How quickly put himself in order

Being beautiful is easy. It is hard to just look beautiful. So, you have to be fully prepared — you responsible action, which was reported so suddenly, and can, sweetheart unexpectedly appointed date or girlfriend called to the theater, offering an extra ticket? You went to the mirror, and you was terrified, "Is this a tired woman with extinct eyes — am I?" Do not worry! Take a closer look: in fact you have very expressive eyes, regular features and a charming smile. What more do you need to look irresistible? We only need to freshen up: relieve fatigue,

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How to introduce solid foods?

When the child reaches the age of 6 months, its need for protein, vitamins and minerals increases significantly. It's time to enter into the diet of the baby full carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Previously, doctors recommended to introduce solid foods from 4 months. But the special sense in this. If there are no problems with growth, development and health, it is best to start lure in 6 months. If a skinny kid with a poor appetite, low hemoglobin, then it is better to start solid foods early in 5 months.

Generally it is believed that

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How to return a woman’s attractiveness?

What makes a woman attractive: the eyes, the smile, the gait, the figure of 90-60-90? Glossy magazines are betting on the centerfold a la Barbie doll — long legs and impressive bust. Scientists claim that the important thin waist if its circumference is 70% of the circumference of the hips, the woman — pure Viagra. Poets and artists against the standards and insist that women can not understand the appeal of the mind, can only be felt.

What people think about women's attractiveness doctors? What determines the attractiveness of women? Can it be measured? Are there ways

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How to determine the time menopause?

In the life of every woman of a certain age comes a pretty difficult time, connected with the natural hormonal changes in the body. This physiological period during which the general background on age-related changes in body processes prevail in the reproductive system, characterized by the cessation of fertility first and then menstrual functions. It is called climacteric, from the Greek "stairway", "step".

At what stages divided into menopause?

Menopause is divided into three main phases.

Premenopausal — period to the last menstrual period usually begins after 40-50 years and continues on average 15-18 months. At this time, a

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What causes depression

The sense of power over events and the ability to control their own are very important for the physical and psychological health. Imagine what would you feel to find that they no longer have power to change your life and everything that happens happens to you in addition to your will — most likely, you will have a feeling of helplessness, and you stop trying to do something. In other words, you will depression.

Renowned psychologist Martin Seligman, dealing with the problems of behavior, argues that our perceptions of power and control over events depends on our experience.

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As there is a multiple pregnancy?

Sometimes the uterus develops more than one embryo, ie a prolific pregnancy. Recently, due to the rapid development of new treatments for infertility, the number of multiple births has increased markedly.

Identical twins develop from a single egg. This happens when several sperm fertilize an egg multi-core, or the division of the embryo into two parts by splitting the fertilized eggs when each part is obtained from a single embryo. Identical twins grow in the womb together and share a common membrane and placenta. They have the general circulation. Since genetics in identical twins identical, they are always

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As an erection

Over the last century, part of the population surveys have shown that the list of stresses associated with marriage, money is headed. Pollsters asked people not just about sex, and the respondents themselves were not given this information. When the list began to include sexual issues, money issues took a back seat. Even among happily married couples about 50% of the men mentionedkakih-nibud sexual difficulties (women satisfied was even less — about 25%).

Indeed, as one of the pleasures of life, full sex promotes good emotional mood. Sexual disorders often cause people a lot of unnecessary suffering —

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How to repair the heart after a heart attack?

Generally, people who have had a heart attack, believe that the return to normal life will not succeed. However, the medicine is not in place, and now this opinion is erroneous.

Using advanced techniques can achieve maximum functional recovery of the heart muscle (myocardium), and thus ensure normal blood circulation in the body. This, in turn, will not hesitate to deal with everyday stresses, to work, to rest, to be sexually active and to cope with the emerging challenges and stresses of life. In addition, it is now possible to minimize the risk of a second heart

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How to choose the circles and sections?

Many parents believe that the larger clubs, groups and sections of their child attends, the better. So, picking up child under his arm, lathered mother takes him to the music in English, with choreography by drawing. Go to sleep in the subway, lunch from a thermos in the hallway, walk on the road with tennis on origami … All family members are included in a crazy race on transportation kid to school and back, and preparation for a variety of performances and competitions, production aids and costumes.

Of course, you do want to have time and everywhere, to

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How to choose a doctor for your child?

The success of the treatment of the child depends on whether you trustpediatrician, how respectful of your relationship.

Where do I find a doctor? All children are registered in the children's clinic in the community. Therefore, the meeting with pediatrician you can not avoid. Ideally, a district must take the child from birth to 14 years and know all about his health. In the district children's clinics can also consult specialists. If necessary, consult the child from the experts of large specialized research centers and institutes. In private clinics and insurance. Finally, there are private practitioners (usually they

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