How to treat impotence?

Now experts are convinced that in most cases of impotence are purely organic (ie psychological) causes. All methods of treating impotence is divided intoconservative andoperational.

By conservative treatments include impotence drug therapy or the use of vacuum-constrictor devices (Vacuum pumps).

Drug therapy

Until recently, the main drug used to treat impotence was Yohimbine. Its efficiency does not exceed 10 percent. The need for long-term use of the drug (about one year) and low efficiency of the treatment, a large number of adverse reactions make this method of treatment barely acceptable.

Currently, anti-impotence drugs have been used

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How to treat atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis — A chronic inflammatory disease of the skin allergic nature. In recent decades, the incidence of atopic dermatitis has increased many times. According to various sources, in Russia they are suffering from 10% to 30% of children under 7 years. So "diatezny child" (which is usually in the form of a diathesis manifested atopic dermatitis in children), literally, became a symbol of the XXI century.

One of the most common by far the hypotheses of a wide spread of the disease — hygienic. According to her, than the sterility of our life becomes, the smaller

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How to treat viral hepatitis correctly

Viral hepatitis — a disease difficult. But not so terrible hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver as to which, in most cases it leads to. Normal liver cells are replaced by connective tissue, the body ceases to function, and there comes a condition incompatible with life.

How to prevent the development of cirrhosis? When to start treatment, so as not to lose precious time? These and other questions are answered Ph.D., a member of the European Association for the Study of the Liver, Head of Hepatology Research Center HEPATITIS RU Medical Center "Clinic on the Garden" Bella L. Lurie.

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How to treat a middle-aged man?

Scientists around the world are increasingly turning to disorders of potency and libido in men as precursors to more serious and dangerous diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Thus, the Italian doctors empirically established that a violation of potency appears in a large number of men2-3 years before the symptoms of coronary heart disease (CHD). 93% of men with erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease have demonstrated that potency declined over1-3 year to heart problems. The scientists studied 285 men with coronary artery disease of varying severity. Men suffering from severe forms of ischemic heart disease, impotence

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How to treat prostatitis?

Russian men to go to the doctors and do not like to live by the principle "Nothing hurts, he is healthy." It is not surprising that appeals urologists annually to apply them a visit in order to keep the condition under control prostate — "Heart of the second man," go to waste. A doctor can only bitterly joke that the number of men with prostatitis is directly proportional to their age: after 30 — 30%, after 40 — 40%, after 50 — 50%, etc.

The main cause of prostatitis is an infection of tissue prostate. In the presence of

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How to treat sores?

Trophic ulcer — an open sore on the lower leg or foot, no more than 6 weeks of healing. Despite the apparent abundance of the proposed methods for the prevention and treatment of this problem is extremely urgent.

Among the factors leading to the development of venous ulcers, according to research, most often found varicose ulcers — 52 percent, arterial — 14 percent, mixed — 13 percent post-thrombotic — in 7 percent of cases.

Incorrect systemic and local therapy can lead to chronic process, and even the spread of purulent focus far beyond its primary site.

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How to treat chronic tonsillitis?

"Your child needs to remove the tonsils" — such a recommendation is not so long ago, doctors gave absolutely all parents whose children are not "get out" of angina. Otolaryngologists reasoned logical: no tonsils — and no inflammation, ie tonsillitis.

According to statistics, the tonsils (tonsils) were removed in 50% of children born in the 1970s and 1980s. Of course, tonsillitis they were gone, but many children do not get sick longer, on the contrary, the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections in them increased, and all because the result of the removal of the tonsils is the

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How do we choose marriage partners

There are several theories that describe the principle on which we choose our marriage partners.

Some researchers liken the process of choosing a spouse bargain, the "currency" in the exchange are such social values of two individuals, such as social origin, economic status, education and personal characteristics (age, appearance) (Melville, K., 1977).

Supporters theory of homogamy argue that the "exchange" can be any of a man and a woman, but only those that have the same "social value", or homogamy. In other words, we try to choose a partner within our social level, by geographical proximity, among the

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As we treated ureaplazmoz

Recently, talking to a friend on the phone, we remember her college years — how much of it was fun and funny. Education in our purely humanitarian and, accordingly, the group (as often happens in such cases) consisted of some girls. We had ten, and we immediately became friends. Secrets between us was not practically, we shared with each other any problems and experience to address them. And, of course, discussed various gynecological diseases, because, as you know, from "women's ills," no one is immune.

One day our conversation turned to ureaplasmosis. The most ridiculous, or rather the most

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How to find the path to harmony

One morning, you suddenly realize the full nightmarish situation. The mirror reflects two kilos and hopelessness in his eyes. Chest increased size, but it is not happy, because it is not possible to touch because of aching pain. Desperately want to empty whole fridge while podnalech for dessert. A work colleague is too loud bangs on the keyboard and for that you want to kill him. You feel with every fiber of the universal conspiracy against him … Well, once a month, this happens with every woman — in medicine it is called premenstrual syndrome, or PMS.

Is it

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