How to cure a sore throat

Acute respiratory infections are a major social problem. Flu and SARS — is constant companions autumn-winter period. Most of the inhabitants of the cities have a weak immune system due to continued stress and adverse environmental conditions. Viruses enter the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth and the nose, which is why the nasal cavity and throat require strong defense systems. The main factor is the protection of mucus, which is rich in protective substances, such as lysozyme and secretory immunoglobulin. But if you still some pathogen manages to wade through all the safety mechanisms, it

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How to cure cardiomyopathy?

Dilated cardiomyopathy usually occurs for no apparent reason and soon begins to seem a verdict — the causes are unknown, treatment mainly symptomatic condition gradually worsens prognosis disappointing.

But few people know that modern medicine has to offer something more than supportive therapy, and in patients with cardiomyopathy have a real chance to not only stop the progression of the disease, but greatly improve your health and regain the pleasure of life.

Until recently, the only radical method of treatment of dilated cardiomyopathy was a heart transplant. Due to the imperfect system of organ

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As children become alcoholics because of drinking parents

Alcoholism parents kill their children

Drunkenness parents never goes in vain for the younger generation. Naive assumption that the children, seeing the behavior of parents who do not repeat their mistakes, it is unlikely. In 87% of children and adolescents repeat the fate of dependent adults.

In general, the causes of child alcoholism formally there are four. They are:

1. The desire to express themselves and assert themselves in the eyes of the public, as well as direct dependence on the society in which the child turns.

2. The need to hide from the problems.

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How to diagnose early pregnancy?

Pregnancy in the early stages can be diagnose in several ways:

The most convenient option — test pregnancy from the nearest pharmacy. Test based on the determination of a specific pregnancy hormone — human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Measurement of basal temperature within 5-6 days after the delay period. If it is kept at the same level — above 37 °, more often it favors the pregnancy. Definition pregnancy in a medical facility or in the laboratory. In this case, blood is taken from a vein for the determination of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). It is not

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How to live without varicose veins?

The venous system of the legs consists of deep and superficial veins, vessels. Typically, thrombosis — A disease is superficial veins. Varicose expansion — The same thrombosis veins of the lower limbs — are pathological changes vein valves and the weakness of the walls of blood vessels.

Among the factors that have an impact on the tone of the venous vessel wall, phlebologists say heavy loads on their feet. In particular, the risk group are those whose jobs require a long stay in a "vertical" position: sellers, hairdressers, workers in manufacturing plants, construction workers, security guards, waiters,

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How to finish fast with no problems for digestion?

Great sustain a seven-week post hard, but even harder to get out of it properly. As with any diet, Fasting is necessary to complete correctly as 7 weeks the body gets used to work in a more economical mode, which results in a decrease in the level of metabolism and synthesis of various enzymes.

The main problem with the output from the post, is that the "economical" mode of energy expenditure by the body is stored for some time, and almost all the "excess" of energy (compared with its consumption during Lent), first appears on the hips and waist.

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How to protect your skin in the summer?

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Spring and summer — this is the season of the sun, healthy food in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables, leisure and even a lot of positive things! We are all looking forward to it! But sometimes this period overshadowed some trouble — for example, problems with the skin. But it is so important in the spring and summer, when we wear revealing clothes, have a clean and healthy skin.

Holiday by the majority of working only lasts two weeks and go to the sea is very desirable. 7-10 Days in Turkey

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How to protect your legs during the flight

Recently, many people often make the flight, due to both the forced circumstances — frequent business trips, and with the opportunity to travel to different corners of our planet. It's so convenient, got on a plane and a few hours later in another city or country.

It is no secret that during the long flight legs start to swell, get sick, there is a strong sense of discomfort.

In the last century, scientists have found that in time flight leg veins are several factors: the low oxygen concentration, low humidity and a low partial pressure, because

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How and why to breastfeed?

The benefits of breast milk

Breastfeeding Milk contains all the necessary nutrients for the baby, and in the optimum proportion and form, adapted to the peculiarities of the digestive system of a particular infant, as produced by the mother's body, "customized". Breast milk contains substances that help protect the child from diseases, formed until his immune system, and that is especially important in our time, from allergies. Artificial mixture does not provide because breast milk contains substances that can not be synthesized artificially. The composition of breast milk is change with the growth of the baby, in accordance with

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How to get rid of freckles?

Most often freckles — the phenomenon of succession. They arise from5-year age, mostly in blond and red-haired kids. Number konopushek and their intensity increases with age, but after 25-30 years, they begin to fade.

Spring — is not the time for a serious fight with freckles and age spots. Do it in late autumn — all whitening agents (especially strong) are not compatible with sunlight. Is it possible tosomething taken when the sun warms already? Yes. Very delicate bleaching.


To display the freckles, you can do the daily mask.

Yeast. Dilute to the consistency of

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