging skin

To lose a little weight, you should still eliminate the effects of combat — to keep skin elasticity, improve health, improve quality of life.

Everyone knows that weight loss is a strong negative impact on the skin — it is "sag", loses elasticity and tone. Particularly deplorable consequences if there was a dramatic weight loss in a short time. Leather simply "do not have time to" catch up independently, form unsightly creases. Therefore, it is important not to lose ten pounds once in ten days, and lose weight gradually. At the same time helping the face and

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How to quit smoking?

In Russia smokers make up 70% of the population.

Everyone is free to choose between the fleeting pleasure of smoking and reducing the health risk contacts to abandonment of the habit. If smoker, independently or under the influence of propaganda, decides in favor of tobacco smoking, it may encounter difficulties psychologically.Failure smoking long and for some smokers, not a simple process.

You may experience some discomfort sweating, cough, sore throat, headache, upset stomach. In throwing a bad mood, there is irritability, and sometimes depression.

The most famous, long and unpleasant effect of smoking cessation is an

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