How to choose a daycare?

1. 're Sadik accompanied by a child

If a child in a garden just do not like it — draw your own conclusions. The child, in contrast to adults, often immediately feel the general mood of a team. But keep in mind, if a child has an initial installation "in the garden do not want" — it will reject any kindergarten, even the best …

One mother suit her daughter to kindergarten and early, of course, with the institution, which was known as in the exemplary. There, they say, and the active development, and swimming, and great food

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How to choose a clinic for prenatal care

The test showed two bands, which means that all the doubts behind — you're pregnant! You reported the happy news to his father of the child, and now is the time to decide where to register the pregnancy.

Selection of medical institutions — it is very responsible, because it is here for the duration of the doctors will monitor pregnancy and development of the baby.

In our country, all expectant mothers State provides an opportunity to register and free use of antenatal care throughout pregnancy. However, at the same time, are in great demand now and

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How to choose a clinic for IVF?

When, for various reasons, it is impossible more year alone conceive a child, comes to the rescue in vitro fertilization (IVF).

When a conversation with a doctor, people come, dreaming of the baby and rely on the help of IVF — which they often hear? Convicts phrases that not everyone is able to get pregnant after the first procedure. Often need to re-program, and behind it … one more … and so on. Of course, no doctor is able today to give an absolute guarantee to IVF. However, it should be remembered that in different clinics success

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How to choose a compression hosiery?

One of the most important elements of the treatment of varicose veins of the leg is the compression hosiery. And for the different stages of the disease produced knitwear, providing varying degrees of pressure. Therefore, medical jersey has a corresponding class of compression marks.

Plain jersey has only marking density products in DEN, and the packaging of medical hosiery must be specified class of compression and pressure in millimeters of mercury. If you see a "therapeutic" jersey labeled in DEN and an indication of the fact that he "varicose" — be sure it is a fake.



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How to choose the right shoes?

Often we buy shoes, guided only by its appearance. We matter how attractive and fashionable shoes look. But the choice of shoes should be approached with the utmost seriousness, from what you wear on your feet, depends on your health.

Choosing shoes

Poor quality or simply unsuitable shoes can spoil life in small but annoying nuisances, such as calluses. In addition, can also occur far more serious problems — diseases of the veins, joints, muscles, and even the spine. Therefore, the two main rules for the selection of shoes is very simple: 1) it is better not to save

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How to choose a school?

What parent would not want to be precious child has learned in a good school? But the definition of a "good school" with many baffled.

What is a "good school"?

For some, the sample will be a "good Soviet school," in which they once learned (and nothing but normal people have grown!), So now they want for their children about the same only for the money. Alas, the same remained in the Soviet past. And irrevocably.

For others, a good school — this is where the children learn "decent people", ie Prestigious. Such a school must necessarily

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How does a premature baby

Even quite full-term infants sometimes scare new parents with their appearance — fromjournal-art puhloschekih babies, they are very different. What can we say about the premature babies, according to the laws of nature are still some when they should have been my mother's warm womb!

Head of such children disproportionately large, immature skin — very thin until translucent, glossy, soft, without any fat, so wrinkled. The body is abundantly covered by original guns, and a large degree of prematurity at this fuzz can cover and face. Marigolds are very thin, do not always reach the fingertips. The boys often

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How does a newborn?

You have dreamed of touching chubby baby with perevyazochkami on arms and legs as the cover parent magazine, but instead you presented a red, wrinkled creature with a huge head and eyes unclear? Do not worry, it may take a little time and a strange alien becomes a cherub that same magazine. In the meantime, get to know him better and find out how to look like a newborn. That his appearance should alert you, and that — quite normal?


Immediately after birth, head shape may be deformed, because in the process of natural childbirth she squeezed, and

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How to survive in a magnetic storm?

Magnetic storm — It's quick and drastic changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, resulting in a period of high solar activity. Such changes will not have consequences for the inhabitants of the planet: a magnetic storm disrupts the function cardiovascular and digestive systems, the slow response of the central nervous system, reduces efficiency.

For example, the number of deteriorating health of coronary heart disease in the days of magnetic storms on50-55% More than on ordinary days. Of these, 25-27% Angina occurs on the eve of unfavorable days, the same — in the next day. Some weather-sensitive

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How to get out of the conflict

Sooner or later, the conflict ends. There are several ways to get out of the state of the conflict.


The examples are not far to seek. Violence in conflicts leads to fights, but at the level of large social groups — the wars and armed conflicts. The principle of "might is right" in a civilized form is transformed into a rule of "the boss is always right."

The only advantage of the use of force — an opportunity to end the conflict quickly. However, such a solution is always strategically ineffective. Violence is known to lead

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