How to get rid of scars?

Perhaps a commonplace phrase that scars adorn a man, is not devoid of meaning. Not for nothing doestattoo parlors a new service — scarification. However, the vast majority of people with scars and scars dream rid of them. This is not easy, but it is real.

On what methods are currently used in plastic surgery to deal with scars, we spoke withdoctor of the highest category, a leading plastic surgeon Scandinavian Medical Center, Alexander A. Markelov.

— A rhetorical question: where are the scars?

Scarring on the body end all operations and injuries. Exception — superficial scratches

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How to avoid allergens?

When those responsible for your illness known allergens, you should, first of all, try to avoid contact with them.

All activities are aimed at eliminating the contact with "your" allergens, called an elimination activities.


Absolute avoid exposure to pollen is not possible, if You just do not leave for the period of flowering "allergenic" of plants in different climatic zone, where these plants are not. Pollen is in the air, and you contact her whenever going outside. It passes through open windows and doors, getting inyour house.


Complete cessation of contact with epidermal allergens

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How to prevent bowel disease

Intestine in the body serves as the final digestion, nutrient absorption into the blood and removing the "waste". About 500 species of bacteria, "live" in our gut and play a critical role in the immune defense of the body. Any irregularities in the intestine is a potential threat to public health as a whole, as everything in our body is interconnected.

How to take care of health intestine? Of course, it is important to regularly and eat right. It is better to eat more frequently, but in small portions. Meals should be varied to provide the body

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How To Avoid Getting a ride

When traveling abroad, anyone is at risk infections common in the country of destination. To reduce this risk to a minimum, you need to take some preventive measures.


First of all, before traveling abroad should take care to preventive vaccination. First you need to make sure that we've passed the full amount of the vaccination of the national immunization schedule. This vaccination will protect against measles, rubella, mumps ("pigs"), diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio are very common and outside Russia.

Depending on the destination, this list must be replenished. Almost all recommended vaccinations traveling from hepatitis A virus

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How to avoid a hangover

In Russia very few holidays that have occurred without alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are present in almost every meal. It is safe to say that the majority of Russians are living in times when on the morning after the event has much to regret about the amount of alcohol consumed alcohol the day before. However, many begin to immediately renounce the use of alcohol in general, and especially in such quantities and nearly all begin to find means of a hangover. Before you give here are a few rules that avoid a hangover, you need to tell us a little

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How to avoid health problems after the holidays?

If the common cold or the flu can easily overshadow the life and spoil any plans, then that is capable of genital infection?

Leave behind, and there were only pleasant memories of days spent, meeting new people, and, perhaps, romantic and exciting adventures.

Now is the time — time to listen to your body.

New relationships can not only leave pleasant memories, but less pleasant "souvenir" in the form of sexual infections or sexually transmitted infections (STIs or STDs).

Even protected sex is not 100% protection against genital infection. It can be transmitted and with

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How to avoid injuries, roller skating?

In the spring and summer in the street a lot of boys and girls, famously driving around on roller skates in different designs. Young skaters can be found in the most unlikely of places: on a dirt road and the roadway, in the park and on the subway escalator, even in a trolley or bus.

In recent years, Russia is a hobby has become a truly colossal scale. The impression is that the commercials have become blue dream of every teenager. As we follow the fashion, as always, are lagging behind other countries. The rollers are in the

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How does the identity of the person under the influence of alcohol

Alcoholism — a disease that results in the destruction of not only the body but also his mind, his personality. In this case, do not suffer only the alcoholic, but also his family and circle of close friends, of course, is not related to alcohol. Changes in personality becomes a drunkard at the first stage of the disease. The patient has narrowed the range of interests, hobbies disappear almost everything not related to alcohol. All topics of conversation gradually flows into conversations about alcohol, how well has recently had a drink with friends or as a drink will come

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How to measure your stress

One way to interpret the stress — imagine it as any emotion in an extreme form of expression. That is, fear, anger, sadness, and even joy can produce stress.

Scientists T. Holmes and Robert Reich, think about whether there is a relationship between the strength of stress and susceptibility to disease. For ethical reasons, they could not invite to the laboratory subjects and subject them to stress factors — and what's unlikely this would get an adequate picture of how stress works in real life.

So Holmes and Reich developed a special scale measuring life stress. Scientists

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How to treat a hernia

Hernia (Latin for «hernia») — is a protrusion of an organ or part of it through the holes in the anatomical structures under the skin, in the intermuscular space or into the internal pockets and cavities.

Hernia can occur due to various factors, which can be divided into two main groups are:

• factors that predispose to the development of a hernia — particularly of the human constitution, the various age-related changes, changes associated with pregnancy and other factors that lead to the weakening of the abdominal wall;

• factors that lead to the direct

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